Popular fast-food restaurant chain Lotteria is known in the Land of the Rising Sun for the exotic and ridiculously large promotional items on its menu. This month, Lotteria Japan is commemorating the 7th anniversary of its line of "zeppin" (superior) burgers by giving away life-sized burger USB flash drives to two lucky winners via Twitter. No joke!

It's been a few years since the Japanese locations rolled out the two special burger towers that you see below—the five-patty zeppin "Super Cheese Day" burger, and the five-patty "Super Fryday" shrimp tree burger. (These are just babies, mind you, compared to the TEN-patty monsters that they've also produced.) The flash drives in their likeness will contain 4GB of storage memory and look steaming delicious, though they're NOT edible.

The real burgers.

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The memory stick burgers!

As I mentioned, these puppies are full-sized. The shrimp tree burger flash drive is all of 18.5 centimeters (over seven inches) tall. They won't be going in anybody's pocket. I dare say they'll be for home use unless the winners won't mind carrying them around in backpacks and whatnot.

Lotteria is a subsidiary of LOTTE and has franchises in Japan, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Taiwan. The locations in Japan also have chicken, fresh sandwiches, and desserts like crepes and apple pie.

Looks like this giveaway is over on October 22. 

I wish that these weren't only promotional items. Depending on the price, it would be cooler than school to buy one and park it on your desk or coffee table to catch visitors off guard. Talk about a conversation starter! 

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