After episode 10 of Oh My Venus we are ready to recap the next one, right? Get ready for the feels our beloved couple will give us. Let's go!

As usual, we begin a bit behind from where we left off, exactly at the confession time and hyung dropping the bomb on us. What's different is that we can watch an interrogation scene. Yes, you are correct, it is Hyun Woo interrogating our Young Ho. Typical questions of an overprotective friend, like about his job, if he owns his house and such. He doesn’t seem to give the best answers but he’s sexy so she seems to approve, and she manages to show why she’s our Eun Joo’s best friend.

We go to Joon Sung and I, and we are of course commenting on this news. It is weird because we didn’t see it coming and it’s just… weird. I know Eun Joo is different, hyung also feels different about her. I make the comparison it’s as if my mum were dating someone, because yes, Young Ho feels totally like my mother.

After that they go home and it happens what we already know, Chief Min coming in, hyung telling him she’s the centre of his private life, which is ultimately cute and I want to die. After saying that, hung tells her to go inside and she wants to pretend she doesn’t live there, but Young Ho tells her chief Min already knows so there’s no need to play dumb, to both of them. She finally agrees and hung is left with chief Min who warns him of the dangers to come and the fact that miss Eun Joo might be the most hurt at the end, but Young Ho is counting on chief Min, even if he wants to pretend he didn’t see anything. At this point hyung accepts she means too much to him to stop seeing her just because things will get tough. And here I am, secretly planning their wedding.

Am I going too far?

Back inside the house he notices the suitcase and he asks if she was planning to run away, but that’s not exactly it, she’s worried his family might have the wrong idea. He has to reassure her and when she mentions the idea of leaving right away to stay at her friend’s house, he stops her because it’s unnecessary to go waking other people up and she can spend her last night there. By the way we are not around because we are at the gym, so hyung takes the chance to tease her and ask her if she wants to spend a comfortable and erotic night with him. When she shoots him down and goes to look for You Bastard, the longing look in his eyes speaks so loud of his fear of losing her.

The next scene is an ew scene with Woo Sik and Soo Jin so let’s skip their couple drama.

Back with hyung, he is looking out the window in his room, thinking of what chief Min told him while ma’am leaves flower pots for him as she thinks back of what he said about her. At that time we arrive, making sure to announce ourselves. We don’t want to interrupt something intimate, right?

After I’ve said good night she goest to his room, because she forgot the most important thing about camping: talking all night, not a comfortable and erotic night. So they end up with hyung on his bed and ma’am on the floor, telling him how all touching except from hands and feet are forbidden, even touching her dimples, which wounds him deeply. She mentions how her body doesn’t belong to him anymore as she’s almost done losing weight, hence she can say no this time. 

Frustrated, hyung accepts so she finally goes to bed with him, although it’s not quite as expected. Her feet are next to his face and his next to her face, and they use that to talk , making cute sound effects and so. They talk about why she became a lawyer, the song of her ringtone and more. It’s getting to know each other better and being cute until she’s too tired and falls asleep, hugging his foot. He has many flashbacks about her time in the house, with a sad song in the background with the only purpose to make us all cry because ma’am is leaving us!

She ends up snoring and as usual, he fixes her posture so she’ll stop, and just stays there, watching her until he goes to bed as well, at some point in the night. He’s glad that, at least, during their time together, her insomnia was cured.

The next morning he’s alone in bed and she is gone, which sucks because no goodbye! But she left presents for all of us and a few text messages for Young Ho. It’s really cute and I’ll cary my Wonder Woman with me the whole time! Hyung better read the dating cafeteria so he can become the best boyfriend ever.

I want to ask for a few minutes for myself… I’m going to miss ma’am so much.

She leaves us breakfast that Young Ho can’t refuse. He doesn’t even complain for the carbs, with a sad expression he just eats. But then the bell rings and I run to open! Hoping for ma’am, but it isn’t her, it’s chief Min looking for hyung.

In her place, Eun Joo is running a bit late and notices that on her phone there are the band aid and first piece of cloth he put on the back of her hand after the IV. Like in her old place, she pastes them on the wall.

In her office, Nasty Soo Jin comes in, talking about the meeting with hyung today and asking if that makes her uncomfortable, telling her she can quit and such. She’s just being nasty, as per usual. But our Kang Eun Joo doesn’t fall for her nagging and always has a reply.

After Nasty face comes our secretary friend to drop the papers of Joon Sung, and she has the biological mother’s name: Jae Soon Ja. It sounds familiar, but she still doesn’t know she’s connected to her best friend.

This episode has a lot of scenes with the ew characters. In this art gallery, snob ahjummas are talking about daughter-in-law when she’s around. They have no shame!And when pale grandmother comes, they just run to her, following her like lackeys after she’s humiliated daughter-in-law again. I feel a bit of sympathy towards her. I hate her brother but she isn’t that despicable, she looks more pitiful in my eyes, even when she’s still in charge of the food of the house.

At home, hyung and Chief Min are going over his schedule and hyung asks chief Min to pick a necktie for him. In the car, he texts ma’am, just mundane things. Whether they have eaten, if the new home is fine and such. He hopes they can see each other later and it’s sad because they used to see one another every day. When Chief Min tells him to leave the phone, hyung just tells him to stop being jealous. I can’t reinforce enough how much I love their relationship.

The low-key meeting they had scheduled takes place, with all the ew directors and cheating boyfriend. However, this is the epic part: when that group walks in and Woo Sik realises Soo Jin is in Young Ho’s team. Oh the awkwardness between them, acting as if they don’t know each other. later Soo Jin tries to explain to hyung what he saw in the hotel in the second episode, remember? He doesn’t really care, though, he knows things and it’s part of the past, and he’s with Eun Joo now. He understands what matters: that private matters won’t get mixed with business.

In the meeting Young Ho refuses to just sign a project, he is still reviewing it, even if it’s being under process for years. This tickles the directors in the wrong way, which will backfire on his face later.

Ew scene again, Woo Sik and So Jin having an argument because he didn’t know she was part of the legal team. Something curious happens here. I thought they were actually sleeping together and such, but apparently they’ve just kissed and hugged a few times. Hm, I thought he ended a fifteen years relationship for something more meaningful or deeper. Well, who cares, I hate them.

On another note, Young Ho is going to see his grandmother, but she’s deceived him (and so has Chief Min), because it’s another blind date with the nice girl, however he makes sure to tell her he just can’t. When she asks him if he has someone he wasn't to marry I answer: I have someone I want him to marry, and he probably also does even if his answer is that not yet.

At home, we see Young Ho’s father and step mother. There’s a small argument regarding their son and how he doesn’t get involve in his life at all, so she wants him to treat him like he treats Young Ho. She also finally reveals she is aware he has cancer and has been in chemotherapy for a year. I do feel pity for her at this point, she is the wife and she should at least know that, even if he doesn’t want to tell her anything else. I wonder how they even got together.

After that depressing scene, it’s Joon Sung, You Bastard and I visiting her in her new home. Joon Sung and Eun Joo are just eating salads while I stuff my face with jjajangmyun for them, as they have to control their weight. It’s a good thing I can do that, at least someone has to eat it in a moving day.

We thank her for the presents, I try to call her sister-in-law but she prefers ma’am, so I’ll have to stick with it. Then Joon Sung tells her Young Ho won’t possibly make it, which makes her sad but there will be more days.

Then we have to leave for training, and it’s swimming time! I am also there, making sure he does it and we’re just fooling when a high pitched scream distracts us. Someone is drowning! Joon Sung hurries to save Yi Jin and because she might die I tell him he has to save her with mouth-to-mouth. That’s when she opens her eyes, after the kiss! Yes, he fell. We had this totally planned and I flee before he drowns me.

Woo Sik and Producer Go have a drink together, discussing Jonh Kim exclusive. It’s the cheating boyfriend the one controlling when that is released.

In her home, Eun Joo hears the bell but it’s not her oppa, it’s delivery. But then it rings again and when no one answers, she starts getting scared, she grabs and umbrella and everything, but then it’s Young Ho. With a smile she opens the door, even if it’s late. He’s come to bring her the flowers she left in his home, and she seems a bit disappointed. She asks him to come in but when she turns around he gives her a back hug. She understands, he can’t stay. It’s sad because they miss each other, and he’ll get so busy and his inauguration day is coming, but she is aware that it’s their work and they have to do it no matter what. She tells him he should go home because he has a meeting the next day and he needs to rest, but before going, she gives him a kiss. As a reward, he tells her she needs to do three minute planks before bed. She does it, and struggles with it but it seems that it hurts more how much she misses him and how depressing their new situation is. It’s the same for Young Ho, working out alone in his home.

We are shown now Woo Sik, hating Young Ho in his mind because he’s involved with both Soo Jin and Eun Joo. At that he gets a call from Producer Go, telling him how he finally got the pictures of Jonh Kim and oh crap, the doom is coming, I can feel it.

D-day has come, and it’s Young Ho’s inauguration day. He walks in with pale grandmother and the army of men in suit. His lawyer team is already waiting, bowing when they walk by and he doesn’t look in her direction, but she understands. It’s time to work so they follow. However, many directors don’t show up, which means they have to reschedule the meeting.

See? What he did to them before backfired on his face. This is them getting back at hyung, all is the doing of Director Choi, the ew piece of trash. Ew. That’s all my comment to him. And I agree with the other lawyer in the team: it feels like ice in there. Those business people are deadly cold.

When they are leaving, Soo Jin makes sure to rub in Eun Joo’s face how cold Young Ho also was, but she just shrugs her off with a small threat before she can go home. In the car, chief Min apologies because he didn't properly watch director Choi and what he’d do. We now get a glimpse through his memory of how he did indeed take a look at Eun Joo, she just didn’t see it. He wants to call her but he doesn’t.

On another note, I love that he has her contact as my Daegu’s Venus.

Ma’am is tidying up and she finds the black dress from her fantasy in the second episode, remember? And it fits her! She’s lost so much weight! Congratulations, ma’am! She puts on makeup and her shoes and just gets really into it, living her dream, with the dimple kisses and all, but she’s still sad, missing Young Ho, remembering how he didn’t look at her. But he did! You just didn’t notice it, ma’am.

Instead of calling him, she calls her mother, telling her how she’s lost so much weight and thanking her for raising her that pretty, but her mother is cute and tells her she’s always been pretty.

When she hangs up the phone rings again, but it isn’t Young Ho, instead it’s Hyun Woo, asking if John Kim and Young Ho are the same, and not only that but also that he’s the director of Gohang. It’s all over the news! The bomb has been dropped again and when she tries calling he has his phone off, so do Joon Sung and I. She can’t get in touch with any of us, so she grabs her coat and leaves, but outside her door is Young Ho.

The relief in her face is evident.

The first thing he says makes reference to how pretty she looks, almost as someone else, but she disregards him and just asks him where he’s been and if he’s okay. He says he’s okay, but he doesn’t look like it. She asks about chief Min, saying it’d be better if he goes to a hotel. There were so many reporters at home and a hotel would feel the same. He uses the same words she said to him when the stalker attacked her. She tells him she only has one bathroom and a room, but if he still wants to come in, to a place out of his world. So she hugs him, giving him all the comfort he needs and taking him away from everything, holding him tight because that’s what he really needs. 

And he hugs her so tightly and I’m just a crying mess because the world is crumbling around but they are still so cute and why haven’t they gotten married yet? Do I have to get a licence to marry them myself? Seriously?

That’s how our episode ends, with a tight hug and my ugly sobbing in the shower because there’s six more days until the next episode. Life is hard. Until then… if we survive.

Peace out!
Ji Woong

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