These days, Hello Kitty seems to be just about everywhere. From parks to McDonald's dolls to cafes, the ubiquitous pop culture icon keeps showing up in all parts of life. And now Hello Kitty fans can add hot springs to the list. 

In conjunction with the Shima Grand Hotel in the Gunma Prefecture in Japan is a new Hello Kitty-themed indoor hot spring. The hot spring is located on the hotel's top floor and will feature tons of Hello Kitty decorations as well as a perfect view of the nearby majestic mountains. 

The switch from a normal hot spring to the Hello Kitty theme will happen on January 9, the same day that the hotel is opening its Café Furo Resta. 

The eatery will serve tasty treats as well as sell Hello Kitty merchandise. So pretty much everyone should circle January 9 on their calendars!