Hold onto your girdles, ladies, because hearts have begun to race. After expressing disbelief that Joo Eun was ever known as Daegu’s Venus, her dimples have come back swinging and Young Ho just got knocked for a loop. Soo Jin is dealing with her insecurities and Woo Sik is having trouble knowing where his loyalties lie. So come Trainees and join us for a verbal workout as your Trainers Firnlambe, Aunnie, Taleena, and Wendilynn giggle and gush over last week’s adorable hotness on Oh My Venus.

Taleena: I loved that SMA’s request was that the boys would live a little for a day. I loved how Henry bullied SJS into it. I love how the Korean Snake totally threw Henry under the bus for responsibility.

Aunnie: So you loved the whole thing . . .got it.


Wendilynn: It was really awesome that they were able to get Young Ho to even go for it. It goes to show you how much he likes the three of them that he ate carbs. lol

Firnlambe: It shows how much he subconsciously likes Joo Eun as well . . . but I suppose Henry’s little aegyo showing how Joo Eun’s face changed helps soften the blow. I mean just look at that face

How can you say no to THAT?

Aunnie: Like Taleena, I pretty much enjoyed every second of Joo Eun Day. From the scene of Henry sucking his cheeks in, to them lazily sitting in the living room--I had to talk myself out of making that picture my background at work--to So Ji Sub’s little confession of liking “the sweet taste of life”.

Wendilynn: They’ve been teaching Joo Eun about reclaiming her health and it was good to see her take care of them back. I like that they are showing gradual changes. The exercise videos she had to make made me smile. We all look like dorks when we are learning to do some new skill for the first time. And through that we got to see her getting better at her exercise routine.

Aunnie: Anyone who is anyone that is even slightly overweight---or rather, out of shape period (F: ME tooootally me //ahem//)---can totally relate to her work out scenes (without even having hypothyroidism). So I think it was extremely gratifying to see the gradual change rather than the *wha-pumpf* thin daegu venus happen all in one episode, although I totally was expecting that to happen.

Taleena: I am so glad that they did not super fast de-fat Shin Min Ah. By the same token, I am glad to see her normal face back. I am also glad to see it is her amazing smile they are using to draw SJS into her attractiveness. I feel like I have read somewhere that a smiling woman rates higher on the attractive to men scale.


Firnlambe: I agree on all fronts. I adore living in the Hallyu Wave, but their expectations on how certain real life situations happen is frustrating. So seeing them tackle Joo Eun’s character in an obviously flawed and human way is refreshing. Plus--who can really deny seeing SJS falling for his leading lady? I mean seriously . . .

Wendilynn: It's the dimples. Men can’t resist them. But then, most women can’t either. What I find interesting is that we really dealt with individual worth in these two episodes. Joo Eun was proving hers, Young Ho was facing the fact that his pain may be psychological and Soo Jin was struggling to find her own self worth. She may look hot, but she still saw herself as the fat chick that even ugly guys wouldn’t want.

OMV  self worth.jpg

Taleena: I really feel for VP Bitchypants. If she could just be secure in Woo Sik’s affections she could be amazingly awesome, but she feels too unloveable and fake in her own brain. I LOVED her doing the lawyer thing for Woo Sik in the police station, looking fine and unflappable in her black dress.

Firnlambe: //cracks out the southern hidden deep within herself// Ya’ll are waaaay too forgiving. I can give her about a teaspoon worth of sympathy for still seeing herself as how she was and not as how she currently is, but there is a limit of what I can stomach from that witch. Based off what I have seen she should have known exactly what Joo Eun’s true character was instead of believing in the shallow comments from a man who wasn’t even worth the time she spent in his presence. What that scene really did for me (as much as I HATE to say it) was push overprotective ex a smidgen higher on the “I suppose I can’t really stay mad at you” pedestal.


Aunnie: Firnlambe, my dear….dear...dear...friend, I just think you have a hard time consoling (in Kdramaland) that someone can be a wonderful--ok, that’s a bit of a stretch--person but still allow themselves to do horrible things when they feel less than happy with their circumstances. Sadly, I don’t want to admit that I’m starting to feel bad for her either but at the same time...she didn’t start off horrible, she really only became that way after she realized how empowering it can be to finally be acknowledged in a humane way after being treated like crap.

Wendilynn: As a fat girl who's had people set me up on bad dates with jerks, I just have to say that afterwards I had to wonder exactly what did my friends think of me that they would set me up with that. Really? That’s what you think of me? Of course, in regards to this show, the jerk was probably really nice to Joo Eun character and only let his real personality show once he was in front of Soo Jin. So you can see why she would start having a crush on Woo Sik and hate Joo Eun from that situation.


Aunnie: Not gonna lie, watching Woo Sik be all Knight in Shining Armor gave me goosebumps.

Firnlambe: Yeah, but it still baffles me that Soo Jin thought so little of Joo Eun that she would simply believe the worst of her based off third party information and not just talk with her about it . . . (A: It’s easy to believe the worst in others if you only see the worse in yourself too. End of Yoda Moment.) It’s clear to me in the flashbacks that Joo Eun really liked Soo Jin as a friend so I guess I’m just holding on to that annoyance with how she’s currently trying to ruin her now that they’ve met again. That being said, at least the relationship between those three is fairly straightforward. Unlike Young Ho’s family, which is messed up beyond all hope.

Wendilynn: Woo Sik seems a little confused on who he’s supposed to be championing, but then dealing with stalkers can mess the dynamics up. And I agree with you, Young Ho’s family has some seriously screwed up dynamics.

Aunnie: I’m so glad we’re talking about this because . . . okay, I tried this week to pay attention. I said last week I’d pay more attention and . . . from what I understand--and I’m quite frequently wrong--the “daughter” (love that actress, btw) isn’t really the intended daughter-in-law, just a fill in that was unwittingly brought into the . . . and the brother-in-law called her a wench . . . and her son isn’t legit? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON!!!


Taleena: OK help a girl out here, but I think I have the family dynamics right. Company is owned by Granny. SJS’s mom, who died in a car accident, was married to Stone Cold Papa. He remarried Try Too Hard. (A: Bwahahaha) Her son is the “black sheep”, perfectly respectable kid by another marriage and SJS’s step brother. Try Too Hard’s brother is Uncle Oblivious Ladder Climber.

Wendilynn: My impression is that Try Too Hard is a second wife. And I can’t quite tell why she is considered unworthy. Because she was once married before? Her son is clearly not happy about how he and his mom are being treated. And her brother, Uncle Oblivious, is going to find his head on a platter if Young Ho plans on doing anything about what he overheard them talking about at that restaurant. You KNOW he was listening.

Aunnie: Okay, I didn’t even know Captain Oblivious was her brother . . .

Firnlambe: Were the family dinners super strange to you then?

Aunnie: Honestly, I was so appalled by the “wench” comment and the fact that she asked NICELY to not be called that in front of her son . . . Had it been me, there would have been a plate of food in his face followed immediately by the plate. So yes...it was confusing. I actually thought he was her husband’s brother who loved her at one time. How wrong I was . . .

Wendilynn: He certainly doesn’t have any respect for his sister, that’s for sure. I just wish I didn’t get the feeling that her son is on his uncle’s side. I think Uncle has set the boy up for trouble.

Firnlambe: I felt so bad for Young Ho during that whole dinner scene though . . . He’s sitting there in the other room, whether he was there without the family’s knowledge or not has yet to be seen, but no matter how used to it he may be, it still must have hurt to hear them talk about him in that fashion. Thankfully Company Man showed up relatively quickly.

Taleena: Was anyone else charmed by Company Man bring SJS flowers all the time?


Aunnie: I...I love company man. I love his relationship with Young Ho. I love their cute little quips back and forth and just how quickly he is ready to help Young Ho. I just hope that he isn’t forced to choose sides at some point because it’ll be heartbreaking to see him choose Granny’s.

Wendilynn: Min Byung Wook is the character name for Mr. Company Man there. He’s really on Young Ho’s side. I love that he’s always bringing him flowers and seems to understand Young Ho feelings about his family.

Taleena: Alright, I’m going to make a bold prediction here. Ready? Here goes: while it may not be Oh My Venus that does it, eventually some drama is going to get to the point where they inflict an obscure disease on every single one of their main characters. How do you like them apples? I kinda sorta knew that So Ji Sub became so bangin’ hawt - to the point that his 60 odd year doctor mentions it - to overcome an illness, but I still yelled, “You did NOT!” at my TV screen.

OMV  survive.jpg

Wendilynn: I did laugh at that scene. They were able to comment on SJS being in excellent physical shape while suffering from a bone disorder. (A: Osteocarcinoma=Bone cancer) I loved his comment afterwards where he said he was just trying to survive. Oh boy, did you ever.

Aunnie: Okay, I hate to break this up….but….let’s talk about a couple other things before we close out. Like 1) Stalker Dude and 2) The Macedonian masquerading around as a masseuse. I just about choked on my own laughter during that daydream.

OMV  jealous much.jpg

Firnlambe: Dear Lord that masseuse . . . I think it’s safe to say almost everyone had trouble keeping the laughter under control during that daydream.

Wendilynn: I cracked up with the jealous masseuse scene. Where’d they find that guy anyway? I’m not into bulgy muscles, I prefer the lean type, but considering Young Ho’s personality, OF COURSE he’d go there. lol

Aunnie: I didn’t even know that Koreans could GET that big. I mean, daaang. Okay, calling out to anyone watching the show--who IS that actor playing the stalker...he is so familiar. He’s creepy as hell though. The way he smiles sometimes...I am expecting something profoundly evil to come out of him.

Firnlambe: He reminds me of an obscure creepy version of High School Love On’s Angel sunbae . . . I mean granted it’s a really, really really obscure version but still.


Taleena: I really, really want stalker dude to be gone. I don’t care if the police/lawsuit storyline continues I just am done with stalker guy.

Wendilynn: Agreed. He is ringing my familiarity bell as well and I just can’t place him. And for some reason he’s not listed anywhere as a cast member. I hope they keep his character consistent. Yes, she’s moved out of the building, but he doesn’t seem the type to give up. I’m also loving our little budding romance between Commercial Girl and our Korean Snake. They are too cute together. She can’t understand anyone not falling at her feet. And Joon Sung could care less. lol


Taleena: Move faster Korean Snake/Infomercial girl romance! Move faster! I demand she double check his scars tenderly again. In fact, I demand Shin MIn Ah double check SJS’s scars tenderly. I demand snowfall, and face cupping, and dimple poking! More dimple poking STAT!

Aunnie: Whoa . . . Taleena . . . slow down. We just got the dimple poke and kiss in the rain. One Kdrama cliche at a time, please. Besides, I’m just astonished and happy we got a kiss in the first six. They ain’t wastin’ no time. It actually makes me a little worried about what kind of wrench they’re gonna throw into this drama.

Hearts are falling and cuteness abounds.  Will we survive?

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