As the weather gets chilly, it's time to get cozy with an adorable romantic comedy binge-watch! Grab a cup of something warm and tasty, pull out your soft blankets, and curl up on the couch with all 22 perfect episodes of The Perfect Match


Chris Wu (Love of Sandstorm) and Ivy Shao (When I See You Again) star in a romantic comedy that proves food and love make a perfect match. When a world-renowned chef hears that his greatest competitor might be a beautiful night market food vendor, he invites her to work with him and the kitchen really starts to heat up. Huo Ting En (Chris Wu) is a celebrated chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Suave and handsome, Huo Ting En’s abilities in the kitchen are unsurpassed. His cuisine is a destination for foodies around the globe. Huo Ting En is used to nothing but fawning praise. Until he visits the internet. Huo Ting En reads some comments from people who say they can’t afford his food. He expects that. What Huo Ting En doesn’t expect is that the same commenters say that his food isn’t the best. Wei Fen Qing (Ivy Shao) is a food vendor at a night market. Intelligent and a little delusional, she is an immensely talented chef in her own right. The netizens claim that Wei Fen Qing’s food is the best in the city. And that it’s better than Huo Ting Eng’s cuisine. Huo Ting En can’t stand it. How can a simple food vendor in a street market beat his world-renowned cuisine? He shows up to the night market to find Wei Fen Qing and challenge her to a cook-off. Basically, she has to work in his restaurant as his apprentice for seven days, learn his most famous dish and make it better than the master himself. But as Huo Ting En and Wei Fen Qing work together, the heat in the kitchen starts melting the ice of their rivalry. Can they figure out that their hearts, just like their cuisine, might actually be the perfect match?  


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The Perfect Match - 極品絕配

Starring Ivy Shao and Chris Wu

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