Ok, be careful because after looking at these pictures you might suffer a cute attack. A person going by the Instagram name Mayama_ya has been making beyond adorable Sailor Moon costumes for tiny dogs, and the results are insanely cute.

The adorable dog outfits are intricately made using colorful fabrics and the signature Sailor Moon bows. Although the dog outfits are currently not for sale, we bet they'll be too popular to keep off the shelves. Check out these sweet pics of the cutest dogs in their magical uniforms.

This pup is trying to sun tan

If this doesn't scream ''magical warrior" I don't know what does

Getting used to being a fierce warrior

Come on, Sailor Venus never gets a sleepy face

This warrior is in snuggle attack position

This is the lookout warrior pose

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Clever Sailor Moon, very clever

It's no wonder that Sailor Moon fever has clearly been spreading. New episodes of the show are scheduled to air in July.