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We begin almost the same way as we left, with Eun Joo looking for Young Ho until she finds him, in that dark room where she gives him the words that help him back on his feet to face the difficult task to step in as the director. We watch him as he goes in, feeling so proud of him.

He goes directly to the stage, with all the eyes following him, ews, family and every other person there. His expression seems a bit hard still, but he takes a look at Eun Joo and knows he can do it, it’s written there on his face. He never breaks the eye contact as he introduces himself, with everyone clapping, even disgusting Director Ew, I mean Choi. I cheer the loudest for him.

At that point Yi Jin arrives, sitting by Joon Sung and he totally thinks it’s me setting this up, but it’s not, but it happens she’s the daughter of one of the CEOs there. It’s just them being cute.

At the mansion, daughter-in-law gets a call from Director Choi, who is scolding her for staying home and allowing the elders to discriminate her. I can tell one thing, that’s not helping. He also informs her that Kim Young Ho became the director after all, right when Young Joon shows up, with flowers, not looking pleased at the news. At home she looks at the picture with her son, saying out loud she’s okay even if her voice is broken.

Then it’s Young Ho leaving, with all the reporters harassing him, not even letting the legal team stay close. He notices how both Soo Ji and Eun Jo get pushed back, his worried expression makes me think he’ll get out of the car any moment, but Eun Joo smiles at him and gives him a small heart to reassure him. He goes then and we notice it seems ma’am sprained her ankle, she goes back limping and pathetically sitting at the stairs as everyone leaves. I just want to go there and hug her!

But the one that approaches isn’t me. Alone there, in pain, we can see male shoes approaching like in episode two, and it’s Young Ho that came for her because he forgot to tell her something: “you looked so pretty today. Pretty enough to be in my dreams.” He starts checking her foot, commenting how Cinderella shouldn’t have the shoe on and that the prince should be the one putting it, not taking it off. They just share a few cute phrases, smiling at each other as he keeps examining her. To be certain he needs X-rays, but it seems her tendon stretched out.

She tells him to go rest, that she has a pumpkin carriage waiting for her and yes, you guesses right, it’s Joon Sung and I coming to pick her up.

At the parking lot, Soo Jin seems to be struggling, about to faint. She’s gone to the doctor before and I didn’t really care, but it seems she’s actually sick. Woo Sik shows there to help her and takes her home, like a knight in shiny armour, the bastard. Once there she asks him to leave but he just changes the topic, brining up how she made sure the fact he intervened wouldn’t become problematic. They have an argument because she just knows she’s heartless and a bitch and all what we know, but he says she’s not and looks at her like that, like she was someone precious. The moment would be cute, how he hugs her and all, if I didn’t hate them so much. Although I must confess, I’m starting to feel sorry for her. Just a tiny bit.

It’s back to us, we carry ma'am home, apparently hurting her arm more. Still, she’s thankful for bringing her home right when her mother shows up. She’s ma’am’s mom! I have to thank her for making ma’am so I show my love with a hug. She’s so nice, too! Welcoming me to Korea in English. Joon Sung pulls me away before she walks way, when we notice she’s wearing hyung’s clothes. She thinks they belong to Eun Joo when she was overweight.

She makes food for us, a lot of food! We are so impressed. Joon Sung tries to eat the not fatty parts but we are talking to ma’am’s mother, she just grabs the legs of the chicken and gives them to us. She also makes her eat, but she keep bringing food, being a mother to the three of us, making Joon Sung a bit nostalgic.

At home, hyung is revising some papers when she texts him to tell him she’s fine and he just mentions he is aware of what we were eating. I’m not saying who told him… As she explains she can’t stop her mom, he tells her he starts working as of tomorrow. It’s a light conversation about pay checks and then she is saying how it’d be nice if his leg could hold up to all what’s coming, and she even offers to beat to pulp his psychological disorder. Hyung reads the texts with a fond smile and replies that, as he said, that’s not something anyone can cure… dramatic pause for ma’am to complain about his attitude, when he adds that the doctor said that but apparently he was wrong.

Is it just met or they are so cute when texting?

He is throwing back the whole hearts shooting out of his eyes when her mom complains that she should stop texting Woo Sik. Ma’am doesn’t correct her as ma'am's mom keeps rambling that if they are acting like that already they’ve gone far. Eun Joo just tells her to come the next day to work with her so they can go to the hospital about her wrist but she won’t hear at thing about it. Ma’am looks unhappy but she doesn’t say anything else.

The next day we are having breakfast when hyung notices what I’m eating, so I tell him ma’am’s mom gave it to me, even imitating her. Joon Sung agrees that she resembles a lot Eun Joo and for that Young Ho steals my food! He says it’s a bit salty but still eats it. We just have to accept this, they are dating after all. Then he makes sure to tell Joon Sung to take a break before his “exam,” meaning his match, and gives me the task to look after his body. He is worried because he won’t have much time but I reassure him we are not babies and we can take care of ourselves.

As we eat, I just voice my thoughts of missing ma’am… “Oh, my Venus…” but hyung just hisses, reinforcing she’s his and then he leaves, leaving us so startled. I agree with Joon Sung, he’s changed.

In ma’am’s office secretary asks Eun Joo what happened, and then informs her the morning meeting was cancelled because Deputy president hasn’t shown up. They don’t know why, and assume it’s nothing wrong. She tries not to worry, reminding herself she shouldn’t do that.

In hyung’s office, Chief Min brings Young Ho a flower and reports to him how things are going with the scandal and so, he also tells hyung that chairwoman seems to be aware of Kang Eun Joo. At that point director Choi and more men in suit walk in, but he is the only one to stay after the meeting is dismissed. He is trying to, I don’t know, bond? But it’s not working.

We see now ma’am as she gets text from hyung, just being a boyfriend, asking for her lunch and leg before he just SHOWS UP AT HER OFFICE! OMO! He just came to pick her up for a little bit, but she’s too startled. She still thinks he’s one of his imaginary version of him, but that version doesn’t wear a white coat. This is the real deal.

He escorts her out, with his arm around her shoulder, making everyone stare and even ask if she’s okay. That makes her heart uncomfortable but he says he’s responsible for both his heart and foot. They run into secretary friend who seems really surprised, but the introductions are made. She then asks hyung why he’s there and he says because they have to finish what they started. She totally thinks it’s their comfortable and erotic night.

Guess what? It’s not. Her face says it all.

Instead, she’s at the centre they went together before to see how much she’s improved. As she waits outside she can see herself coming for the first time when he told her her body belonged to her and just dragged her in. But it isn’t over, there’s more to do and he’s practically dragging her again. She tries being cute, but but he’s severe. She even attacks him with the double dimple kiss. It almost works! But nope, he still takes her to get a check up.

It’s funny, it almost looks like she’s giving birth with all the breathing and hyung helping her, calming her down. Even the nurse has a what the hell face. But he keeps giving her moral support and she screams a lot, even if the needle hasn’t gone in yet.

She’s totally depressed but hyung rewards her with delicious sweet dessert before checking the results. When she says she’s almost done losing weight and how he said she was pretty, he mentions that her inside being pretty is more important, meaning healthy. He takes the old report to compare and contrast, because her body is his and he isn’t careless.

He goes over it out loud, messing with her a bit about age, height and weight, and it all seems okay and normal, but the best part is the lack of belly fat! She did it! And he congratulates her. It’s true, she can do anything if she sets her mind on it. Then he is checking her cholesterol and thyroid and it’s also quite good, if she keeps with it she might not need medicine, which is so great! He keeps telling her to be careful and control her levels of thyroid and cholesterol, because the inside is more important.

Then we go to pale grandmother and daughter-in-law. She’s basically thanking her for the help all the years, and the pale grandmother explains to her she’s being tough because after losing her first child she can only do her everything to ensure her grandson’s future. Grandmother gives her compensation, and at first she doesn’t want to accept it, but she understand it’s her way to feel better for what she’s doing.

Back to ma’am, she’s visiting Hyun Woo to have a talk with Min Joon’s nanny. She immediately notices ma’am’s foot and asks about it, but Eun Joo reassures her it’s okay. Then she brings the present Joon Sung tried to give her. She is explaining how she personally know Joon Sung, and that Hyun Woo also knows what happened long ago, reassuring she has nothing to worry about it. Ahjumma is telling ma’am how long ago a good looking man came to see her, making her understand her son was being being looked over. She thinks she has no right to ask for more, and it’s not that she doesn’t want to meet him, but she can’t. It’s ma’am the one saying that instead or putting distance, and because he’s the toughest man, she should just give him many hugs from now on. She reassures ahjumma it wasn’t just her fault. It seems Eun Joo managed to get in her head and is convincing her. I hope so!

On her way home, she’s thinking back of what the Joon Sung’s mom said, thinking of the young good looking man, assuming it’s hyung so she texts him, telling him about the fact she met the lady and that she’s happy he’s the man she’s with.

Although he’s so busy he still calls her to how just how much happy she is to be with him. She’s amused and promises to tell her when they see each other. He’s back at his father’s office, waiting for him, to inform him he can’t sign those papers for the VVIP medical centre as there are some problems with location and such, and he can’t just relay on papers so he needs to wait and see himself. Without looking up, he just leaves that to hyung and before he leaves, he mentions how the day after tomorrow is his birthday so he should come to the house.

Then it’s Christmas time! We are decorating the tree and making the house pretty and joyful. Because it’s on the same day as hyung’s brother we want to celebrate it together and I’m in charge of inviting ma’am, second ma’am, chief Min and even Yi Jin, but she has schedule so she can’t make it.

We keep decorating and preparing everything, as ma’am and second ma’am are getting ready to go, even with Min Joon. They are the first to arrive and see us in our dashing suits. Hyung appears out of nowhere, startling and hugging Eun Joo, greeting Hyun Woo and Min Joon, who just winks at him. He tells her that chief Min isn’t there yet but they’ll go later to his grandmother’s. Chief Min shows up just to say he can’t come in, but everyone greets him. He smiles and leaves.

Christmas and birthday time! We share and enjoy the food, ma’am is even allowed cake and I just play a lot with Min Joon. We even take a picture together. We do a better version of the shoulder song! Hyung is totally involved this time, and the games continue, we are having so much fun together.

At some point Eun Joo calls her mom to know what she’s doing. She’s sorry for not being there and promises to go for new years, and ma’am’s mom acts all normal until she’s alone, looking at her late husband’s picture.

When ma’am hangs up and turns around to look down, she sees hyung with Min Joon’s sleeping on his lap as she thinks how not everyone is happy, how some do feel lonely even in christmas' eve, like her mother who’s all alone and in pain, pretending to be fine, or like Joon Sung’s mother, who receives a text from ma’am with Joon Sung’s number. We also see hyung’s half brother being admitted in hospital, seeming to be something serious.

Ma’am and hyung are left alone on the sofa, cuddling. She says she has to leave even if it’s his birthday the next day, besides he needs to see the elders. She makes a deal, that if everything goes well he can stop by her house. The erotic night they didn’t get to finish? Yup, she promises to wait with a sexy red ribbon for him.

They are in the middle of their cuddling when Joon Sung comes rushing, startling the love birds, but no, it isn’t a bad thing, it’s that his mom wants to see him! At first they don’t know how to react but then hyung hands him the car keys and tells him to invite her to a nice restaurant, giving him his wallet. Our champion thanks them and leaves, and hyung seems a bit overwhelmed and conflicted.

At the big home, daughter-in-law receives the call from he hospital, informing her Young Joon is in the emergency unit so she rushes there, crying when she finds him. The doctor informs her it was drug overdose, a quite serious case when he arrived. At that time the father and uncle also arrive, hearing what happened. They pumped their stomach and things should be fine now, but she is still crying. As she is crying next to him, the father leaves, stopping for just a second in front of Director Choi. This one runs to catch with the father, demanding to know how something like that happened, and not only the suicide attempt, but the situation with her and everything. I get he worries for her but he doesn’t show it properly. He just coldheartedly tell her that father re-married her just so the whole company would end up in Young Ho's hands, and that if nothing happened to him, then Young Joon’s life would be over.

Dramatic much? Well, the kid did attempt suicide after hearing the news, though.

Chief Min is listening to all that, to director Choi demanding to find Young Ho. He immediately calls hyung to ask where he is, still at home, changing before going to his grandmother’s. He tells Young Ho something, something that scares him and makes him think of Joon Sung in his car.

Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Joon Sung is so nervous and happy he doesn’t even hear his phone ring, with hyung calling him. Hyung is desperately driving, looking frantic and scared. Director Choi looks pissed and a bit out of his head. He scares me, I don’t know if he’ll do anything. He receives a call but we can’t hear what he’s told, just him agreeing to it before the scene changes.

It’s ma’am, trying the ribbon and how to greet him, but she checks the time and seems worried because it’s late and hyung hasn’t arrived.This doesn't look good.

Then it’s back to director Choi, driving quite fast, too fast, trying to reach someone. On the opposite way Young Ho sees him and turns in U, dangerously, to follow him. We can see Joon Sung now, driving, and director Choi trying to reach him, but hyung gets in the way, hitting him the with car. These spin and clash again, sending them in different directions. Hyung’s gets in the way of a big truck that is coming, the honk loud and ominous and he tries to get out of the way, but there’s another car and although he avoids the truck, by passing over the other car, his flies in the air, spinning, getting destroyed at the same time a mirror breaks in ma’am’s house.

Joon Sung stops to check the accident, just to find Young Ho there, panicking. He’s unconscious, bleeding and he is stuck as Joon Sung screams his name, desperately calling for him. Ma’am is at home, feeling something, her eyes say it all…

Hyung’s head falls to one side, a terrible sign, and the episode ends! My heart is in my hands! What is this? How am I supposed to live? What do I do with my life until he next episode? HYUNG!

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.