Wanfeng Snack City, located in Beijing, is arguably the world’s largest snack shop, having three floors, roughly 6.25 square miles, and all varieties of Chinese finger foods. Offering up to 1,000 types of foods from the 56 ethnic groups in China, Wanfeng Snack City can accommodate about 2,000 people.

This place has all sorts of activities for all ages. The first floor is like a large restaurant with a center stage that hosts traditional performances in the evening, such as acrobatics, comic cross-talk, and folk music.

The second floor transports travelers into old Beijing food streets featuring Beijing brands with long histories, like Yue Sheng Zhai and their brown-braised beef and lamb, and Nian Guo Yang and their rice cakes and fruit jelly.

The third bolsters two restaurants: Zhengyangmen restaurant and their traditional Shandong cuisine and The Nine Gates Hotpot Restaurant offering beef and lamb rolls in Beijing copper pots heated with charcoal.

Try not to miss this hotspot when you visit Beijing.