You've never seen Go Kyung Pyo like this! In his new medical melodrama Cross, co-starring Jo Jae Hyun and Jun So Min, the talented young actor plays a doctor bent on revenge for the murder of his father.


Kang in Kyu (Go Kyung Pyo, Strongest Deliveryman) is a brilliant doctor, and a first year resident at the prestigious Sun Rim Hospital. Kang In Kyu graduated top of his class with perfect scores. Many years ago, he also watched his world crumble as his father was brutally murdered. He has not forgotten. Go Jung Hoon (Jo Jae Hyun, Master: God of Noodles) is the chief of the organ transplant center at Sun Rim Hospital. A world-renowned medical expert, Go Jung Hoon runs the hospital with cold efficiency while keeping a watchful eye on his daugher, transplant coordinator Go Ji In (Jun So Min, One Percent of Something). Along with maternity specialist Son Yeon Hee (Yang Jin Sung, My Unfortunate Boyfriend) and organ transplant specialist Lee Joo Hyuk (Kim Ji Han, Let’s Fight Ghost), newcomer Kang In Kyu forms the core of Sun Rim Hospital’s medical team. But he isn’t there to cure diseases. Under the gaze of his seemingly righteous chief and fellow doctors, Kang In Kyu seeks his revenge. His whole purpose of becoming a doctor is getting closer to those responsible for killing his father so he can avenge his death. But as the genius will soon learn, some crosses are too much to bear. Also known with the subtitle “God’s Gift,” Cross is directed by Shin Yong Whi (Tunnel) and written by Choi Min Suk.



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