It's been announced by his agency that all of Lee Min Ho's costumes from Heirs are going to be auctioned off for charity, which means that you can actually own one of his alleged 'ugly sweaters' for yourself!

Lee Min Ho's 'Kim Tan style' has created quite the buzz on the internet over the last few weeks, with some fans absolutely loving the bold-patterned sweaters over button up shirts, and some fans absolutely hating them. Either way, I doubt any true Lee Min Ho fan would pass up the chance to own one. Adding to their charm is the fact that the charity event was actually Lee Min Ho's idea of giving back to society.

Oops, how did the one on the bottom left get there?.....I also can't say that I wouldn't wear his pink sweater everywhere I went and use it as a pillow at night if I won it.

Lee Min Ho's agency has confirmed that starting on the 16th of December they will auction off outfits once a week for three weeks on their website: On the first round there will be 10 sets of costumes auctioned off, so start saving your pennies!

Which of Tan's outfits would you want to own? Comment below!