We have turned the corner towards the end game of the drama as the revelations come thick and fast in episodes 11 and 12 of Oh My Ghostess. Join Taleena, Ahjummah, and Marakeshsparrow as we discuss the romance, mystery and the desirability of always keeping Chef handy to stave off Creeper attacks.

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Taleena: OH Criminitly! I wanted to just scream with frustration over the state of Bong Sun and Chef’s “push and pull” this entire week — even if I wanted them to be joined at the hip. I felt for poor Chef who is doing the best he can. It is not his fault that Bong Sun blows hot and cold, and if I were him punching bags, push ups, and vigorous tooth brushing would not be enough to get me through it. I really, really, really HATE being right that Bong Sun would regret giving up so much of her romance to Soon Ae. It really compounds my frustration she is not realizing that Chef likes her. All the things he likes best are HER personality traits. garghhh! *head pounding* She has changed quite a bit and just can’t see it.

Marakeshsparrow: Taleena, I am right there with you! So much frustration! If I were Chef I would be seriously confused and annoyed. All of that push and pull made me kind of mad at Ghostie. As much as she seems to actually care about him, she is being pretty selfish (which she knows), but she was also being oddly inconsiderate of his feelings. She had to know that it would seem strange when she wouldn’t tell Chef what was going on with Cordon in the storage room. And then to follow that up playing along when the others were saying Bong Sun and Cordon were the new couple...I had to say, I was feeling for poor Chef. It didn’t shine the best light on his new girlfriend, and I would have seriously started to think she was the type to conquer and then move on quickly out of boredom. And poor Bong Sun! She thinks Chef actually fell for Ghostie, but it’s so clear she’s the one he really loves. He always goes on about how he likes her best in her “neutral” state.

Ajummah: I guess I’m the odd one out. I would have told Chef about the burn but if he was acting like that before I had a chance to, I would have said forget it and played around with my co-workers as well. Bong Sun/Soon Ae knew the “kids” were just playing when they were saying congratulations to her and Joon. Chef needs to calm that jealously bit down a notch...or maybe I should say that to the drama writers, lol.

I did feel bad for Soon Ae though. She really loves Chef and knows she has to leave him. It’s admirable that she tried to give him up on her own, even if it meant she would still be the virgin ghost.

Marakeshsparrow: For whatever reason I didn’t feel sad for Soon Ae until she said her goodbyes to her dad, brother, and then finally Bong Sun. I knew she was heartbroken about having to leave Chef, but I’ve always been rooting for him and Bong Sun, so kind of wanted her to move on and find her peace. But it felt truly tragic when she was leaving Bong Sun, leaving without overcoming her “grudge” because she knew her love for Chef would amount to nothing. That was pretty powerful. HOWEVER, I know she’s going to be able to find peace eventually because it’s becoming more and more clear that her grudge is about her death and her killer getting away scott free. I’m so glad she finally saw that Officer Creeper was not as friendly as he seemed. It was chilling watching him drag that poor bystander off to “take care of business”. But now that Ghostie knows things aren’t what they seem, she’s one step closer to finding the truth and reaching closure for herself.


Taleena: I knew that they needed to move Soon Ae out of her “virgin ghost quest”, I am glad that they are moving in this direction, but I felt very badly for Soon Ae and her Ghostly blues. Also, I had the WORST feeling when she confided in Creeper Cop, because OF COURSE she would, but all that did was put Bong Sun on Creeper’s radar. OKAY, I guess Bong Sun already was, but even MORE so now.

Ajummah: Creeper cop has gone into areas I can’t even get into! I thought I’ve seen a lot of evil stuff in dramas and movies but he takes the cake. I’m glad (I guess) that it’s an evil spirit possessing him but still...when he sliced his own hand because he was mad that he couldn’t get to Bong Sun, that was too much. Also when he snapped at his wife for caring about his hand, I jumped! I think he’s really gone off the deep end.


Marakeshsparrow: I think Creeper Cop’s frustration and anger that Soon Ae is still hanging around him, even in a ghostly version, has him losing it. It seems like it wasn’t too hard to keep up his friendly persona, but now his mask is starting to crack around the corners. I thought it was kind of funny when Lush Mom was saying telling her daughter that a guy can be too friendly, that she likes the bad boys. If only she knew how bad this bad boy really is! I’m thinking that between the Shaman and Bong Sun’s psychic abilities though, that they may be able to “exorcise” the evil spirit. I’m hoping they can resolve all this before Ghostie gets any closer to becoming an evil spirit herself though! I got really nervous when I saw that dark energy around her and caught the way she seethed looking at Bong Sun right after she pushed her away from Chef. I really don’t want anything like that to happen to our bubbly, effervescent Ghostess!


Taleena: Just so we are clear: we saw Creeper come out of his Murder Apartment dressed in black, right? It seems like a dingy, low rent kind of place, not the upscale condo they share with Lush Mom. Also, I feel like Soon Ae’s phone is going to be found. They (the writers) keep referencing the fact that it is still on (side note: three years later and the battery is still good?! I need that phone.) and the plan is active.

Ajummah: That is one dedicated father. Though I don’t know if I wouldn’t do the same thing if I were in his position. When my dad passed away, I would call his phone until the company turned it off, so I get why the dad keeps calling the daughter’s phone. I hope once they catch creeper cop, and they will, dad will get to beat the snot out of him. Or at the very least, give him one good punch.

Marakeshsparrow: I have mixed feelings about beating the snot out of him! I feel kind of bad for the actual person who is being possessed, it seemed like he had a pretty difficult time as a kid and was pretty depressed and lost. If there is a way to beat the snot out of an evil spirit though...I would be totally on board. Maybe between Ghostie, Bong Sun, and the Shaman, they will kick some serious demon A**. I just hope that happens sooner rather than later (though I’m sure it won’t be resolved until the last episode or so). But will Bong Sun continue to have luck when it comes to Creeper? She’s avoided his attacks a couple times by chance, but I can’t imagine that will keep up. I have a sinking suspicion things are going to get worse before they get better. I’m glad Ghostie ran straight to Shaman with the news of Creeper though. Way to take initiative!


Taleena: I am so glad that this isn’t one of THOSE shows (I’m looking at you Sensory Couple!) where someone finds out who the murderer is (Sensory Couple!) and they don’t tell anyone. OR! They write it down in a letter (Sensory Couple!) that never gets delivered or some nonsense like that. I was thrilled that Soon Ae told Shaman straight.

Marakeshsparrow: LOL! Taleena! Why you hating on Sensory Couple? (」゜ロ゜)」Hahahaha. I have to agree though. This drama doesn’t mess around!

Taleena: Don’t get me wrong Marakeshsparrow, I lurrrved Sensory Couple, but Doctor Used as a Patsy made a stupid few choices.

Ajummah: I’m sooo glad Ghostie told someone! Now how are they going to handle things? Will the shaman tell the police? Or perhaps tell Chef’s mom? Goodness. I can see how things could go badly in each scenario. Maybe she should tell Bong Sun because, well you know, creeper is going to kill her! I bet Soon Ae is upset that she said anything to him, now. But here’s the thing, now that she knows he’s crazy, shouldn’t she be able to see what happened during her death? I’m still missing pieces on that //darn flashbacks//. Why was he even after her to begin with? I saw Soon Ae over the moon with him during her flashbacks and then the next thing you know she’s running for her life. Then //NEXT// thing, she’s lying on the floor unconscious(?) already dead (?) in his murder apartment. Ugh. That scene made me want to jump on the treadmill and practice running for my life, lol.

Marakeshsparrow: //shudders// Ok, Creeper aside--I just want to go back to Chef and Bong Sun for a moment and say I LOVED all the little secret moments between the two. It was hitting me straight in the feels! I’m glad that Bong Sun got to experience some of it in episode 12 (I was practically squealing when she decided to step forward and ran into his arms! That was SOO CUUTE) It really does makes me sad that she believes Chef actually loves Ghostie, but I can understand where she’s coming from. He has all these memories with another girl, I would probably feel the same way--heartbroken. omg12.9.png

Ahhhh so much drama! //waves fists in the air// I’m not sure how he’s going to take Bong Sun’s confession that he actually fell for a ghost (because I would think she was crazy!) but I’m looking forward to the moment when Chef realizes that the blog he loves so much belongs to Bong Sun. Then he can know without a doubt that she is the one he loves. Siiiigh.


Marakeshsparrow: Oh, and can we talk Sous Chef for a moment? He seriously gets more and more ridiculous as the episodes go on, though I thought it was pretty hilarious that he was so certain there was no way Chef and Bong Sun were dating. I bet he’s eating his words now! LOL

Taleena: Dear Show: I now expect Sous Chef in drag at least once as part of his “Eunuch” bet. It would be BEST if he was also in old timey Joseon Court Eunuch garb but I will take what I can get. Sincerely, Taleena

Ajummah: Dear Show, can we please get a lady for Joon aka Cordon Chef aka the hottie? I’m not talking about second lead syndrome or anything but a new face for him? Because he’s too adorable to be left alone. Also yes Sous Chef is ridiculous but lovable. I swear, I’m ready to become a chef apprentice if all restaurants are like this, haha!

What do you think drama fans? Is Creeper Cop cracking under the strain? Will Shaman enlist Lush Mom and save the day? Will Chef weep alone at Namsan Tower? Let us know in the comments!

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