Hello again! I’m so thankful the wait is over and we can finally know how our favorite story continues. What do you mean it’s not your favorite? How dare you? Well, maybe after this episode Oh My Venus will be your favorite. Then let’s recap it together.

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Per usual, we start a bit before where we left off, exactly at the point that starts it all, with Director Choi and Woo Sik, giving the order to release the exclusive about John Kim. Subsequently, of course, reporters are waiting for Young Ho when he arrives and he can’t get out. Chief Min is notified of what happened and after having a kind of break down--shouting included--, he takes hyung away. The elders are informed of the situation as well, we can only see their reactions. But then we see Chief Min getting a call after talking to Young Ho, discussing how they’ll go about this. Hyung was kind of prepared, but it is still a mess and he is already in pain. Because reporters are causing a ruckus at the villa and the company, he can’t hide there. He is aware he can have just a couple of days and he takes those with Eun Joo.

This part we saw it already, where she comes out and finds him, giving him the comfort he needed in that moment, allowing him to lean on her. I think it’s beautiful how she's giving back what she received form him, that support and help in a moment of need. At first it was always hyung saving her, and now she is doing the same for him.

Once inside, she brings a mug of water for him, and her expression is serious and worried. Young Ho comments on how she is the one oozing sexiness, and because she is Kang Eun Joo, she continues the joke, commenting on how sexiness isn’t exclusive of his. He then mentions how he can’t sleep in rooms that aren’t suits, just trying to distract her from the real problem, trying to make her think he wants to sleep with her, but she isn’t stupid, she knows he is in pain. He’s sweating, having difficulties at breathing and she is just acting as if she didn’t notice that. She leaves him, after blowing one last dimple kiss, leaving him all alone in his agony with his knee. Outside, she looks equally broken because there isn’t anything she can do to help, she knows his pain isn’t something anyone can cure, she remembers his words.

As his voice echoes in background, telling his situation with his knee, in the room we see he is in agony, trying to take his pills but when he tries to reach for the mug, he pushes it off the nightstand and this breaks, which doesn’t make things any easier.

Eun Joo calls Joon Sung, asking what to do. He realises that she is aware of hyung's condition, so he advises her to pretend not to notice, because he suffers more when other people are hurting because of him. It’s hard, but it’s the only thing they can do. Champion asks her to take care of him because Young Ho is like a father for him.

We travel back in time, to Joon Sung memories and finally we get an answer to where his scars came from. In the States, he was being chased by some gangsters, it seems. He is bleeding and with a broken leg when Young Ho finds him. Like a stray dog, Joon Sung bares his fangs at hyung, trying to pull away when he gets closer, but he is too wounded for that. Joon Sung asks why he cares but as we know, hyung isn’t really good at giving direct answers.

The next scene shows us Young Ho taking Joon Sung, home apparently, where he can properly treat him but our Korean snake barely allows him to touch him. As Young Ho figures out his situation, Joon Sung gets more irritated, throwing away things, cursing him out, but nothing of that affects hyung, he s as calm as ever. He tells our champion he has a soft spot for weak people and an ever softer one for people in danger, and no, it’s not pity, it’s empathy, he said, exposing his scarred knee. That is the moment that joined them.

In the present, as Joon Sung remembers that and lies down, Yi Jin arrives, lying next to him as a way to comfort him. It doesn’t seem to help him much, though, he looks exasperated, but she still stays there, even if she doesn’t know why he needs consoling. He is sad and sadness is the same all around, so she is consoling him anyways. It’s funny when she mentions how their relationship is progressing so fast and his incredulous expression s priceless. He tries to stay away but she keeps crawling back to him.

The next day when hyung comes out we are also in ma’am’s place, trying to act casual and we totally nail it… not. She told us to act normal, but talking about the weather, apparently, isn’t acting normal.

She is making breakfast and although it looks like I’m drooling, I promise I’m not. Close, though. Young Ho teases her about the food and the amount of time it's been there, but it happens everything is fresh and edible. She gives me some, which is fantastic, like I song I really like, by a very young and talented and handsome idol. When she takes another spoon, hyung stops her to give her one cherry tomato, which is cute, but she doesn’t say anything, instead, she offers Joon Sung a spoon of mixed rice and after saying just one, he practically devours the spoon too, and his happy expression as if he’s touched the heavens is pretty much like mine.

It’s happy time in family.

Run Joo mentions that after breakfast we’ll go to work out, so we have to prepare for the hardcore training and we need special equipment. We weren’t prepared for the visors and mufflers that make us look like RoboCop, or the ahjummas with us. But this equipment is to stop everyone from seeing our faces, well, hyung's. She instructs to follow her and I’m the first to do it, energetically, just like Joon Sung who takes every exercise super seriously.

Then we are hitting our backs against the trees and when hyung complains that he doesn’t see how this helps, another ahjumma tells him off because circulation is important.

We really want to flee when we see the next station, which is very painful for us because they massage us with weird things that are made to enhance our digestion and let it all out the next morning. It’s painful, we are being tortured and even hyung can’t escape it, Kang Eun Joo comes with one of those horrifying things, too, to torture his abs. They look like big, colourful spiders! When he asks if she’ll take responsibility for his damaged abs, she tells him in a low voice his abs are hers and he can’t say no. His smile when hearing that is precious, then he is in agony again.

The next exercise is a palm battle, like in Running Man. We have to push each other without moving our feet, trying to throw the other off. It’s a real battle, me against Joon Sung and Eun Joo against hyung. She can’t move Young Ho while I fly every time Joon Sung pushes me. Ma’am is telling Young Ho how his heart needs to be worn out so it won’t hurt as much, but it doesn’t seem like he is actually getting worn out, so he lowers his arms and she ends up against his chest, right when Joon Sung and I have comeback after I ended too far. We tease them a bit and hyung pretends to be embarrassed “not in front of the kids” but she keeps falling on him while I keep being thrown away. Our champion is indeed strong.

When it’s time to work, Young Ho walks her to the car and it’s cute how she says she’ll go make money in case he is left jobless so she can take care of him. Right before leaving, she exposes her cheek for him, and after checking no one is watching, he leans in to kiss it. I know right! Disgustingly cute. He waves her goodbye and stays behind, but before he can go home he is picked up by chief Min and the army of men in suit, ready to take him to the elders after explaining what they did for damage control, and how Anna Sue in the states also denied and they have stopped the media from speculating. When Chief Min says he has clothes prepared for hyung to change, he refuses, saying he’ll go as he is. So in his jacket, hoodie up and trainers, he enters the house. Chief Min announces the young master is home and pale Grandmother says how once the renovations are over, chief Min has to have hyung moving in. She also asks about Eun Joo, but doesn’t sound really pleased about her, because our Young Ho deserves the best, someone that’s worthy of him. In my opinion, no one is better for hyung that ma’am. 

Hyung has to get on his knees for distressing the elders, which means he hasn’t given up his position as director. Father finally says how he’s been worried all these years for his legs so he shouldn’t be on his knees when not even him has touched them. He also advises Young Ho to lie low until the 61st anniversary ceremony comes. Outside, his stepmother asks him to stay for dinner, but he rejects that offer and tells her to look after father and grandmother. It seems she heard when Director Kim was telling those things to Young Ho, which clearly can’t make her happy because he has never looked worried or that interested in the son they have together.

Back to our ma’am, she is going to visit another lawyer, apparently, who tells her the story about Joon Sung’s mother. When she was about to give birth, apparently, she killed her husband, probably in self defence because she had reports for domestic abuse, but as the ahjussi says, in those times terms as victimised wife and domestic violence didn't mattered, so she went to prison. There, she had her child that she had to give up in order to protect him, not because she didn’t want him. Eun Joo see hers picture, finally recognising her as Min Joon’s nanny. As the ahjussi tells the details, we can see the very lady going home and finding a bag with what seems a jacket. It’s like she immediately knows who left it there, which makes her cry and run after him, not to thank him, but to return it to Joon Sung who has been waiting there, and to tell off for leaving that in front of her house, that's not his business and he shouldn't seek her out ever again. As she says those things, as she asks him to never do such a thing, she is breaking down, just as much as his heart is also breaking. She turns around with tears in her eyes and quietly sobbing. And here I am, wiping my own tears away.

At home, Young Ho is re-stocking the fridge with vegetables when the bell rings, and it’s Hyun Woo calling for him, knowing he’s the one in the house. She’s with Min Joon. She apologises for calling him a bum and then just seems totally fine that he is staying with an unmarried woman. She also makes sure to tell him she and Producer Go are divorced so they have nothing to do with each other and his mistakes and horrible actions are only his. Then she leaves! And hyung is left babysitting Min Joon who can’t get down the toilet on his own.

At the company, Director Choi is basically black mailing Director Kim regarding Young Ho’s position, asking him to sign the papers hyung refused as a way to, maybe, help. But director Kim says it’s not his authority anymore, so director Choi mentions how he ‘hopes’ the board of director will accept Young Ho. Yeah, right, I’m totally buying this crap. Ew.

Back to ma’am, because that’s what we really care about and because we don’t want to see the ews, we see her coming to her friend’s restaurant, but before she get’s out, Young Ho is FaceTiming her just to show her Min Joon lying on hyung’s lap, asking her when she’s coming home. It’s actually quite cute, isn’t it? It happens that Young Ho keeps making him exercise and he doesn’t like that. He muses how he reminds him of someone he used to know, who was so pretty. Then Min Joon says he needs to pee so the love birds are alone. He comments on how Min Joon can’t get down alone, which is surprising and amusing, and she tells him to think of Min Joon as an extension of Kang Eun Joo day, a taste of the sweetness of life. When they hang up, Min Joon is calling for uncle Young Ho, announcing he went for number two, which makes hyung look as if he’s heard the worst news ever. He probably did.

At the restaurant, ma’am has told Hyun Woo about Min Joon’s nanny, which is sad. Eun Joo can’t really tell Joon Sung what happened and if they push his mother, she might run away, which Hyun Woo can’t afford. She’s been better than Hyung Woo’s own mother or mother-in-law, so she really doesn’t mind about her being in jail and the adoption.

At that time nasty Soo Ji and Producer Go come in, which makes it look like he is seeking her legal advise. Which is ew.

When Eun Joo gets home she finds Min Joon and Young Ho sleeping on You Bastard, but hyung wakes up and stretches, leaving his arms open for her, so she easily goes, sitting on his lap. They are just being extremely cute and she tries to warn him he can’t think of anything R-rated in the house, it has to be as if Min Joon was always there. Young Ho looks so disappointed, which is just his way to tease her.

He mentions how he’s seen her couple ring with Woo Sik and asks why she still has it, whether it’s lingering feelings or not. She explains that after fifteen years, that ring is actually her but that if he wants her to throw it away, she will. Brining her back to his lap, he tells her he doesn’t want her to throw any of hers, which is so adorable.

After saying goodbye to Min Joon and his mother, they are alone again and she keeps insisting he can’t think of erotic nights, stating her mind rules her body and she’s an expert at that, so he teases her, a if he were to touch her chest, but it was just the button of her shirt. She's reacts horrified at first and he just grins. He just loves teasing her.

They are in the main room but he’s on the floor while You Bastard lies next to her. As usual, she’s snoring so he fixes her head position and leaves, checking the news regarding him until Chief Min calls him who has to report how the situation is going. The advice is to keep a low profile, which he agrees on because it’s better than crying over spilt milk. When Chief Min asks for how long he’ll be staying there, hyung just tells him to stop being jealous and go to sleep.

In Nasty Soo Ji’s house, she is drinking while Woo Sik is calling at the door, but she doesn’t want to open and he comes in anyways as her passcode is her birthday and he knows that. She’s angry at him, knowing he was the one that provided the international driving licence. She’s disappointed and frustrated and for a second I feel sorry for her, but also glad because it seems Woo Sik will lose not only Eun Joo but also Soo Jin, which he deserves for being a bastard.

The next day, Nasty Soo Ji visits Eun Joo, nagging for the mess and then just mentioning Young Ho's, possibly not happening, inauguration at the 61st anniversary ceremony. She then asks if Eun Joo knew about him being John Kim, and if that's why she lost so much weight, but she refuses to answer. As the leader of the legal team, Soo Jin should know about his client to help him. Then she reveals she was with Producer Go to help Young Ho by trying to charge him, she also reveals Woo Sik was involved and that even him will be charged for what he did. She leaves after that, with a confused Eun Joo behind, still pissed at her, though.

Ma’am arrives a bit earlier before hyung comes out from the shower, exposing his abs just briefly before covering them and just exposing his pecks. She's totally not listening to him when he’s talking about the real meaning of clean because it seems her body is stronger than her mind after all. He totally catches her in her erotic thoughts, even if she tries to deny it.

After changing she goes to see him and even the sound effects and the close up to his body and muscles tell us she is struggling, especially when she makes mistakes like bed scene instead of party scene. When she asks if he’ll be spending the night in that room again he realises she can’t pull it together tonight, so he checks her pulse which is going too fast and she attacks. She is totally trying to convince him for a kiss and leaning in, cornering against the wall, but he is "too tired", so she gives up. She turns to leave but using his legs, he traps her and pulls her to the bed before pinning her against the mattress. When they are finally kissing and ready for the bed scene she was asking about before, the doorbell rings. They first ignore it, but then it goes again and Chief Min is calling for him so they can’t ignore it anymore, he has to leave. They’ll see tomorrow at the party, but hyung won’t be able to act happy to see her and kiss her, which makes him sad, but out ma’am knows that’s work and private life is private life. He promise they’ll have their erotic night soon and leaves the room.

The next day the party is finally happening and everyone is gathering in a very fancy and big room. Ladies in gorgeous dresses, men in suit, the ew ones looking ew because we hate them. Woo Sik sees nasty Soo Ji who doesn’t even smile at him. Yup, things are bad between those two.

At the mansion, the daughter-in-law looks all fancy but she’s just sitting, which makes me think pale grandmother forbade her to go to the ceremony. She looks as if that had happened.

Then we can finally see our ma’am looking wonderful! Joon Sung and I totally approve when we see her, waving and smiling at her, of course, but she cant sit with us, she goes with the legal team. Eun Joo keeps looking at her mobile, being nervous for Young Ho. But then the pale grandmother and director Kim are announced, but Young Ho is nowhere to be seen.

Uh-oh, this is bad. Everyone looks around, to the empty spot, so Eun Joo gets even more nervous, texting him but the number 1 next to the bubble shows he hasn’t even read the messages.

Director Kim is informed Young ho can’t be reached, which really looks bad.

She tries calling next but she he doesn’t pick up, so she leaves her seat to go looking for him. We follow her close behind and separate to keep looking. She keeps calling but no one answers, and even Chief Min and others are looking around. She even goes to the male toilets but hyung isn’t there. She goes to different dark rooms and finally notices something in one. Carefully, she approaches and fins them on the floor, struggling, in evident pain.

She asks what’s wrong and through gritted teeth he says he might be very late, but she insists he needs to get up, everyone is waiting for him. She even tries to help him, but he only calls his name. She tells him he hasn’t reached his limit yet. She fixes his tie and makes him look at her, telling him that if he believes he can do it then he can because he believes so, which is what has pushed her all along. That seems to reach him better than any pills, because he's seen how hard she's fought, how she never gives up, which is what has made her fall for her and the beautiful person she is. 

Then we re back at the room with all the fancy dressed people, just to get hyung announced and the doors opening revealing him and his army of men in suit, which includes us. Ma’am is also nearby.

And that’s how our episode ends, showing us Eun Joo got to him and he will face the situation. How will it go? We’ll find out soon! Until the next episode.

Peace out!
Ji Woong

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.