Hello Ghosties! Welcome to the next installment of the Oh My Ghostess Drama Club!The plot is thickening this week with the addition of new ghosts and love interests. So join Taleena, Young Ajummah, and Marakeshsparrow as they discuss this week's  fascinating continuation of the drama!

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Marakeshsparrow: This week’s episodes were pretty interesting! Ghostie got her memories back which led to some pretty entertaining scenarios. I love how she interacts with her dad and her brother at their restaurant. It made me sad for her though when her dad told her he felt burdened by all the “donations” she’d given him. And then she wanted to be invited along to eat with him and her brother--it was pretty clear her dad was uncomfortable with that. So heartbreaking! Of course he would think it’s strange that this random girl became so clingy so suddenly, but for her, she’s being pushed away by her own family. I could really feel her pain.

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Ajummah: I agree. Especially when she kept trying to give them food and other things from the restaurant. The brother returned them because he thought she thought they were beggars. All she were trying to do was helping her family. Also I didn’t expect her to have a first love with the police officer. It must feel horrible to know that he is now married to someone else, regardless to the fact that the wife is really nice. I giggled when Bong Sun snapped at her because the police officer told her he had to sneak and eat ramen.

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! That was definitely funny.

Taleena: Wow, I didn’t expect it to get so poignant so quickly! First, Ghostie trying to reconnect with her dad totally one sided, then finding out her first love is married to someone else? THEN she sees how sad and lonely and disconnected they are without her. When she saw her dad drinking alone? Ow! that hurt.

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Marakeshsparrow: I felt a little bad for the sister because she seems like such a sweetheart, it’s no wonder Officer Friendly loves her. But yes, another painful memory/realization for poor Ghostie. I was really intrigued by that reading that the shaman gave about Officer Friendly though. He’s an “island” and destined to be alone? She said she was surprised he was married at all. What does that mean??? I’m so curious now! (starts singing SHINee - I’m so curious yeaaah!) I wonder if he had been meant to be with Soon Ae and after she died he was supposed to be alone?

Ajummah: Awww man. I hope not. I really want Officer Friendly (is his real name Officer Choi?) to stay with the sister. They make a cute couple.I’ll be honest. At first I had wanted Bong Sun and main chef to be together. But now I’m not sure who I want Bong Sun to end up with. Plus, will the writers even let a ghost “be” romantic with anyone? I know we’ve just started this drama but the questions are mounting for me. Also I want to know what the backstories of the sous chef and assistant chefs are. I feel like their stories might be connected with Soon Ae somehow.

Taleena: I also feel for Chef Hotstuff and his long residence in the Friendzone. What happens to second leads? This. This is the story of the second lead that hangs around their now married friends -baking them engagement cakes and being the third wheel. I want Chef to be happy and I think he needs a major Ghostie push to get there.

Marakeshsparrow: I am honestly totally on board the Ghostie/Chef ship! Or...should it be the Bong Sun/Chef ship? I’m not really sure how that’s going to work. I can feel that they have a connection that is going to lead to romance, but will it be Ghostie that Chef falls in love with? Or will it be the meek Bong Sun?

Taleena: It HAS to be Bong Sun right? I see only three possible scenarios: 1) Ghostie is actually dead and can’t stay because otherwise zooop straight to serial killer ghost. 2) Ghostie is NOT dead and Chef (whose love loyalty we established) will not drop the girl he has romanced for some crazy coma patient who is suddenly saying she’s in love with him. 3) Ghostie and Bong Sun fuse because of their “vibrating frequencies”.

Marakeshsparrow Ok, I was going to wait to bring this up, but the whole thing with Ghostie following Chef around, practically forcing herself on him constantly was pretty hilarious...and bordering on creepy? If I was as bothered as Chef seems to be by her constant attempts, I would seriously just kick her out. He threatened to do that, but come on, she practically tried to rape you! Hahahaha. (I guess that shouldn’t be funny, but with Ghostie and Chef it was pure comedy). Still though, he’s letting her stay at the restaurant--he must not be completely against the idea. Anyway, I’ll be interested to see what happens now that Ghostie came out of Bong Sun’s body. Everyone is going to be so confused!

Taleena: I thought it was kind of hilarious that the k drama stalker shoe was on the other foot. The way she got in his personal space was hilarious. In real life it wouldn’t be, but for a drama it was hilarious. I loved him giving the dog a thumbs up. Thank you, drama writers, thank you.

Ajummah: Can we talk about that kiss though? I was thrown off guard, lol.It was a good looking kiss and you know that Soon Ae did NOT mind at all when Chef kissed her out of the blue like that. It was realistic and so cute when Chef realized that he wasn’t kissing the PD he likes. Now that Soon Ae has found a man of vitality, I wonder what she has to do to shed the “virgin ghost” image. I mean I do know the traditional way but this is a kdrama. Will they really take it that far?

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Marakeshsparrow: Hahaha! I was wondering the same thing. I’m thinking that she will have to fall in love and have someone else love her as well. That may be enough to break the spell. Even if Chef would do her the “favor” she keeps asking (LOL) I don’t think it would be enough. I think there needs to be love involved and at this point, Chef is still caught up with the PD. Speaking of which--I was kind of hoping that they were legitimately just good friends but OF COURSE she’s his first love. OF COURSE. Why do these “emotionally unavailable” and seemingly-cold male leads always have a first love they can’t get over? That was a bit of an eye roll moment for me. It was hilarious how Ghostie used that to her advantage though, basically blackmailing him into letting her stay in the restaurant while she looks for a new place. Her behavior has Chef totally perplexed, which is why I’m thinking he won’t be hung up on the PD for too much longer, not with this confusing mystery of a girl on his hands!

Ajummah: I’m glad you brought that up. I was rolling my eyes during the whole “please sleep with me, Chef” scene. I mean this ghostie has NO shame. I giggled but was rolling my eyes at the same time. She even told him, he didn’t have to like it, lol! I was like what? Add to that that he finally gave up his place to go stay with his mom, to get away from her. Totally random thought but Officer Choi is soooo cute! His facial expression are totally adorable. I’m not sure if I could see him as a detective or anything hard core. His character really suites that family.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I was definitely cringing while laughing during the whole “DO ME” scenes. Hahahaha. This must be why she’s a virgin ghost, she seriously has no game! How does she expect to seduce the Chef when she’s scaring the crap out of him constantly? And yes, Officer Choi is soooooo cute. I do feel sorry of Ghostie on that note, because he continues to be so nice to her (or to Bong Sun) and yet she knows she can’t have him. Even if he wasn’t married, she couldn’t have him since she’s a ghost now. pouts I would definitely have a crush on him too. But I do think Chef is a good guy deep down and that he’s going to come around. He may be a better match for her in the long run. But wait? For Ghostie or Bong Sun? I keep forgetting that though they have good chemistry right now, it’s not real since Bong Sun is a totally different person. Ahh! This drama is going to get complicated! I can see it in my magic crystal!

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Ajummah: Another random thought. Do you think it was Officer Choi beating the dog, towards the end of episode 4? Could it be that he’s actually a psycho that gets off on other people’s pain? My stomach turned at that scene. I don’t like seeing, or hearing, animals being hurt. I guess if Ghostie can’t have Officer Choi or Chef Kang, she should turn her attention to Cordon. He seems like he’s interested in her. Did you hear when he told Bong Sun that he would lend her a million won?

Marakeshsparrow:((((;゜Д゜))) OMO! I didn’t even think about that dog scene, except for the fact that it was kind of weird… But now that you mention it, Officer Friendly is just a little too/ nice isn’t he…? My god, now that you planted that thought in my head I’m so suspicious of him! WHAT IF HE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH SOON AE’S DEATH??? Or with his wife’s accident? mind spins wildly Don’t even know what to think now. The possibilities are endless.

Taleena: See my mind went in a totally different random thought: Officer Choi is harboring his own supernatural something or other. Didn’t the dog yelp after he had driven off in the car? Could it be his “he should be an island” is because of a supernatural rather than a physical reason?

Marakeshsparrow: I don’t know anymore! I’m starting to question everything!!!

What are your thoughts Ghosties? Are you Team Bong Sun or Team Soon Ae? What really happened to Soon Ae? Who do you think each woman will end up with? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the official Oh My Ghostess thread in the Dramafever Forum. We will see you next week!

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