You think you've had a long day? If only smartphones could talk, they would be telling you how exhausted they are. After all, the only time they ever get any rest is when you, the owner, falls asleep. So how about letting them get a good night's sleep with you by putting them in one of the five cuddly just-released Pikachu mini-futons?

For only 400 yen (about 3.40 US dollars), you can get your smartphone something it really deserves. From the looks of how long people use their devices, the poor little gadgets could probably use some rest. You are with your phone more than any other thing in the world, so having some sort of soft spot for it should make total sense. For those that do appreciate all the patience smartphones have for us and the hard work that they do, there are new adorable Pikachu futons made specifically for them. Unfortunately, they are available only in Japan through the many gachapon toy dispensing machines found all over the place. For the price of a cappuccino at Starbucks, you can get five little futons for your faithful smartphone, with the fifth one being a secret design that only those who purchase the set can enjoy. I'm not even a phone, and I already want to take a nap!

The snuggly Pikachu futons will be available starting February 5.