Get ready for a big reversal when a leading on-screen couple change their mode of romantic pursuit. If you've watched When a Snail Falls in Love, you'd know Wang Kai's stoic detective and Wang Zi Wen's introverted profiler admired each other from afar. Now, get ready for a totally different and stunning transformation in the romantic drama, Ode to Joy 2

What is even more stunning is that the sought-after pair on screen actually filmed the original Ode to Joy before When a Snail Falls in Love came along. 

It means that they had to retract their overt sexual attraction from Ode to Joy to become the reticent, restrained partners in investigation in the powerful crime mystery. You only detect their admiration and attraction for each other in stolen glances and almost undetectable moments in their slow-burning romance.

Not so in Ode to Joy and Ode to Joy 2!

Wang Zi Wen's Qu Xiao Xiao is the outgoing and sharp-tongued rich girl who almost shamelessly pursues Wang Kai's Dr. Zhao. She was able to get under his skin and entice the good doctor in the original Ode to Joy, what happens in the new season? 

(HINT: More kisses and alluring scenes.)

Many actors are actually typecast after they become popular in a certain drama or genre. Apparently Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen will keep surprising us. Wang Zi Wen's dramatic transformation as a rule-breaking rich girl who doesn't care what others think is particularly notable.

What does the hot leading man Wang Kai say about their partnering in the new romance?

He says, "We've gone all out for Ode to Joy 2!"

Ode to Joy 2 is an ensemble romcom about five women who live in the same apartment building and become friends despite their disparate backgrounds. How will they handle new challenges in love and in life?


Ode to Joy 2 - 欢乐颂2

Starring Liu Tao and Jiang Xin

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By the way, I have a good news to share: Ode to Joy is coming to DramaFever in June!

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