Welcome back, fellow Ghosties to another week of Oh My Ghostess Drama Club. These last two episodes had our hearts pounding as watched our two main leads savor every moment of their newfound relationship. But will Bong Sun be able to keep up with Soo Ae taking the lead? Who did Chef really fall for? And what is really behind “Officer Creeper’s” suspicious behaviour? Join Taleena et moi, Marakeshsparrow, as we break it all down and really “savor” episodes 9 and 10.

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Marakeshsparrow: Be still my beating heart! These two episodes hit me right in the feeeels. There was so much romance! Chef really has that whole moony-eyed thing down, because the way he kept looking at Bong Sun/Soo Ae had me fanning myself like a southern belle on the 4th of July. I was really enjoying all of their interactions this week, but it’s bittersweet. Ghostie has developed real feelings for the Chef and otteoke? I have a sinking suspicion it’s not going to work out for her since she’s...well, dead. And I feel a little sad for Bong Sun as well--she’s not getting to experience many of these romantic moments with the Chef. Once she has full control of her body again, will Chef still feel the same?

Taleena: OMO, Marakeshsparrow I am right there with you! I also had this growing sense of sorrow that Bong Sun was a not experiencing these moments for herself. The fact that Chef is old fashioned and so is Bong Sun, I was kind of resenting Soo Ae for pushing them for her “win-win”. I really, really want Soo Ae to realize it is not just because she wants the sweetness of life that she is reluctant to do the deed with Chef. I want it to be a better reason - like it not being her true Ghostie purpose or not wanting to rob Bong Sun of that first with Chef.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m definitely hoping that Ghostie realizes the true reason for her grudge, and quick! It looks like the clock is ticking, since we left off with Chef getting ready to go full steam ahead in the little tent he set up for their romantic “getaway”. I’m thinking she’s not going to go through with it--now that he’s on board, she’s been reluctant to give in because it means it’s her time to move on. I wonder how she’s going to discover the real reason she’s still trapped on the earthly plane? 

Marakeshsparrow: BTW, it seems like we were on the right track with Officer Friendly/Creepy; I saw that dark energy lingering around him in that flashback from when he was young. He must have been possessed for a long time, and it seems like he’s caught on to the whole Bong Sun/Soo Ae situation as well! I wonder when Ghostie (and possibly Shaman) will figure out that he’s under the control of an evil spirit?

Taleena: Oh My Gracious! Creeper Cop just took it up a notch this week! First, our confirmation of demonic possession means that Sound Cues of Encroaching Evilness are not just leading us down the garden path. Next, HE HAD A WHOLE SUITCASE of TROPHIES! A whole suitcase. *shuddering, shuddering* I was terribly uneasy for Chef’s sister these last few episodes. I feel like he is sucking the life from her, it seems stupid but I wonder if she would still be in that wheelchair? There are so many advances being done with the disabled these days. Also, Buddy Cop suspects now, right??!!

Marakeshsparrow: I think Buddy Cop does suspect! I saw him checking out his watch and then he had that memory of his attacker wearing the same one. I’m hoping he’ll be able to play a part in alerting people to the fact that Creeper Cop isn’t as “friendly” as he seems. And yes! I was really nervous for poor Eun Hee! When they went out for a walk together, I just kept thinking--no, no, no, don’t go anywhere with him! How long have they been married? Has it been a full 3 years since her accident? I’m honestly surprised he’s been able to keep up the charade this whole time. It seems like his mask is just starting to crack; the way he pulled his hand away from her when she tried to see if he cut himself seemed like it really surprised her. I’m wondering if she’s starting to get a little suspicious (or at least concerned) as well.

Taleena: I don’t think so. I think she is just concerned that she can’t have kids. The sad thing is that Lush Mom, who has “unerring man/woman instincts” can’t seem to get a clue here and is wasting valuable Drama Time on PD frickin’ Lee. I DON’T CARE. I wish her the best, but, unless her romance is going to be with Buddy Cop or Cordon, I don’t care. Stop Lush Mom. Stop.

Marakeshsparrow: HA! You took the words right out of my mouth! When she set up that surprise date for Chef and PD Lee I wanted to bang my head against my desk. I’m so over PD Lee! And the fact that Lush Mom is sticking her nose in things because she doesn’t feel Bong Sun is a good match for her son seems very unnecessary--there is plenty of drama to go around already! One thing that was interesting though was when Lush Mom had the Shaman run Bong Sun’s birthday (well actually Ghostie’s) and found that the person in question was dead. Since she’s been so interested and active in the fortune telling regarding her son, I’m wondering if there is going to some big reveal where several people discover the truth about Bong Sun’s possession. And how much time does Soo Ae have before becoming an evil spirit? I feel like the deadline keeps getting closer, but I can’t remember how much time is left.

Taleena: I don’t think we actually know how much time is left. We know it’s close that is all. Before I address Lush Mom and Shaman (side note: either the best country western duo or best new detective team coming to your local t.v station at 2 a.m.) I just want to say one good thing came out of the set-up with PD Lee. To wit: Chef snuffed the torch he had been carrying for her but good. He felt relieved of it, not sorry for it - which is exactly what you want in a torch snuffing. BUT to Lush Mom and Shaman (driving through the countryside in a souped up Dodge Charger) I am HOPING they will exorcise the evil ghost in Creeper Cop.

Marakeshsparrow: I guess Shaman’s abilities haven’t been as strong since she’s been having trouble with Ghostie? At least that was the impression I got. I wonder if that’s why she hasn’t picked up on Creeper Cop’s possession yet. She ran his birthday and just saw that she’s surprised he’s married at all. Maybe Bong Sun (when she’s not Ghostie) will be able to see him for what he is? Although...she’s had interaction with him several times and didn’t notice anything strange. Gah! Someone has to figure this creeper out and take him down! I feel bad for the actual guy hosting the evil spirit, it seems like he had an unhappy and difficult life. I’m sure he’s not actually evil though. Hopefully they’ll be able to do something to free him from the thing that’s possessing him.

On a completely different subject, I really want Cordon to step forward as a full blown second male lead! It’s so clear that he likes Bong Sun, but I think he also knows there’s something going on between her and Chef. Still! I like him too much to have him fade into the background. 

Taleena: I just want to lay down a marker here because otherwise I’ll forget my love for Cordon will now never be shaken: he has a tiny Transformer (More than meets the eye!) pinned to his man bag strap. Geeky Guy + Hot Korean Chef = Winning. Plus, could he have been anymore cute in his advice to Bong Sun about holding onto Chef and his little smile everytime he caught them? Maybe Marakeshsparrow, he becomes Chef’s new Brother in Law when Creeper is unmasked? (of course even the word “unmasked” is giving me the major Scooby Doos)

Marakeshsparrow: Now there’s a thought! Eun Hee is so sweet and gentle, she really deserves someone who will treat her well and take care of her. I think Cordon could be up for the task. I’m going to hope it plays out that way! That would make my heart less heavy for the both of them. 

Taleena: I have a question for clarification. Was the body in Creeper’s shower a flashback on Soo Ae’s death or a present day situation in a secret apartment? I lean towards flashback by the trophy box.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m thinking that was a flashback because he was in a random apartment--unless he has a place where he goes to take care of his shady activities. But it does seem like he was reminiscing as he looked back through his trophies… whatever the case, that was seriously CREEPY. I’m so shocked that I was totally fooled by his character in the beginning. They did a good job hiding his creepiness for the first few eps.

Taleena: I think this can only be solved by screen shots: Shoes on the body versus Soo Ae’s shoes. I totally agree, the role of super sweet, brotherly Oppa is now being filled by Cordon when I had Creeper slated for it. Of course Idiot Oppa is well covered by both Soo Ae’s younger brother and Sous Chef, who is an awful, sloppy drunk.

(a/n: On second inspection there were no shoes on the body in Officer Creeper’s bathroom! Touché Drama. Touché.)

Marakeshsparrow: Omg--I think Sous Chef is getting more ridiculous as these episodes go on. Even the other chefs made a comment about it, wondering if he’d gotten even more immature. A part of me feels kind of bad for the guy, since it’s pretty clear no one likes him that much and he’s so clueless. I also feel kind of bad for Soo Ae’s idiot brother--he got it into his head that Bong Sun has a thing for him when that is SO FAR from the truth. Haha, what can I say? I guess I have a soft spot for morons. 

Taleena: Ha, ha. Someone has to have a soft spot for morons, because Super Hero K stars are hard to come by. How the standards are being raised! They have to be Sweet, Good Looking, Great Chefs, Talented Musicians, Adoptive of Random Dogs, Amazing Kissers, and now totally chore handy (faucets, fans) while being adorably backwards about it at the same time. Truly, a Mythic Individual.

Marakeshsparrow: Ahhhh, the elusive K drama Super Hero (though apparently they aren’t so elusive in Korea; the way they portray it in K dramas you can’t throw a stick without hitting one of them). Sigh...I have seriously been ruined by dramas. RUINED! I need to lower my expectations. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll find a Sous Chef Idiot. hahahahaha

Taleena: Ah yes! but if they can just put the toilet paper roll on the right way!

So there we have it! What will happen now that Ghostie has developed real feelings for Chef? She doesn’t have much time left before she’s in danger of becoming an evil spirit. And what about Bong Sun? Will she continue to miss out on Chef’s attentions, or will she get some romantic time of her own? Hopefully she does before Officer Creeper and his host demon get a chance to get a hold of her. Things are really amping up! Next Friday can’t come fast enough for us. See you next week for another Oh My Ghostess Drama club! 

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