An epic story of betrayal, corruption, revenge, and romance awaits you in this highly-anticipated sequel to the acclaimed historical drama Nirvana in Fire. Watch Nirvana in Fire 2 online now! 


Ping Zhang Xiao (Huang Xiao Ming) is the older son of the Prince of Chang Lin. He is also a leader of the invincible Chang Lin Army, which protects the Liang Dynasty on the front of the battle line. While on his latest expedition to the frontier, Ping Zhang is betrayed. He doesn’t survive the betrayal. Ping Jing Xiao (Liu Hao Ran, With You) is the younger brother of Ping Zhang. When he hears that his brother has been murdered, Ping Jing leaves the coziness of the royal Langya Hall and takes it upon himself to avenge his brother. As Ping Jing digs deeper into the conspiracy, he soon realizes this isn’t just some personal feud. A powerful enemy from a neighboring empire has an old grudge to settle. The officials in the imperial palace are corrupt and hate the power of the Chang Lin Army. The young new emperor is weak and easy to manipulate. As he finds himself running into enemy after enemy, Ping Jing soon realizes that history has seen this kind of conspiracy before. Many years ago, there was another invincible army. And when Nirvana catches fire, the first to get caught in the flames are its defenders. Also known as “Nirvana in Fire: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin,” Nirvana in Fire II is a sequel to the original 2015 drama starring Hu Ge. It is written by Hai Yan and directed by Kong Sheng and Li Xue, all of whom return from the original series. 


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Nirvana in Fire II - 琅琊榜之风起长林

Starring Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Hao Ran

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