You liked hot Chinese singer-actor Aarif Rahman's fantastic abs, now let's see how you like his singing. Here are 3 music videos where you can watch and hear him sing in 3 different languages. We start with the theme song for One Night Surprise that Aarif sang with his beautiful co-star Fan Bingbing. They actually starred in the romantic comedy movie before they co-starred in The Empress of China.

1. Aarif Rahman and Fan Bingbing sing "One Night Surprise" in Mandarin Chinese: (Fan Bingbing wrote the lyrics and Aarif composed the music.)

2. Aarif Rahman wrote, composed, and sang "Porcelain Princess Palace" as a Valentine's Day gift to all the lovers in the world. This song needs no explanation as it is all in English. You'll see him play the piano too.

3. Here's Aarif Rahman singing "You're My Everything" in Cantonese Chinese:

Is there anything this lovely man can't do? I want to see and hear more from Aarif Rahman.

~ NancyZdramaland

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