It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Soon Ae and Officer Choi have come face to face and the gauntlet has been thrown. Have things turned out the way you’ve thought? Join Ajummah, Taleena, and Marakeshsparrow as they discuss what happened on this week’s Oh My Ghostess!

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Ajummah: Holy crap! We went 0 to 60 in these episodes didn’t we? Bong Sun came clean about who was really dating Chef, Officer Choi flipped ALL THE WAY OUT and killed his partner, Officer Han and he and Soon Ae finally meet face to face. I was sitting at the edge of my seat and holding my breath at the same time! By the way am I the only one that finds themselves holding their breaths whenever you see someone being choked or drowning?

Taleena: I was SO happy that Buddy Cop was collecting evidence and building a case, and then BOOM! dead. As soon as Officer Choi got in the car wearing his Murder Clothes I said, “Oh cr*p!” so loud my eldest kid stuck their head around the door and asked if everything was OK.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m right with you on these last two episodes. Things. Got. REAL. I went from crying to practically gnawing my nails off with all of Officer Creepy’s insane goings on. There was so much angst in ep. 13--poor Chef was really thrown for a loop! I mean, his whole world view got shaken when he realized that Ghosts were real and came to believe Bong Sun had truly been possessed. I can understand why he needed some time to think, though my stomach was definitely in knots over the whole ordeal. Like Chef told Bong Sun “Why did you tell me? Why didn’t you fool me to the end?” I was thinking the same thing! But, in the long run, it’s better that she was honest with him. I know it was troubling her heart. And then! I don’t even know where to begin with Officer Creepy.

Taleena: You knew that Chef finding out was going to be a stumbling block. I’m just glad that 1) Bong Sun had the gumption to say that she did it to try and win him, 2) They didn’t drag it out beyond all bearing, and 3) He found the torn pages of her diary and realized she was the food blogger that he liked all along. When she tore those pages out I thought he’d find them, so when he didn’t the first time he got the Sad Lover Lonelies in the storage room I was shocked.

Ajummah: I guess I should be pleased with how Chef took things. I mean if someone told me that the reason why I fell in love with them is because they had a ghost possessing them, I might have flipped out a bit. And I guess Chef DID do his fair share of flipping out. He tried to take Bong Sun to the doctors and then when she left, he tried to play things off like he was okay with her leaving. I knew he couldn’t stay away though. Good job to Chef Cordon (what is his name?) for telling Chef how disappointed he’d be if Chef gave up on Bong Sun.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes! Cordon really pulled through with that one! And so did Baby Brother! I almost cheered when he punched Chef in the face--because I think that was really what he needed. A good ol’ whack to the head. Haha. I was so happy he realized the one he really loved was Bong Sun, and was glad we finally got to meet her Shaman Grandma to boot! She really did a great job of explaining Bong Sun to Chef (have to wonder if she did that on purpose--I’m sure she knew why he was there). Anyway, that moment where he was running down the street and met her outside the restaurant had my heart MELTING. (●♡∀♡) It was too sweet! I was ready to hug my computer screen in joy. (Sigh...I think I need a life... ) LOL

Taleena: I agree that Cordon needs love life happiness. Plus, his Transformer is now a Pac-Man ghost which made me laugh.

Ajummah: I really need someone to end up with Cordon because he makes me squee. All the lovey-dovey stuff was short lived though because Officer Choi has been ON IT these episodes. Destroying evidence, killing friends, and generally being the evil spirit that he is. I don’t understand why it took so long for the Shaman to realize what was happening. Couldn’t she tell right away that there was something wrong with him? It seemed like she was able to tell pretty quickly when Soon Ae changed that brief moment during the death ceremony.

Marakeshsparrow: The Shaman did get a weird reading from him even from the beginning, but I guess she had no real reason to suspect how absolutely HEINOUS he really is. I have to say, he was really living up to his nickname in these episodes: CREEPER. I just /knew/ something was going to happen to Officer Han when he called Chef to meet him. I KNEW it. And then that moment when Officer Creeper hopped in the car with him, all dressed in black. ヽ ( ꒪д꒪ )ノ THE END. That was so unsettling. He had me seriously creeped out. I’ve got to give this actor (in fact ALL the actors) some serious props. He played evil to the T without going into overacting. shudders

Can we talk about Soon Ae possessing the weak lady cop for a minute? I knew she was being reckless when she tried to break into Creeper’s file cabinet with a screw-driver. And now he’s found her! Otteoke???

Ajummah: Did he kill that cop? I know he was choking her ( I was holding my breath while he did so) and I know she passed out but did know. Because that would be highly inappropriate. That woman didn’t do a damn thing to him and he knows that. He knew Soon Ae was possessing her. I also think she was being a bit reckless because she was so OBVIOUS with trying to break into Officer Choi’s cabinet. First Officer Han caught her and I thought that she would be more cautious but no, she goes and does it again! She has to know Officer Choi killed Officer Han, right? How did he do it anyway? I didn’t think Officer Han would be taken so easily. Maybe Officer Choi gets extra strength when he’s possessed by the evil spirit?

Taleena: I don’t think that it is asking too much for Soon Ae to be a little more careful in her investigations. A screw driver? REALLY?! How hard would it be to “borrow” the keys? Or make up an excuse to look at Creeper’s case files? Get maintenance on it. SOMETHING!

Marakeshsparrow: I don’t think he killed her. I’m thinking he just choked her until she blacked out and that forced Soon Ae out of her body. He’s an evil spirit, but he’s got to know it would be a little too much for both the cops that work closely with him to die suddenly back to back--he seems fairly savvy with covering his tracks. I’m sure she’ll come to and have no recollection of anything, so she should be relatively safe--I’m hoping. So I have to bring it up: Soon Ae finally had her memory of her last moments (or at least parts of them) return. She saw Creeper run Eun Hee over and then go to drive off and he saw her see him! So we finally know why he killed our Ghostie. BUT what has me confused is why he pulled a hit and run to begin with. I would have said it was an accident, but he was in his all black, murder-time outfit when he hit her. It seems deliberate. So why would he have targeted her? Unless he was on his way back from some other sort of mischief and hit her by accident? I’m wondering if we’ll get more of an explanation on that. What do you think?

Ajummah: Your guess is as good as mine. Why did he marry Eun Hee? Does he like all the suffering he caused so he wants to keep near her? Or was it the real Officer Choi that asked for her hand in marriage and not evil spirit? Also what’s going to happen now that Chef knows what a creep Choi is. I don’t really see him going all out and beating Officer Choi to a bloody pulp, so really...what is he to do? He’s no match for an evil spirit. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next episodes to find out.

Taleena: I’d like to point out that the writers have done an excellent job presenting Chef as conflicted about the realization that his brother in law is a psycho creeper. The scene where he is sitting and sorting through his memories trying to suss out if he ever got the “off sense” during Creeper’s interactions with Eun Hee was a nice touch. How often do we see these kinds of revelations without main characters trying to process it?

Marakeshsparrow: My concern is that Creeper seemed to get a sense that Chef was on to him, which means he’s not safe anymore. NO ONE’S SAFE!!! This evil spirit seriously needs to be exorcised! I’m sure between Shaman, Bong Sun and Ghostie they’ll be able to take him down. But I’m wondering what will happen to Ghostie now that Creeper got her out in the open? He can’t really do anything to her right? I mean...she’s already dead… so… UGH. So much has me on the edge of my seat! I’m glad we at least got a few sweet moments between Chef and Bong Sun to level it out. When she was consoling him after they told him about his brother-in-law I was really happy. I like how he keeps second guessing whether Bong Sun is really Bong Sun or not. She’s blossomed--I’m so glad!

Taleena: I would just like to commend Soo Ae’s punk brother for stepping up and being mildly adult like. FURTHERMORE, I’d like to commend Sous Chef for being able to accurately read Chef’s forced normalcy in the wake of the rift between himself and Bong Sun. It’s proof that Sous Chef is not a complete idiot no matter how he acts.

Ajummah: Next week is when the fun and excitement begin. Battle Royale if you will. Soon Ae versus psycho Officer Choi. Who will win? I may be a bit dramatic (what else is new) but I am so looking forward into seeing what’s going to happen next. How will Soon Ae get out of this? Who is the evil spirit possessing Officer Choi and how can they get rid of it?

What do you think? What will prevail, good or evil? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to watch the newest episodes of Oh My Ghostess when they air on DramaFever!

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