Welcome back, Ghost-loving Drama Fans! We have an exciting two episodes for you as Ghostie and Bong Sun separate and everyone remarks on the moods swings. Chef Hotstuff has many pangs of conscience, Cutie Cop goes full-on Creeper Cop, and we discover some interesting clues! Join Taleena, Marakeshsparrow, and Ajummah as we talk episodes 5 and 6 of Oh My Ghostess after the break.

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Taleena: Well, ladies, I am going to give big props to Ajummah for calling out Creeper Cop. I thought he was going to be harmless Oppa, but it looks like I missed Big Time on that. He did so many weird things this episode. Dare I say — almost as mood swing-y weird as Bong Sun/Ghostie?

Marakeshsparrow: OMG YES! Officer Friendly has taken a turn for the weird. That was definitely a good call Ajummah! I couldn’t believe some of his weird moments in this! He was so cute and pleasant in the first few episodes and there were some moments in these eps that had my skin crawling! I have to give the actor some major kudos. He didn’t do anything outrageously creepy or suspicious (well...except for the whole leaving the dad to die thing…) but the subtlety is what made it so effective and disturbing!


Ajummah: I fist bumped myself over these episodes. Officer Friendly turned into Officer Psycho didn’t he? I was still on the fence until he hit the old lady’s cart with his car. He went straight berzerk! What do you think he was going to do with Soo Ae’s father? Did he really want him to die or was he going back to “play” with him later. //shudders// I’ve seen a LOT of crime/thriller dramas so my imagination was working overtime.

Also the wife found that old phone tucked in the desk drawer. Does that mean he really //did//do something to Soo Ae? Is she alive and just a Jane Doe somewhere in a coma? Or did he really kill her. I think he likes to feed off of people’s pain. That would explain why he’s with his wife and why he likes coming around that restaurant so much. I thought this was just going to be a rom com but it seems like there may be more to it.

Taleena: The point of no return for me was when he walked away from the dad’s body, although I thought for a minute she would ram the old lady. I am kind of thinking this: the show made a pretty clear connection between the phone that the wife found and the dad calling Ghostie’s disconnected phone. Furthermore the phone looks pretty beat up, like it was smashed or something. I am wondering if Creeper Cop is wondering if Ghostie left any clues pointing to him and hangs around the restaurant keeping an eye on things. The little brother is obviously immature and easy to manipulate, but the dad finding out might be a threat. I think he went back to make sure the dad died. DO you think that Creeper Cop has his own haunting going on or is he just your everyday nut job?

Ajummah: I think he’s more than a nut job but I’m not sure by how much. Did you see how mad he saw Ghostie’s dad doing better. Was that even his car he threw the drink at? *shrugs* I am so afraid for his wife. If he flips out on her, what is going to happen? What is Chef going to do? He’s a cop so you would think that he would be able to cover up everything. But him keeping that phone/trophy he has, AND it’s in their bedroom so he wants to keep it close to him. I think there is something very wrong with Officer Choi. Everyone needs to be on their guards.

On an unrelated note, was I the only one who was soooo disgusted with Bong Sun after Soo Ae got out of her body? It really made me mad how timid she was. I kept wishing Soo Ae would jump back into her body.


Marakeshsparrow: You and me both, Ajummah! I was so frustrated with Bong Sun! She seriously needs to get her act together. Now I can understand the confusion—I mean she was completely blacked out for 2 weeks, which would be more than alarming for anyone. But her timidity is just so...GAH! I mean, it bugged me from the beginning. It’s painful to watch her interact with people! I really hope she’s able to learn from Ghostie and find a happy balance between horribly socially awkward and overly aggressive. hahaha

Taleena: Oh, I felt bad for poor Bong Sun who woke up missing 2 weeks, her life turned upside down, and everyone liking the possessed personality better. She had a nice moment with Chef Hottie and the cabbage porridge and found the chutzpah to stave off Ghostie for a while. I did roll my eyes at her setting the restaurant on fire. Good Grief! A Charlie Brown moment if there ever was one. Let me ask you this: Ghostie can only jump into Bong Sun anymore (and interacted with her notebook), do you think that is because: A) they now have super special harmony, B) Ghostie is coming back towards living, or C) is that much closer to being an evil ghost? Bonus question: do we take at face value the brother’s casual dismissal of Ghostie as “my dead sister?” He seems just the sort of self centered idiot that would say that about a sister in a vegetative state. The dad still seems to be hanging on.


Ajummah: Good questions Taleena! Let’s see, I think Bong Sun and Soo Ae’s energy are the same so that’s why she can only jump into Bong Sun. I REALLY wish that Soo Ae’s coming back to life because I’ve decided I want her to be with Chef. Bong Sun can be with the hot Cordon chef.

Marakeshsparrow: I don’t know, I’m kind of thinking that Ghostie might actually be...a ghostie… I guess there’s still a chance she’s alive somewhere, but I’m having some doubts. Also, as funny as she is with the chef, I think that he and Bong Sun actually have a deep connection that they haven’t discovered yet. Like he said when he was going over her blog--he feels like they might understand each other emotionally (I’ll be excited to see how he discovers the blog belongs to Bong Sun!) And he clearly still has some issues he needs to get over from his past experiences being bullied (though hopefully after getting some closure with the guy who always gave him a hard time, he’ll be able to move on). Speaking of which, that whole scene with his old school friends was almost painful for me. I found Chef to be so unlikeable. But I think /he/ was even unhappy with himself and felt a little guilty about how he treated the old bully. So at least there was some redeeming him there. Still, I kind of wish they hadn’t taken so much time with that scene.

Taleena: Yes, I agree it was painful. I like how they are showing Chef as a normally flawed human being - holding onto small slights and not too noble for pettiness. By the same token, I am glad that he recognized the pettiness for what it was and the classmate apologised. We see so many high school dramas with the good looking bully. It was nice to see the sheepish, middle aged man. If Bong Sun grows out of her timidity, Chef is the one who will understand how to help her. The fact that he is convinced his tough love was what sparked a mental episode will only spur him to be kinder.

Ajummah: So what’s going to happen now? Soo Ae has jumped out of Bong Sun’s body right before the date. Will Bong Sun act ridiculous? Or will she do alright? Ugh. How will Soo Ae get back into her body? That is truly what I am hoping for. Also who, if anyone, will find out about Officer Psycho? You would think his partner would notice something a bit weird about him, right?

Also what in the world is the shaman and Chef’s mother doing? I mean it’s cute that they are so friendly but shouldn’t the shaman do more to help Ghostie? I know she knows what Soo Ae has to do in order to fully pass over. Can’t she help her?

Marakeshsparrow: Ugh, it’s killing me! Of course she would get chased away by the Shaman right before their little date! Just when Chef was warming up to her! (PS--their interactions were so CUTE in this episode. I like that she wasn’t quite as “rape-y” and a little more playful with him, hahaha. And it’s so clear that he is starting to care for her.) I’m sure Bong Sun is going to be super awkward and embarrassed once she realizes that they were going out together for a date. Siiiiigh. I’ll be happy when she starts to come out of her shell and can act more relaxed with the Chef and the others.

OMG cover.png

Taleena: Before we wrap it up I just want to highlight the “only happening in my mind kiss” because Ghostie channels fangirls everywhere. *Slow clap*

Marakeshsparrow: Two things I wanted to bring up though!

  1. That imaginary kiss! It’s technically the second one we’ve seen from Chef and Bong Sun/Ghostie, and boy was it nice! She really has a knack for giving the fangirls what they want. Especially since Ghostie is pretty much the ultimate fangirl… hahaha AND
  2. I think that “Cordon” may actually also like Bong Sun/Soo Ae. I feel like he may be ramping up to be our official second male lead!

Ajummah: I volunteer myself for stepping in to fall in love with Cordon. I will GLADLY take all of his kisses, on behalf of all the Second Lead Lovers out there! *cough* I think this is the first time I actually want the lead male to get the girl. The problem is, which girl? Soo Ae is much more lively than Bong Sun. What will Chef do with the quiet girl? I think he’s better off with Soo Ae. Unless Bong Sun can gain some confidence.

Marakeshsparrow: Can I get in the volunteer line for Cordon? LOL. Here’s the thing about Chef and Soo Ae though--I actually think she’s a bit too much for him sometimes. I think Bong Sun just needs to find a bit more confidence so she can step out of her comfort zone. I think the “possessions” are going to be good for her; I feel like Soo Ae will be able to rub off on her in way, so she can become more of a happy medium. Not to say that Soo Ae and Chef aren’t cute together, because they are. But I don’t know. I’m not sure if Soo Ae will end up with anyone in this drama. I’m really wondering if she is actually dead (as sad as that is). But I guess we’ll only know for sure as the episodes go on!

Taleena: I honestly don’t know if we are going to get the typical ‘choosing between two handsome guys’ thing BUT I won’t say I’ll be unhappy however the romances fall out.

So what do you think drama fans? Do we have a love triangle brewing, and if so, between whom? Is Officer Friendly now Creeper Cop? What do you think his deal is? Are you convinced Ghostie is truly dead? Let us know in the comments!

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