During KCON 2015 LA, we were able to sit down with KCON performer Roy Kim! This sweet and sensitive vocalist was all smiles as we discussed a bunch of things, including his cameo appearance in Producer and his dream concert location! Unfortunately, the video we were going to create had a huge and unavoidable audio issue, which made it unusable. But we didn't want you guys to miss out! So, below, you'll find a transcript of the full interview, complete with pictures! Enjoy! 

[R=Roy Kim, C=Cristina, D=Daniela]

NN: Welcome to KCON!

R: Thank you! It’s my first time.

C: That’s awesome! Well, this is Dramafever, and we like to talk about Korean Dramas, and we know you made a cameo in Producer! How was that?

R: It was my first time actually trying to act for the cameras. I’ve heard from somewhere that you must follow the exact lines the writer gives me...I’ve heard it from somewhere, I don’t know where!

C: So, no ad-libbing?

R: No, nothing like that. So, I got the script the day before, and I was kind of worried. But, it worked out well. I think people liked it, I’ve heard.

C: Yea! It was fun! Because you were playing an “anti-fan”!

R: I know! That was funny. It was fun!

C: So, random question. If you stumbled upon an anti-fan group [aimed at you] at a cafe, would you infiltrate it too?

R: I would try to listen to it. I don’t think I would go up to them.

C: So you wouldn’t go up to them and defend yourself by secretly saying, “Roy’s really cool guys!”

R: Haha! No, I wouldn’t try to defend it. Some anti-fans have literally no reason to back up their opinion, but some people actually have it, so I’d try to listen to it.

C: So, you’re really open to engaging them in conversation?

R: Yep! That’s what I’ll do!

D: So, would you like to act in anything else?

R: Maybe. You know, when I first came out on Superstar K, I never guessed that I would act. I think acting has a different kind of excitement to it. With singing, you set the feeling and emotions through the melody. But I think acting has a more [raw] way of sending the emotions. It’s just, you’re truly acting the emotions that you want the audience to feel, so, I don’t know. It’s fun, but I don’t think it’s like the perfect job for me.

C: Yea, it’s like a new challenge in your career! Maybe some other time, a little later when you’re done with music...but you’ll never be done with music...

R: Nope! Haha!

C: Nope...so nevermind!


C: So, is there a drama you’re watching personally right now?

R: I do watch dramas, but I don’t have one currently. But, yea, I watched “Producers”...

D: Did you watch yourself?

R: Oh yea! For sure! It was a very good drama and very popular. All my friends were watching it. They all sent me screenshots when it aired, so I just had to watch it! It was fun!

D: Do you have any favorite places that you’ve performed a concert?

R: I think, just from rehearsing here, it’s going to be this one!

C: Is there a place you’ve always wanted to perform?

R: Wembley.

C: Oh! Wembley Stadium in London?

D: That’s a good one!

R: I don’t know, I’m just throwing out names. It’s just a dream. I don’t think that it’s going to happen…

C: Everything starts as a dream, Roy! We’re all dreamers!


R: Haha! It’s too big of a dream though…

D: Well, we like to play a game called “Rapid-Fire Questions!” We give you a choice between “this” or “that” and you have to answer really quickly! Are you ready?

R: Ready!

D: Something you can’t leave the house without….

R: My wallet? I don’t know! My phone? Uh, that’s it!

C: That’s good! Video games, or books?

R: Video games!

D: Any favorites?

R: Yea! I play Fifa. I usually play soccer games.

D: Sweet or Salty snacks?

R: Salty snacks.

C: Hot weather or cold weather?

R: Hot weather!

D: Beach or ski lodge?

R: Beach!

C: Dramas or comedies?

R: Dramas.

D: Cats or Dogs?

R: Dogs! Definitely dogs!

D: Who would you collaborate with if you had the chance?

R: I’m actually doing a collaboration here tonight with Soyou.

D: Are there any American artists you would like to work with?

R: Anyone that’s famous! That’d be good…


C: So, going back to the Producers, are there any funny stories from set you can share with us?

R: On set it wasn’t too long. It was a short video, but there was one point in the script where I say I want to get an autograph from IU, but I kept on saying “I’d like to get a photo with you.”


C: And were the writers like, “No, that’s wrong! Change it to autograph! I wrote autograph!”

R: Yea, I dunno. Maybe I really just wanted to take a photo with her.

C: Yea! Nowadays we have smart phones. We all want photos!

R: I know! I just kept saying that...I did an NG [take] like, 5 or 6 times.

D: Well, at least you had a buddy on set with you! [Jung Joon Young]

R: I did, yea.

D: Was he really nervous?

R: No, he doesn’t get nervous easily. Or at least he pretends not to get nervous. But I was, totally. For me, singing, I don’t get nervous, but acting...phew!

C: Well, I think that’s all the time we have, so thanks to Roy Kim for joining us, and we hope to see him in more dramas on Dramafever…

R: Haha! Maybe in the future!

D: Sing some OST’s!

R: Yea! I’ll sing some OST’s!

C: Well, thank you!

R: Thank you guys! Bye! 

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