Need a break from the holiday bustle, but too shot on time for a full drama? The heartfelt new mini-drama Last Minute Romance is the perfect solution! Get ready for laughter, love, and tears while riding this 2-episode-long emotional roller coaster! 


Baek Se (Han Seung Yeon, Kara, Age of Youth) is one of the nicest people in history. In spite of being an orphan and living a difficult life, she is an optimistic and cheery person. Baek Se tries hard to make the world a better place and works at a suicide prevention counseling center. She is also obsessed with celebrities and dreams of someday meeting her idol. That dream is cut short when Baek Se learns that she is about to die. Baek Se doesn’t have much time left. To make sure she doesn’t die alone, Baek Se decides to enter a “contract relationship” with Dong Joon (Lee Seo Won, Hospital Ship). His only talent is that he looks like the star of Baek Se’s dreams. As Baek Se and Dong Joon get closer to each other, they also get closer to the day they are separated forever. It may just be a contract relationship, but they soon realize there just might be something special in this last minute romance.  




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Last Minute Romance

Starring Han Seung Yeon and Lee Seo Won

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