Feel like your life could use a little more drama? How about following the story of poor but optimistic heroine, Ra Eun Ho, as she tries to successfully navigate her school life despite the constant social barriers that try to hold her back? We're sure School 2017 will be your new guilty pleasure!


Cheery high schooler Ra Eun Ho (Gugudan’s Kim Se Jung) has poor grades, poor connections, and poor finances. Even though her best friend Oh Sa Rang (Park Se Wan, Radiant Office) knows college isn’t an option for poor girls like themselves, Eun Ho still dreams of going to college. The class-based system of high school is rigged against her, but she hopes her webtoon artwork will be enough to get her into an university. That is, until Eun Ho is accused of being the troublesome Student X. Faced with expulsion, the only way to save herself is to find the real culprit. But who could it be? Hyun Tae Woon (Kim Jung Hyun, Rebel: Thief of the People) is the moody and rebellious son of the school’s director. Because of his father’s wealth and connections, teachers look the other way at all his misdemeanors. Song Dae Hwi (Jang Dong Yoon) is the class president and a brilliant student who succeeds in spite of family troubles. He tutors rich kids like the jealous Kang Hee Chan (Kim Hee Chan, The Producers) and suspects that his girlfriend Hong Nam Joo (Sul In Ah, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) is only with him for study notes. Shim Kang Myung (Han Joo Wan, Drama Showcase) is a caring teacher who struggles to speak against authority. The one authority he is most interested in, though, is Han Soo Ji (Han Sun Hwa, Radiant Office), a stickler-for-rules type officer who is only working at the school as punishment for messing up a case. Can Ra Eun Ho figure out who is the student framing her, or will she have to face the truth that school simply isn’t meant for a girl without connections? The seventh installment of the “School” franchise, School 2017 is directed by Park Jin Suk and written by Jung Chan Mi and Kim Seung Won (Drama Showcase).



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School 2017

Starring Kim Se Jeong and Kim Jung Hyun (1990)

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