The winds are against Lee Sun Gyun in this latest trailer for My Wife's Having An Affair This Week. Confused? We are here to help!

The trailer shows a rather distraught Lee Sun Gyun sitting in a cafe typing on his phone, when suddenly the popular Korean song "The Wind Blows" by Lee Sora starts playing in the background. Visibly upset, Lee Sun Gyun requests for another song. Wondering why? Because the phrase "have an affair" in Korean sounds a lot  like the word "wind" or baram.

But the wind refuses to blow away, and Lee Sun Gyun is plagued with another track that has the word wind in the first line. The song is Cho Yong Pil's, "The Winter Tea Shopwith the first line going, Into the wind..... Frustrated, he finally requests for another switch and gets "Your name is wind wind wind" Kim Bum Ryong. Giving up, he he lets out a frustrated cry, and storms out of the tea shop. 

Here's the trailer....

Aww, must suck knowing that your wife is probably cheating on you. It's sad....but almost kind of funny, right? I seriously can't wait for this drama to come out! What about you? 


My Wife's Having an Affair This Week

Starring Lee Sun Gyun and Song Ji Hyo

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