At first, this ad looks like a travel ad for visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Upon closer inspection, it is an ad for young Chinese women looking to acquire an 'Eiffel Tower nose' to improve their chance at finding good jobs for a better future.

In the ad, the arrows along the pretty woman's profile show the exact angle that's considered the gold standard for an Eiffel Tower nose that's guaranteed to make you successful in life, once you acquire the perfection in ratio just like the Eiffel Tower. The ad says the nose will be very natural and can be rubbed or manipulated without causing any distortion.

Of course, a quality surgery to give you an Eiffel Tower nose is going to cost almost as high in price. The average price is around 60,000 yuan (almost 10,000 in US dollars.) Of course, for the right price, the beauty clinics also offer services to reconstruct the features of the entire face, not just the nose. The clinic that put up this ad also boasts of having the newest technology from South Korea.

Here are three sets of photos for before and after nose surgeries:

Nevertheless, with six to seven million new Chinese college graduates entering the job market every year, Chinese women are feeling especially pressured to believe that physical perfection is the first step for their job search. Even high school students are asking their parents to pay for surgery. According to one doctor in Chongqing, he is doing at least a dozen surgeries a month.

I don't think we can judge what these women do, especially when they feel intense competition. A Chinese news report urged women to stand up for themselves and seek legal redress when they suffer discrimination.The problem is really about the employers who judge people by their skin or appearance, and in this case, how beautiful they look with an 'Eiffel Tower nose.'