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For people who do not know much about Running Man, here is an intro:

This show was classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety show focused in an urban environment. The hosts and guests complete missions at a landmark to win the race. The show has since shifted to a more familiar reality-variety show concept focused on games. The hosts of Running Man are a group of interesting, incredibly funny people:

1) Yoo Jae Suk

Nickname: MC of the nation, Yooruce Willis, Grasshopper. As voted by South Korean netizens, he was proclaimed the most popular Korean comedian for five consecutive years (2004-2008).

2) Kim Jong Kook

Nickname: Sparta Kooks, The Commander, Tiger, Kookie. As the strongest man on the show, he is known for having both brains and brawn. At times, he is also known to act cute and show off his "aegyo".

3) Ji Suk Jin

Nickname: Big Nose Hyungnim, Impala during the race missions. He is shown as one of the weakest members and is the easiest and most frequently eliminated out of the cast. Poor Big Nose!

4) Gary

Nickname: Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyfriend, Gae-cholas Cage. He is frequently easily fooled by others and known for being clueless at times, but he is shown to be quite strong during the race missions, even managing to win a special race mission in order to win a trip to Europe.

5) HaHa (Ha Dong Hoon)

Nickname: Haroro, Harad Pitt, Penguin. As the primary joker and playboy of the cast, he was initially a weak player during the race missions, occasionally being picked on even while on the chasing team; however, he slowly improved over the course of the show.

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6) Song Ji Hyo (Cheon Seong Im)

Nickname: Ace, Miss Mong, Monday Girlfriend. As the only current female member of the show, she is often seen with confused or blank facial expressions; however, as a matter of fact, she is one of the strongest players.

7) Lee Kwang Soo

Nickname: Farmer Kwang-su, Kwang-vatar, Giraffe, Icon of Betrayal. He is one of the weakest players, and he is often one of the first to be eliminated during race missions. However, he has grown to easily betray his fellow members without concern.

In addition to the regular hosts, each week there are celebrity guest stars to keep thing interesting. It's really fun to see your favorite Korean stars in a competitive, reality setting.

Watch the most recent episode:

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