Welcome Ghosties to the love struck restaurant, where you are destined to fall in love with the meal as well as the chef who prepared it! Lots of interesting things happened this week, and I, for one, got hungry, wanting to try the delicious meals the chefs prepared during their work trip. Join Taleena, Marakeshsparrow and me, Ajummah, as we discuss everything that is Oh My Ghostess!

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Marakeshsparrow:These two episodes were exactly what I was wanting. I enjoyed every moment of this week and can’t wait for next weekend! I’m LOVING the fact that Bong Sun and Ghostie are finally working together like friends! I was waiting for a development like that. And thank goodness Bong Sun is started to come out of her shell a bit more. Her timidity was getting painful so its nice to see her being less socially awkward (even if it’s just a smidge). I’m going to give Ghostie credit on that one—I think she’s going to play a big role in helping Bong Sun find more confidence. Anyway, I’m hoping this drama continues to move ahead at this pace—it’s seriously getting good!

Ajummah: Oh my heavens, where do I begin? I have so many thoughts on Psycho Cop, Na Bong Sun & Soo Ae. For starters, Chef was getting all the ladies this week, wasn’t he? He kissed PD Lee (well she kissed him, but still) and he kissed Na Bong Sun. I guess technically he kissed Soo Ae too, but he certainly gets around doesn’t he?

Taleena: Well, I think we need to make a distinction in whom Chef Hottie kisses and when they kiss him 1) because he is figuring out just where his real desires lay and 2) it certainly seemed to me that when Chef took initiative it pushed Ghostie RIGHT OUT of Bong Sun. How is she going to resolve her virginal issues if the sheer hottieness of Chef dispossesses her of her borrowed body? Hmm?

Ajummah: Good question. OR could it be that Soo Ae wanted Na Bong Sun to see what it felt like to kiss Chef? Did you notice how much better his kiss was with Bong Sun than with PD Lee? When she kissed him, it looked like a dead fish with his eyes all bugged out. Not pleasing to me at all. I think if he really wanted to be with PD Lee, he would have attempted to kiss her back, even if she was drunk.

Marakeshsparrow:Ah, now I’m wondering which way it is. I had kind of thought that Ghostie was giving Bong Sun the opportunity to kiss Chef Hottie herself, but she had kind of a surprised look on her face… Taleena, you might be right--maybe she wasn’t able to stay in her body now that Chef is starting to actually fall for Bong Sun. (I love that he likes Bong Sun for who she is also, the moment where he said people should have a neutral state and that he liked her a lot gave me to warm fuzzies!)

Ajummah: I wanted Chef Cordon to get in on the kissing action too. I mean I know that he is technically the 2nd lead, which means he’s not going to get any play, but the way he stood up to the Sous Chef and defended Bong Sun was so sweet. I’m ready to work at this restaurant.

Marakeshsparrow: Ahhhh! Cordon is so sweet! (Well technically he’s kind of aloof as well, but I can tell that he’s a gentle soul underneath his somewhat cold veneer). I definitely wouldn’t mind him getting in on the kissing action. It made me a little sad for him when he was watching Chef Hottie piggy-back ride Bong Sun back to the place they were staying on their work bonding trip. Siiiiigh. Why must second male leads always be so dreamy?

Taleena: The problem with both Chef Cordon and PD Lee is that both of them are too little too late. They seem like they are both sweet people but I have ZERO investment in either of them for me to care in more than a casual way about their future romantic happiness. All the (romantic) tension is balanced between the twin poles of: is Chef better off with Bong Sun or Ghostie? With Bong Sun developing enough of a spine to pursue her goals this week even that is answered with Bong Sun, not the least because that is who Chef thinks he is falling for. Thank goodness we have the mystery of Creeper Cop and his probable possession to handle.

Ajummah: Yes Taleena! I also think the cop is possessed! I was so afraid for his partner when he told Psycho Cop about the hit and run accident on the CCTV. I thought he was going to kill him! And honestly I’m not sure if he didn’t (did he really just knock him out?). I wonder how long it’s going to take the shaman that’s always hanging out with Chef’s mother, to figure it out. Remember when she said that his qi was stronger than hers? That’s not a good sign. Why didn’t she see the ghost that was inside him, like she can with Bong Sun/Soo Ae?

Marakeshsparrow: Ahhh! You guys! I thought I was the only one who started to wonder if there might be more than meets the eye with Creeper Cop! I’m seriously thinking he might be possessed too! He does as much bi-polar personality flip-flopping as Bong Sun/Soo Ae. I think it’s a real possibility.

Taleena: Well, I have a new theory about Creeper Cop, Shaman Lady and Ghostie. Here it goes: A) Remember Shaman Lady only deduced Ghosties was in Bong Sun, she never never for certain until she confronted Ghostie, so it follows that she can’t see the possession of Creeper Cop. B) Now that Ghostie is working under the reluctant sanction of both Shaman Lady and Bong Sun we will discover her REAL reason to stick around as a ghost and it’s NOT because she is a virgin. C) Her real reason is to discover and unmask her murderer - Creeper Cop who was responsible for killing her and “accidentally” crippling his wife in the same “accident”. Whaddya think?

Marakeshsparrow: Taleena, you and your deducing! I think you’re right on the mark once again. And I’m almost positive that Ghostie’s real grudge isn’t about her virginity--she probably just assumes that. Once she is able to find her killer and possibly set things right, she’ll be on her way to the next “plane”.

Ajummah: Yes I think he did hit his wife. Why though? Just because? I think he really is possessed and that the ghost feeds off the pain of others. Why else would he stay with the sister? Also if he does have a ghost living inside him, wouldn’t he have missing time like Bong Sun does when Ghostie is possessing her? All these questions, good grief. At first I wondered if perhaps Soo Ae was still alive but now I think she really is dead. I saw how the evil spirit started swirling around her during the death ritual. Hopefully she can resolve her issues in this last week. I think she only has a week left, correct?

Taleena: Shaman Lady only said she had “ a couple of weeks” left she didn’t say an exact timeline. BUT didn’t Creeper Cop say he has his own issues with “mood” swings and forgetting things? Even if he didn’t that doesn’t necessarily mean anything if the evil spirit was in control the whole time. I really hope that Creeper Cop (the real person) is not complicit in the badness of Creeper Cop because if it were not for the Soundtrack Cues of Extreme Sketchy Evilness I would still be defending Creeper Cop. His “good” side seems SO sweet.

Marakeshsparrow: But! Sometimes its the sweet ones that can really fool you! I’m honestly hoping he is possessed so that there’s some room to forgive him, because you’re right, his good side is really likeable! I never in a million years would have guessed that there was something creepy going on with (the former) Officer Friendly until they started giving some clues. He’s got everyone thinking he’s a good samaritan, when he’s really a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m worried about his wife Eun Hee. Now she’s seriously sweet. And I’d hate to see her hurt more than she already is (emotionally speaking, I don’t think the drama gods would put her in more physical danger after being crippled in a hit and run. Then again…)

Ajummah: Yeah he is really sweet. That doesn’t mean he’s cray cray, lol. I hope they move that story line along a bit. I want to see this resolved before Soo Aee goes evil spirit. In an unrelated note, how weird is it that her brother has a thing for her? I know I KNOW he doesn’t know it’s his sister but still, eww.

Marakeshsparrow: Hahahahaha! I think that’s pretty frickin’ hilarious though. Her brother doesn’t have a clue--I mean, how would he? So I’m going to forgive the creepiness factor on that one. He’s also a bit of a dumbass lol. But yeah, I really want to see the Creeper Cop plot move forward. I want to know how she died! And why he (presumably) hit Eun Hee with his car and drove off. Again, there are so many questions.

Taleena: I think that Ghostie WILL resolve the Creeper Cop storyline. I think that is what is keeping her from being resolved to her final destination. It’s not that she is a “virgin Ghost” but rather, that she is solving her own murder. I think we will resolve that before getting final resolution on the various romance storylines and this is why Ghostie got pushed out of Bong SUn when Chef Hotness kissed her. Soo Ae’s brother? Ugh! Dude, you are pathetic! Offering soju to your dad who just was in the hospital with LIVER problems? *banging forehead against counter*

Marakeshsparrow: Like I said--he’s a dumbass. Hahaha. What can you expect? I’m hoping there is some resolution with Soo Ae’s father though so he can move on as well and stop drinking himself to death. Maybe she will be able to appear to him before she leaves her Ghostie ways behind? That would be really sweet. And the dad seems like such a good man--he deserves a bit of resolution so he can live the rest of his days in some semblance of happiness.

Taleena: A couple of random thoughts from the episodes: 1) Is it K drama law that all heroes know how to play the guitar or cook? Is it the mark of the Ultra Hero that he can do both with aplomb? 2) Is it just me or is the fashion in this show really random? I have never seen so many weirdly unflattering clothes on K stars ever. 3) Are we going to hold out any hope that Lush Mom is going to save her daughter from Creeper Cop? or is all going to be on the shoulder of our poor, shy main couple?

Marakeshsparrow: OMO! The part when Chef sat down and started playing and singing like a pro had me laughing my head off. I mean, his song was enjoyable, but… really? He’s a dreamy singer/musician as well? rolls eyes I mean, I like Chef Hottie and all, and I think it was pretty endearing that he was doing that because he knew Bong Sun would hear him and had felt a little jealous when she ooohed and aahhed over the guitarist out on the street, but still. Kdramas make it seriously difficult for guys to live up to these standards. Now I’m not going to be happy unless I find someone who will cook for me, serenade me, carry me around, and save me from refrigerated storage spaces.

Marakeshsparrow: As for the fashion, honestly, it hasn’t struck me as particularly strange--I guess sometimes they have Bong Sun in some unflattering clothing, but I’ve seen worse (it’s called Kpop, hahahaha). And I think Lush Mom is pretty useless. As much as she tries to protect her children through magical means, I don’t think she would know what to do with a real world problem like having a lunatic for a son in law. I’m thinking it’s going to be all on our shy couple! But I have faith they can handle it.

Ajummah: I’m interested in seeing what happens next week when the kiss ends. Will Bong Sun have the dumb “how did I end up here” look? Why did Soo Ae/Ghostie really get out of Bong Sun’s body? What type of ghost is possessing Psycho Cop or is he really just psycho? Hopefully we’ll get the answers to these questions soon!

So what do you think drama fans? Are you happy with whom Bong Sun and Chef ended up with? Who’s possessing whom? What do you think is going to happen next week? Let us know in the comments!

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