Another Oh Hae Young is about the budding romance between two strangers who are connected through incredible coincidences, one of which is sharing a wall with a secret door between their apartments. In one funny and touching scene, when Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) decides to pack a special lunch for Do Kyung (Eric Moon), she gets up in the wee hours and goes to her most constant support, her parents, for help. This hilarious clip is a tribute to all the moms and dads, as well as those who are in parental roles, who are there every day for us to back us up and support us without question.

SPOILER ALERT: This scene takes place at the beginning of episode 7, in case you haven't watched the episode yet. 

By this time, Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and Do Kyung (Eric Moon) have settled into a routine of peaceful coexistence. The two neighbors who couldn't stand each other at first have become two kindred souls who are starting to care about each other.

Is it romance or just friendship? After Do Kyung gave Hae Young a lamp, claiming it was an old one that he didn't need, she felt the sparks of something developing.

In the wee hours of the morning, Hae Young wakes up and decides to pack a special lunch for Do Kyung. 

It's time to call in emergency support!

Loaded with bags of groceries, Hae Young hops into a taxi and goes to her parents' house. After the initial shock of being awaken so early, her mother (Kim Mi Kyung) knows right away that her daughter is making food for the handsome neighbor, who she had previously met in a hilarious mistaken-identity encounter

Like warriors in a battlefield, Mom and Dad immediately spring to action in this video:

Aren't you jealous of the fantastic array of homemade finger foods?

What's that old saying? "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!" must have been humming in Hae Young's head.

I hope you noticed how the dad (Lee Han Wi) reacted in this clip. He hardly uttered a word the whole time, but from the way he concentrated and prepared the delicious food, you can tell this is a father who is totally devoted to his daughter's happiness. He will always be there, quietly and stoically, to give his support. 

On the eve of Father's Day, which occurs on June 19 this year in many countries, I'd like to wish all the fathers, as well as anyone who takes on a father's role, a very Happy Father's Day!

How does Do Kyung react when he receives the lunchbox? You may want to a look at the fun gifs in this recap showing Do Kyung's indecision about the special lunchbox, and watch episode 7 for what happens next.


Another Oh Hae Young

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