Need some soup for your udon noodles? In the Kagawa Prefecture, you can now just turn on the faucet and get your soup.

"Dashi", otherwise known as soup broth, is usually prepared by simmering dried konbu, bonito fish flakes and dried shiitake mushrooms in boiling water. In Kagawa, Japan's udon noodle capital in the northeastern part of Shikoku island, dashi comes out of a faucet. The "Udon Prefecture" is known for delicious udon, with many foodie fans traveling to Kagawa just to eat the local cuisine.

This faucet is not something that you can find in every household though. There are only a few, one being available in Takamatsu Airport, an airport in the city of Takamatsu. Visitors are reminded of Kagawa's love for udon the moment they get off their planes. How good the faucet dashi is not known, but coming from the udon capital of Japan, it's probably pretty yummy.

Cleanliness of the pipes and what not can obviously be an issue for people concerned about germs, but I'm sure that's taken care of by the folks running the udon shop. I know I'd have a bowl!