Has this winter weather got you longing for an island getaway? The lighthearted, feel-good new K-drama Go Go Waikiki is just what you need! Watch three clueless but charming young men (Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Yi Kyung, and Son Seung Won) attempt to care for an adorable baby while running a guesthouse in paradise.


Kang Dong Goo (Kim Jung Hyun, Rebel: Thief of the People) is a movie director. Once the darling at film festivals, the naive and super unlucky artist now struggles to survive in the cutthroat film industry. He must also take care of his sister, aspiring reporter Kang Seo Jin (Go Won Hee, Strongest Deliveryman), and deal with his ex-girlfriend, internet shopping mall model Min Soo Ah (Lee Joo Woo). All these challenges make Kang Dong Goo’s life difficult; his bad luck makes it a nightmare. Chun Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung, Go Back Couple) is a supporting actor. For some, that is a dream come true. For him, that is code for “glorified extra barely getting by.” Chun Joon Ki wants to be an A-list actor like his father, but success has been elusive. Cunning and a bit of a troublemaker, Chun Joon Ki is always thinking of getting ahead, and he always lands flat on his face. Bong Doo Sik (Son Seung Won, Age of Youth) is a screenwriter. He came to Seoul with big dreams, but his career hasn’t panned out. Instead of getting his own work, Bong Doo Sik writes freelance for other people to support himself. A kind and caring man, he also has the capacity to think on his feet but hasn’t found success. Upon Chun Joon Ki’s suggestion, the three friends start a guesthouse in Waikiki, Itaewon to earn enough money to fund their own film. Before they know it, the business is going bankrupt. Everything seems to be heading downhill until they meet a new guest: single mother Yoon Ah (Jung In Sun, Circle Two Worlds Connected). Now housing people they actually care about, the three friends definitely can‘t have the guesthouse fail. As they struggle to survive together, all the residents soon realize that life sometimes goes in beautiful directions only because our plans fall apart. Also known as Eulachacha Waikiki and Laughter in Waikiki, Go Go Waikiki is directed by Lee Chang Min (Remember, Man to Man) and written by Kim Ki Ho, Song Ji Eun and Song Mi So.




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Go Go Waikiki

Starring Kim Jung Hyun (1990) and Go Won Hee

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