While we were enjoying the Jpop Summit in San Francisco, we had the unique chance to sit down and chat with Japanese actor Yuki Furukawa! You might remember him from the Japanese hit drama, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo or his cameo appearances in Partners by Blood. He was at the Jpop Summit specifically to promote his short film, Wo Ai Ni, In Tokyo. His drama Mysterious Summer, will begin on DramaFever this Friday, August 8. Have you ever been curious about what Yuki likes to eat when he visits stateside? How about what his favorites roles that he's played so far are and what he hopes to do next? Learn all of that and more! Check out our exclusive interview with Yuki, right here!

What happens when romance develops between an obsessive compulsive mystery writer and his psychiatrist? Find out in It’s Okay, That’s Love

See Mysterious Summer when it airs HERE!