Dospara, an online Japanese company known for computer parts and accessories, has created the cutest speakers ever seen.

Only available through, these panda speakers are sure to be your companion when you're alone, or the center of attention (for a while, anyway) when your friends are over for a party. Instead of some boring, bland speakers, this panda will light up the room with whatever tunes you play. If the party's raging, Panda rages with you. If you're listening to depressed, heartbreak music all alone on a rainy day, Panda will be depressed with you. Panda Speaker is more than just a speaker. It's your friend. Maybe I'm getting a little carried away here...

The power button is on his/her nose, and the ears are used for adjusting volume, base and treble levels. Panda Speakers are compatible with your computer, smart phone/tablet, and other portable audio devices. Only weighing 399 grams, you can take Panda anywhere, and for 999 yen(10 dollars), it's a bargain for you and a gift sure to please anybody.

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