Well Ghosties, we’ve made it to the end of the line. The evil spirit has been vanquished, Soon Ae was finally able to move on, and everyone lived happily ever after! It’s been quite the journey and these last two episodes had us on the edge of our seats, crying and laughing as we went along for the ride. Join Taleena, Young Ajummah, and me, Marakeshsparrow, as we discuss the amazing end to Oh My Ghostess!

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Taleena: Before we get into discussing details of the episodes, I want to congratulate the show’s writers for their deft handling of the conclusion. Sometimes, and especially with mystery shows, they conclude the big driving action and have no idea where to go after that (Hyde, Jekyll and I I’m looking at you). With Oh My Ghostess, even though the big confrontation happened in 15 and 16 was wrapping up a ton of characters, 16 felt like a real part of the story and not just a let down.

Ajummah: Let me wipe the tears out of my eyes here. *scrubs face* Okay. I can honestly say that I didn’t feel like the writers left anything out as they ended this story. All the storylines were closed and I am one happy Ajummah. I’m glad they ended at 16 and didn’t try to stretch it simply because they were doing well in the ratings department.

Marakeshsparrow: I want to give the writers HUGE props for the work in this series. Not just the ending either! The whole story arc was so well done, consistent all the way through (no wandering too far from the main plot or losing momentum) and it also stayed away from too many Kdrama tropes. I was constantly pleasantly surprised by the turns the story took and seriously enjoyed every moment! I have to say though, these last episodes were exceptionally good. Episode 15 may have been one of the rawest, heart-stopping, amazingly dramatic episodes I’ve seen in a long time. There were so many intense moments! I was seriously thinking about that episode for hours after watching it.

Taleena: Well, I think we should talk about each character and the journey they took these last two episodes, because I feel like they ended us in some surprising places. Na Bong Sun went through the wringer getting kidnapped by Creeper, but she found a real core of resiliency, first figuring out a clue, then convincing ghost kid to kick her the phone, and finally the unexpected and SHOCKING stab in the middle of the car chase. I think I jumped three feet sitting when she did that. It was almost as freaky as the demon coming out of Creeper later.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG! I was NOT expecting that moment. I thought she was going to hit him on the head with something but Bong Sun wasn’t playing around! Amazing. I love how smart and resilient she is, rather than playing the passive damsel in distress. SHE SHANKED HIM. That blew my mind.

Ajummah: I was in the middle of cooking and slammed my spatula down at that scene! I was SO HAPPY that she did that. So many female leads tend to rely on the male lead to come save them so I was pleased that the writers got it right. There is no way in the world I would sit around and do nothing if someone kidnapped me. Also great job to Chef for figuring out Bong Sun’s “rosemary” text. It didn’t take him half an episode to figure that part out which was good. The only thing I think I would have done differently in that situation would be to tell my coworkers what was going on. I wonder why he didn’t tell the other chefs what would happen to Bong Sun?

Taleena: I was joking a couple of weeks ago about Shaman and Lush Mom saving the day, but dang it if Shaman didn’t practically jump Chef’s car like the General Lee as she chased Creeper down the road.

Taleena: I appreciate the fact that Soo Ae and Shaman saved the day rather than the romantic couple - even as I thought to myself “Old woman and ghost against demon possessed serial killer as night falls on an abandoned building? What could possibly go wrong?!!” The demon was SCARY. As for not telling the other chefs - how many times have you got in the middle of a crisis and just try and muddle your way through not even THINKING about talking to anyone else because your brain is just filled with the crisis that you can’t think? The fact that he even told the police seemed amazing to me.

Ajummah: I muddle through when my water heater died and I have to take cold showers in winter. When someone is KIDNAPPED by a PSYCHO!?!?! I would be telling everyone! I also started crying when the Shaman jumped into Chef’s car and took after Officer Choi. She was so brave because she had to know that she probably wouldn’t have been coming back. I had to giggle through the tears though when Soon Ae kept asking her to slow down.

Ajummah: Speaking of Choi...I love how the writers went wrote him trying to fight the demon/evil spirit/whatever that creepy thing was on the inside. He kept flashing to his wife telling him how she’d always be there for him… I teared up over that. Then he decided the only way to beat that thing was to take himself out. Bravo writers, bravo.

Marakeshsparrow: That. Last. Scene. It gave me chills. Seriously. We saw some amazing acting from Officer Choi. The whole part with the demon was so intense and disturbing (almost as disturbing as the scene where he killed Soon Ae--that really upset me. He drowned her like was washing clothes, so cold and disinterested //shudders//) I’m a fan of the horror genre, and they did not disappoint with the evil spirit.

Marakeshsparrow: But it was Choi (the real Choi) who was killing me in this scene! His performance was so powerful, and the pain was so clear when he decided to kill himself. I was breathless. And then it ended with him bleeding on the concrete?   щ(゜ロ゜щ) 

Taleena: Can we talk about the end with Eun Hee and Choi? I was surprised, real surprised that he was alive in the end. I wasn’t too shocked that it was Eun Hee’s love that helped him turn the tide against the demon. The one thing that was hard to reconcile was the tender care he gave to her, and the flashback of him stopping her suicide, with his callousness to other suffering. What shocked me was that he lived. Now in a mental hospital, granted. How does his life, her continued marriage and visits jib with all the bad things he has done? He will pay for all the actions he did while possessed. How does that possibly work except in drama land? Her brother is marrying her husband’s /kidnap/ victim. Ay, ay, yy.

Ajummah: I was also surprised about Choi not dying. That was a heck of a fall. I also wondered about Eun Hee. Why did she leave the restaurant? Too many bad memories? If that is the case, why is she still visiting Choi? I had to roll my eyes at Choi having amnesia for a half a second before I realized that a fall of that magnitude would cause anyone, who didn’t die, memory loss to say the least.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m thirding your feelings of surprise! Though I was very touched that Eun Hee was visiting him (and starting to walk again!) and that he was finally free of his dark past. What a blessing to have forgotten how evil he had become. I do wonder how she was able to forgive him though. She had to have known he was the one who hit her at this point. I wonder if they explained anything about an evil spirit? I don’t know. But she must be the most magnanimous person in the world.

I’m really glad they were able to balance all the intensity and crying moments with some serious good humor though! The chefs had me grinning from ear to ear.

Ajummah: I gave a squee of happiness when I saw the sous chef had become the chef at the restaurant and that the new sous chef was giving him a run for his money. Also I’m glad Chef was helping Soon Ae’s brother become a better worker/chef. They looked like one big happy family.

Taleena: OK - that was a hilarious little cameo. Seo In Guk sweeping in as the egotistical chef when you expect it to be Bong Sun returning made me laugh out loud. From the romancing of the young hostess in a totally skeevy way, to the double wokking skills, to Cordon’s awesome smack down - “No, I’m not telling you my name.” - everything was a delight. Yes, Sous Chef is a sad little jerk, but he’s OUR sad little jerk.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG his cameo was so funny! First off--he looked so FIIINE. Second, he was hilarious. I love how Sous Chef was all ready to make him pee his pants in terror and he ended up being pushed around by him. Hahahaha. Great stuff!

Taleena: Were you shocked that Dad had a heart attack? That’s what made ME cry. He felt like he had let his daughter down by serving her killer and the guilt of it making him almost die. Gah! *tearing up* As if it was HIS fault. When she stops him from walking into the light? *looking for handkerchief*

Ajummah: I was shocked but I do understand. He was really surprised and the fact that he had been befriending the killer was too much for him. I was sobbing right along Soon Ae when the doctors were trying to save the dad. I’m glad that the dad came back to life and quit drinking.

I know I sound like a broken record but I truly like the fact that the writers closed all the storylines so nicely.

Marakeshsparrow: DEAR LORD. That scene was too much for me. When she stopped him from going into the light I was bawling like a baby. Ah, just thinking about it is making me weepy. It was so beautiful and moving. Those two words can be used to describe all the last moments with Soon Ae. I was also getting sad when she said goodbye to the Shaman. And then how she was able to go into the light after saying farewell to Chef---GAAAAH!


I just keep repeating what y’all are saying, but I am seriously so impressed by how well done this whole drama was. //slow clap that speeds up to full clap//

Taleena: I have two small regrets: One, Cordon never found love. Two, I wanted Sous Chef to have to pay up on his rash eunuch bet - or at the very least have to weasel out of it. However, seeing Chef play (very poorly) his Lonely Guitar Guy Woe Is Me song made up for it. And Puppies. I got cute puppies. And now the unfairness of Cordon’s love life is made even MORE manifest, because PD Lee AND Stalker the street dog get a love life but Cordon doesn’t??!! AND how creepy IS it that PD Lee is dating someone who is a ringer for her dead husband?! Do you think the guy knows? Or is she going to spring it on him at some devastating point and send him spiralling into a crisis of self doubt? I’m getting worked up here; I have to stop.

Marakeshsparrow: PUPPIES!!! That made me happy. And as much as I love Cordon, I have to say I’m somewhat pleased they didn’t show him finding love. It was another way the writers broke the typical kdrama mold. It made me happy to see him doing well and getting along with Sous Chef at the end. I didn’t really understand the whole thing about PD Lee and her new boyfriend. I knew there was something strange about it, but didn’t know who they were saying he looked like. Her dead husband? Yeah, that’s definitely a bit strange… wait I think I hear the sound of kdrama writers already starting a script with that exact scenario…

So before we pass on and find our way into the proverbial light, what were your last thoughts on the show as a whole? For myself, I enjoyed it immensely! Much more than I ever expected to. It was smart, funny, thrilling and incredibly romantic (Chef can be quite the dreamboat! PS--I love how emotional he was at the end of the last episode. He couldn’t stop crying. Too funny!)

Taleena: I really enjoyed this little drama, and while I don’t think it will make it into my watch and rewatch rotation, I am confident recommending it far and wide. Some dramas go down roads so weird I have a hard time picturing who I would recommend them to - even amoung my hard core drama friends. Oh My Ghostess had wonderful proportions: enough mystery, romance, thrills and humor to be broadly pleasing without feeling meandering.

So there you have it Drama Clubbers! Another drama down and another happy ending. We were so pleased with the way this drama wrapped up, enough tears and laughs to go around without feeling forced or over the top! And now we're all ready to move on to new adventures and love stories! But I know Oh My Ghostess will stick with us (like virgin ghosts) for a while to come. 

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