Welcome back trainees. Apologies about the delay, your trainers had a really hectic week . . . that being said, things are starting to really heat up for Young Ho and Joo Eun. Will their love, that has finally started to bloom, be doomed for failure? Or will their love persevere while the show goes on? Join Aunnie, Taleena, Wendilynn and Firnlambe as they discuss some of the key points and problems that arose during episodes 7 & 8 of Oh My Venus.

Aunnie: Can I be the first one to say how disappointing the beginning of ep 8 was to those of us who actually like a bit of drama in our kdramas. *sigh* then they had to go and be all non-angsty in like 10 minutes flat. Ugh . . .

Firnlambe: Not everyone can be angsty couples all the time. I swear your desire to have the OTP go through hell and back before things start looking up for them amuses me.

Taleena: I actually really liked that she didn’t spaz out, that they Used Their Words like grown ups(!!!!), and while the resolution didn’t happen instantly, an elevator up and down was enough for them to both say their bits and reorient themselves for a meeting. If your leads are all going to be unrealistically good looking, a little realism in the story is not a bad thing.

Aunnie: Nah . . . I think they shoulda fought for a few days, then made up in exactly the way they did. I’m the weird one who likes it when they can’t use their words for a bit. Being grown ups is over-rated.

Wendilynn: I actually like that they are grown ups. They aren’t 20 yr olds. That had to be such a shock though, when the guy you are crushing on turns out to be someone your position in life says you have no chance with. I understand why she felt she was being played with. 

Firnlambe: And then there’s me . . . who honestly doesn’t care one way or the other that they acted their age or not. Mainly because I knew this whole scene was going to happen sooner or later. So I just accepted it. Though I was a bit shocked VP Bitchypants only brought the incident up once after her little spying session.

Taleena: I appreciate Chief Min and his willingness to give Young Ho space, and “my private life is private” thing, but really, VP Bitchypants is right when she laughs off Young Ho’s expectation of privacy to Shin Min Ah. Even high profile CEOs in the US endure a certain amount scrutiny, and Young Ho is a brand new and slightly mysterious director. He is going to be the object of a lot of curiosity and digging, just because of human nature.

Wendilynn: They’ve all seen how he has helped her through the stalker issue, so I’m sure Soo Jin saw this as another way of trying to needle Joo Eun about how worthless she is. Even though she was jealous as can be.

Aunnie: That’s where I’m hoping the drama comes in and things get all messed up . . . Ya’ll know how I felt about I Miss You and Nice Guy. GIVE ME THE DRAMA!! Well, that and when this stalker guy comes backs. There is no way that guy isn’t coming back! Buuuuut I will say this, I was totally digging how he had two scarves, one for him and one for her. They really are making So Ji Sub irresistible in this drama.

Taleena: Couple scarves! OK, did those scarves remind anyone else of old fashioned tube socks? Maybe not you younger ladies, but Wendilynn back me up here. (A: Offended! I remember tube socks . . . well, kinda. I think I saw them in Grease once . . . ) Also, Shin Min Ah’s fuzzy jammies looked dang cozy! Not “so cozy I’d run around in Seoul in them”, but very cozy.

Firnlambe: I was extremely humored that he made her “run” to him and then specifically made her look for him all over town on top of it. Here she was thinking he was right outside (how she came to that conclusion when she never told him where she lived is beyond me) but in actuality he picked a spot where she would have to get out of the car and come to him.

Wendilynn: *falls over laughing*

Taleena: I about died laughing twice: once when Young Ho apologized to the picture of Kang Joo Eun’s father, and then when Henry was waggling his brows impishly at the thought that Young Ho was out all night. Young Ho is such a fun Cupid. He knew exactly where Young Ho was after Young Ho called them trying to find Joo Eun.

Aunnie: Oh, I had to rewind the scene where Henry tells the Korean Snake that “We haven’t had ramen in over a year” and does that cackle. Henry is definitely doing a number on my heart--not in a romantic way but I just want him as my younger brother.

Firnlambe: Henry is totally living up to the expectations I’d set for him . . . I feel like he took lessons from Siwon, before he left for the military, on how to channel his character’s inner adorableness.

Wendilynn: Henry’s character is an absolute joy to watch. Convincing Joon Sung to play diet hooky with ramyun cracked me up. You know they don’t get much chance for junk food.

Taleena: Dear Commercial Girl. I love you. Don’t ever stop.

Wendilynn: She is so funny. She was fun to watch in Blood and she’s just as much of a crack up here. The faces she makes, I have to wonder how many NG scenes she gets because he can’t crack up at all. He has to play it totally straight. And she’s just hysterical with those faces.

Firnlambe: Wait she was in Blood? I do not remember that.

Wendilynn: She was the blood specialist and Rita’s best friend. The girl they were keeping out of the loop who was crushing on his best friend.

Firnlambe: Huh . . . You would think I’d notice that since I was on that particular Drama Club. Maybe it’s because her character annoys me a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like the pairing . . . but her whiny-ness is a tad bit much for me.

Aunnie: I love the Commercial Girl if only for the faces the Korean Snake has when she’s with him. Bwaahahah I could watch her and him all episode long. Honestly, the only thing I couldn’t watch all episode long is the family feuding. Otherwise, I could watch an entire episode of just Henry, an entire episode of So Ji Sub and his butler, So Ji Sub and Joo Eun, etc. Just . . . not the family, they give me the creeps a little bit.

Taleena: I really liked how Joo Eun counselled that lady about the settlement. She really knew how to connect with her. I felt for her when the show flashed back to losing her father, but the mom! Ugh! I don’t know why her mom drives me bonkers so bad, but I can barely stand her. I started to think maybe I was being unreasonable when she pushed back the chicken shop’s grand opening (side note - who else thinks that Young Ho and the Boys will eat in that chicken shop before the end?) so that Joo Eun could be there. I reconsidered when she as a putz about her nosy old lady friends. As someone forecasting Nosy Old Lady for herself as a future role, NOL’s would have been just as happy to commiserate and encourage over the loss of a long time boyfriend, rather than shame her for spinsterhood. It isn’t as if the NOL’s don’t know that Joo Eun supports her whole family.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I thought that was in bad taste. (pun intended) At least her brother and soon to be sister-in-law seemed to appreciate her. I really loved how Young Ho made her walk to the bridge as exercise, so he said. In reality, it was a smooth way of getting her to prove she would forgive him if he tried. Of course, now that Woo Sik and Uncle Oblivious now know or suspect that he was John Kim, we’ve got all sorts of trouble getting ready to blow.

Firnlambe: Dear God those two are going to cause a lot of trouble for poor Young Ho.

Taleena: Woo Sik! Don’t be an A**! I want you to be a mole for Young Ho, not vice versa! Call your girlfriend! You really need to be kind to her because she is starting to therapy shop and pop hard candy. She is still a sad, fat girl in her head and you are not helping! Grr.

Aunnie: Yes, as the episodes continue, I’m starting to relate more and more to this woman and I don’t want too. Every time she has one of her moments where she looks forlornly into the distant, I remember moments in my own life where I ask myself “But I’m different now, shouldn’t things be different now??” Sadly, we have these expectations of how things would be if only this one thing happened--whatever that one thing is--and then it doesn’t happen. It’s like, “Well, what do I do now?”

Wendilynn: I could see both Woo Sik and Soo Jin causing a lot of trouble for our two leads. Jealousy and company infighting can create all sorts of opportunities for mishap. We don’t need our main couple fighting because the show is brewing enough drama on the outside.

Taleena: I need a giant sloth to punch. I have decided. Don’t know where I would put it, but that thing is rad.

Firnlambe: You punch that sloth Taleena, but I swear, if the writers start blowing holes in my ship I will throw pillows in S. Korea’s general direction. Young Ho and Joo Eun have already gone through so much together in such a short amount of time (by drama episode standards) that they deserve to have as normal of a relationship progress as possible that a chaebol/poor girl couple can get.

Will Young Ho and Joo Eun's conversation during the elevator and slumber party discussions be enough to help them weather the oncoming storm? Will Korean Snake and Commercial Girl ever become a real couple? Or will it all be for naught due to Woo Sik's discovery of John Kim's potential origins? Be sure to let us know your thoughts and theories in the comment section below. As noted earlier, there was quite a bit of action this week in the real world for your trainers, so forgive us if we missed some points you hoped to read about. 

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