DramaFever is pleased to announce that we now have amazing dramas from Hong Kong! Join the quickly growing number of HK-drama lovers by checking out these three new titles.

1. The Hippocratic Crush (On Call 36小時) starring Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

In their quest to become the best surgeons of their field, these doctors battle death and race against time to save their patients. But can they save the ones who are closest to their hearts?

Higher Surgical Trainee in Neurosurgery Cheung Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) does not have time for love; he has to work hard to support his younger brother, who is paralyzed from the waist down, to study overseas. His life is his work, until he meets Fan Tze Yu (Tavia Yeung), who is also a doctor and whose father is a well-known physician. Deeply attracted to Yat Kin's talent and personality, Tze Yu is not hesitant to express her love for him from the start. But before he can make up his mind on whether to accept her, the news of his younger brother's death comes, causing him to become a totally different person. No one in the hospital, including interns Yeung Pui Chung (Him Law) and Hung Mei Suet (Mandy Wong), Tze Yu's younger sister, dare to get close to him. But just when things could not be darker for Yat Kin, Tze Yu is diagnosed with a serious illness. Will love be enough to help them conquer these trials?

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2. Lives of Omission (潛行狙擊) starring Michael Tse and Fala Chen

It's a high stakes game of life or death as a team of undercover cops in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau take down the largest triad society in Hong Kong.

A spinoff of the hugely popular TVB show E.U, Lives of Omission centers around the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) of the Hong Kong Police Force, which is closely following the activities of Yee Fung, a large triad society. Undercover cop Laughing-Gor (Michael Tse), a station sergeant of the CIB, promises to help gangster Michael (Bosco Wong) move up in the triad under the condition that he works as Laughing's informant.

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3. Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宮心計) starring Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung

Two young ladies join the Imperial Court as maids and find themselves pitted against each other in this battle for survival at court.

Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh) always remembered her mother's words left to her before she passed away: "Doing good deeds, Speaking good words, Showing goodwill." Lau Sam Ho lives her life being gracious and kind-hearted in the palace. On the other hand, Yiu Kam Ling (Tavia Yeung) believes her survival in the palace is achieved through cruel and calculating tactics. She cheats and schemes her way to the top and finally becomes the concubine to the emperor. Though Yiu Kam Ling realizes that Lau Sam Ho has fallen in love with the chess master Ko Hin Yeung (Kevin Cheng), her jealousy is still aroused by Lau Sam Ho's attraction to the Emperor Lee Yi (Moses). However, no matter how cleverly she schemes, things do not go the way she planned.

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These three fascinating dramas from a wide range of genres have something to appeal to everyone. What a great opportunity to learn about the unique history and culture of Hong Kong and learn some Cantonese. Take advice from fellow drama viewers and try one of these new HK-dramas from TVB!