A new kind of K-drama kiss is in the works! During the filming on December 10, Oh My Venus stars Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub made K-drama history by starting a new kissing trend— the celery kiss! 

In an upcoming scene, their characters are trying to avoid Soon Jung and Ji Yong. The smitten Young Ho (So) puts a celery stick in his mouth and playfully leans toward Joo Eun (Shin). She bites the other end, and the celery kiss is born! Of course, the lovebirds are eventually caught when the guys walk in on them. 

So Ji Sub was shy about holding a celery stick in his mouth, but he became encouraged by his amused female co-star. The two actors are constantly giving each other advice behind the scenes. However, due to the amount of NGs from the sweet moment, idol Henry Lau (who plays Ji Yong) teased the main actors off screen by stating that they were still kissing after the scene ended.

K-drama fans everywhere are probably getting ready to try the new kiss under the mistletoe with their sweethearts this holiday season. The lip lock is both cute and low fat! 

Are you excited to see the stars attempt their first celery kiss on Oh My Venus

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