Back in April, we covered the ultimate celebration of Korean immigration in Los Angeles, California. Deemed the LA K-Pop Festival, or LA Korea Festival depending on which site you look at, the KBS concert featured several prominent K-pop groups such as SHINee, Sistar, 2PM, CNBlue, and Infinite, as well as traditional, trot, and R&B singers.

After a delay due to the mourning of the Sewol Ferry incident, KBS has finally decided to broadcast the concert for all of those who were unable to attend! Split into two episodes, the first will air on KBA America on June 15th at 7:40 pm PST. The second episode is set to air on June 22nd at 7:40 pm PST.

If you don't have KBS America as part of your regular TV lineup, don't fret. Organizers have also stated that because of fan interest they will also be selling a DVD of the entire concert, with English subtitles, for "around $15 including shipping and handling." The official release date for the DVD has yet to be determined, although it should come shortly after the concert airs on television.

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You can get the latest updates on the airing and the DVD release, as well as HD photos from the concert, on their Facebook page! Did you attend the concert? Will you be watching it when it airs? Let me know in the comments below!