Love Coca Cola but are cutting down your intake because of potential ill effects on your health? Kikkoman in Japan has your back.

Japan is currently going through a soy milk craze. Nothing too crazy, but walk through a supermarket or convenient store and you'll see a lot of different flavors of soy milk: strawberry, coffee, sesame, cocoa, bean paste, cherry leaf and much more. And now there's even a soy milk for soft drink lovers.

This month, Kikkoman, known mostly for being the world's largest manufacturer of soy sauce, released a new flavor of soy milk. It's called "Healthy Cola," and it's exactly what it's advertised as being. It's Cola made out of soy milk! Looks like soy milk, smells like Cola, tastes like Cola. According to many Coca Cola lovers in Japan who gave Healthy Cola a try, this new soy milk is a hit. "I'm changing to this; it's so much healthier and satisfies my Cola cravings!" wrote one reviewer. "Thought it would be disgusting, but it tastes great," wrote another. One reviewer seemed pretty emotional: "I got to a point where I didn't know what to do anymore because I knew how bad Coca Cola was for me, but I couldn't stop drinking it. I have a new lease on life!"

Healthy Cola costs 175 yen, a little less than 2 dollars. Maybe you'll see Healthy Cola one day in a supermarket near you.