Surviving instincts are amazing. Despite the long wait, I am indeed still alive and we can finally recap episode 13 of Oh My Venus together.

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It begins with the scene at the hospital between Director Choi and daughter-in-law, what we already saw, before hyung leaves the house, but this time we get to see how chief Min warns Young Ho not to leave the house, and daughter-in-law following her brother, trying to stop him. That’s new to the accident.

It’s back to the cars, hyung making a U turn to follow Director Choi, chasing one another and then saving Joon Sung. We see now that sister in law is also part of the accident, trying to stop her brother, and then it’s the same. Cars spinning in the air, hyung being inside, parts flying, my chest constricting.

Instead of going to Young Ho, we see the disgusting Director Choi getting out of the car to find his sister unconscious, bleeding in her car. The bastard is okay but the people who were trying to save others are badly hurt. So unfair!

It’s back to how we were left, with Joon Sung finding Young Ho in the car and trying to get him out, seeing all that blood while desperately calling for him. His screams are heartbreaking and piercing. We get to see Eun Joo with her eyes locked in the mirror before chief Min arrives at the accident scene and with the army of men try to take hyung from the car. Joon Sung’s screams and crying are so horrible I can’t even take it.

At the hospital everyone rushes to save hyung and even father is there, remembering how Young Ho begged to be saved when he was a kid, and there he is again, unconscious. The parallels are horrifying, and it happens that hyung got his leg broken. It’s once again, surgery on his right leg.

Everyone is waiting outside but father doesn’t stay, he entrusts chief Min to take care of everything, making sure it doesn’t get leaked to the media and how to control the situation. Chief Min blames himself but father says it’s useless to cry over spilt mil. So cold, so expressionless. He still doesn’t break.

Director Choi is also at the hospital while his sister is under surgery, having a fit.

I come, made the mess you can imagine, finding Joon Sung against a wall. He has to stop me from going in. I break down, crouching down and hiding my sobs while Joon Sung tries to comfort me and tell me it’s okay.

Somewhere far, his mother tries calling him but the phone is unavailable

In her house Eun Joo tries calling, too, the mirror still on the floor, but no answer.

The net day her expression is still absent and tired, she doesn’t even realise the lift has emptied and her mind is clearly anywhere else. From her office she tries calling hyung again, but the phone is unavailable, so she calls Joon Sung.

Instead of showing whether he picks up or not, we see him waiting for his mother outside her house. She walks up to him and he apologises for being late. She fears something happened and it’s glad he’s safe, but his lips are trembling and he calls her omma, with such a weak voice so she hugs him. She gives him the comfort he needs and the motherly hug he always wanted. Holding him in her arms, she apologises to him and promises to hug him a lot; he just cries, his arms hanging limp at his sides.

At the hospital the doctors report to Director Choi that sister-in-law had injuries but that aside from all that, the internal damage and such, there shouldn’t be any problem with her. Then he’s next to Young Joon when he wakes up, asking for his mother. He lies, saying that she would be there soon. He asks why he did that so Young Joon explains that he feels guilty because everyone else is greedy, he feels responsible for the problems and that’s why he wanted to disappear, to stop that. He apologises and promises to never do such a stupid thing again. Director Choi has red eyes and accepts he’s the one that did something stupid, the one who should be sorry.


Woo Sik joins him then, asking what happened. Director Choi has something special to request, and that’s where the scene ends.

We go back to ma’am, saying goodbye to a client when secretary informs her that Deputy President didn’t come today again, she called saying she’s not feeling well so Eun Joo asks for her address to go see her. On her way she still tries calling Young Ho, but his phone is still turned off and no one has told her anything! Not a text, anything!

In the hospital, hyung is in bed, his leg in a cast and kept high, and still asleep. Aside from the multiple fractures, there’s no life-threatening danger, but the doctors can’t assure he’ll be able to walk again due to all the fractures and muscle damage.

Chief Min follows father to inform him what happened, about director Choi and his sister, hyung trying to save Joon Sung, and his expression is still stoic. They agree they’ll need director Choi to end things well. We see just a bit of struggle in his expression, almost losing his cool before he instructs chief Min to take care of everything, because they can’t let a child who’s in pain become a criminal as well.

The melancholic music is not helping me to swallow all this! I need a break to get hot chocolate.

I’m back to see Eun Joo knocking at Soo Ji’s door, asking her to open it and come out but to no avail, so she types the passcode, knowing her birthday of course, and comes in, still looking for her just to find her in bed, still not answering no matter how much she shakes her. Soo Ji finally wakes up, almost looking like she’s fighting a hangover, and tries to make Eun Joo leave, instead she makes porridge for her. Soo Ji puts it away and Eun Joo sees the medicine and an empty glass of wine, so announcing she’ll speak comfortably she warns her not to drink alcohol and medicine because her body isn’t something she’ll use just one day and then throw away. Exactly what hyung told her! She’s really learnt to take care of herself. Ma’am also tells her to change her passcode because come on, her birthday? That’s so obvious.

Finally, ma’am demands an apology from her and although Soo Ji thinks it’s because of Woo Sik, Eun Joo starts talking about what she did long ago, after passing the bar exam and leaving to USA, without answering her mails or contacting her at all. It seems she is demanding an apology for that.

Exhausted, she sits in bed, saying how she feels like she’s living hell so she better apologise soon, but sill then she doesn’t so Eun Joo starts hitting her. In rage, Soo Ji finally tells her what made her resent her so much, all what she’s carried with her. Soo Ji asks her to apologise first and Eun Joo does. Soo Ji for the first time says she wasn’t the one to seduce Woo Sik and what is surprising is that Eun Joo knew that because she knew him and the type of person he is, so she is also sure his feelings for nasty Soo Ji are genuine. He just had a horrible timing to fall for another person.

Soo Ji asks what happened and she is finally letting out, crying and asking why it’s so hard for her to be in a relationship. Hesitantly, Soo Ji tries to pat her back but backs off after thinking it better, musing how it was good she didn’t change her passcode.

Then it’s Joon Sung and I, bringing a plant and walking with serious and tense expressions, eyes bloodshot with tears. Joon Sung tells me I can’t cry in front of hyung and I promise not to, but it’s really hard, it’s hard for the two of us.

I leave the plant on the floor there and do my best to control myself but it’s hard seeing hyung there and like that. Young Ho opens his eyes and Joon Sung hurries to his side, apologising. The first thing hyung asks is for Joon Sung’s mother. He informs he’s met her and she wants to thank Young Ho for saving her son. Champion continues apologising but he just shuts him.

The hyung calls for me and I hurry to tell him it’ll be all right, I’ll stick to Joon Sung and make him a champion. I also mention I brought a plant that practically takes care of itself, he just needs to water it every 20 days. As I talk, doing my best not to cry, a single tear escapes from the corner of his eye and my voice starts breaking, my eyes filled with tears and one falls, too, as I threaten him not to kill the plant.

Ma’am is calling Joon Sung at that moment and he asks what he should tell her, so hyung says how he doesn’t want her to see him like that and he doesn’t want to see her crying. He doesn’t know what might happen to him so I promise I’ll pray, I’ll ask for a miracle. Weakly, he tells me to do what I have to do.

When we go home, ma’am is there, asking for Young Ho. When we don’t answer she ask in how much pain Young Ho is, and with our lack of answer she knows it’s a lot and asks where she can fin him, but we can’t answer. She demands to know where he is and what happened, and no matter what we do, she can look in every hospital so she just begs to stop making this longer than it should be.

We finally tell her and rush back with her to the hospital. She’s running ahead, her desperation clear, her expression heartbroken. But the army of men in suit don’t let her in because Young Ho has instructed that he doesn’t want to see her. She struggles but they don't let her so she calls for him and he wakes up at her voice. His arms tries to reach for her, almost unconsciously, but he ends up touching his phone, seeing all the text messages she sent him, asking him what happened, understanding he’s in pain, wanting to go to him. He just cries, still listening to her as he texts her tap tap.Just like in Jujitsu, she needs to let go. And he texts her again, the same thing that has her crying on the floor.

She finally stands up and the man block her, but chief Min tells them to stop so at the door, without opening, she starts talking. “It’s unfair,” she says because he’s saying tap tap, and what is she supposed to do? Because waiting is hard without knowing how he is doing. But she’s stubborn and she will wait, no matter how long. And he has to come back, handsome and sexy, which means healthy, not really handsome and sexy. Just like he’s always told her that healthy is her prettiest and sexiest. She just wants him to come back, even if it takes long. Even if it’s not actually handsome and sexy… just to come back. She reminds him that if he is hanging there he hasn’t reached his limit there so he can do it.

Sobbing, she tells him that she’s sorry for not telling him before how much she loved him and hyung is crying even harder inside, trying to stand but failing.

At the other side, she wipes her tears and thanks chief Min for allowing her do that. He promises he’ll do his best to keep hyung safe and, finally, she turns around and leaves. We go with her, our hearts equally broken.

Now excuse me while I get myself another cup of hot chocolate because I can’t handle this.

After this dramatic moment, we see Pale Grandmother coming in to check not on Young Ho but daughter-in-law. She apologises to Pale Grandmother, this reckons however that if daughter-in-law hadn’t stopped her brother, Young Ho wouldn’t have survived and for that reason, they should part as if they never met. That’s the best for them all. Outside, son-in-law takes her hand to help, but she just shoves it off, saying, with rest eyes, she might not be able to see Young Ho that day. She drops her bag and keeps walking, clearly barely containing herself. He follows her.

At her place, Eun Joo spots the band aids, breaking down again as she remembers when he put those on her, crying all over again.

The next day at Gohang headquarters, Director Choi is staring ahead as he remembers what he told sister-in-law the night before at the hospital, about Young Joon being safe. She tells him about Young Ho infancy, and how no matter what he’s her son’s half brother and her husband’s son. Taking his hand she admits that although it didn’t fit, she was still happy with what she had. He calls her a moron for that.

At the office, Soo Ji comes there with a settlement he has to sign regarding the car accident, Woo Sik there, to whom he’s thankful.

Then it’s just Soo Ji And Woo Sik, talking on better terms. She looks better and they discuss the VVIP medical centre and the problems with it. It looks a lot better between those two and they are even going to for dinner. Then she mentions she had a huge fight with Eun Joo, scaring the hell out of him, but also saying that’s how they fix their problems as women. She mentions to him how Eun Joo said his feelings were sincere because he doesn’t fall for just anyone, so if they are back together is because of ma’am. It’s less uncomfortable now talking about Eun Joo for them.

In his office, we see Director Choi leaving his resignation letter before we jump to new years celebration, the sheep year on the telly that Eun Joo turns off at her home, where they are having dinner. It’s just family time and then her mother asks why she isn’t introducing her to the man that makes her smile, she says she will and he’ll come back soon. She believes that, she’s waiting for it. For now, she wants to be left alone.

When she looks away she sees the futon they shared in her house, remembering the back hug and when he left medicine for her. She starts thinking of how she usually forgets to take her medicine, but she doesn’t anymore, or exercising, or having all her veggies because that’s how she has him constantly in her mind, how many times she worries about him. She even breaks down with a client who just hugs her and gives her support.

We then see her coming and going from court, indicating the pass of time, as she recites the different things that have happened during the year, including Joon Sung becoming champion, me getting rejected to join the Marines Cops for the sixth time, although I won't give up and apply again.

It’s been a year, and she still remembers his words, she still sees him everywhere. Cue to her words, we see him in a suit in front of her, like all her hallucinations, opening her arms for her. But she doesn’t run to him, she just takes a deep breath and keeps walking, passing through him, wondering where he is.

She sees him again but this time she bumps into him, not through him and when she looks up and realises is actually him, her expression is so shocked I don’t think she’s breathing. Then he wraps a scarf around her neck.

“It’s been a long time, Kang Eun Joo.” 

She raises her hand, marvelled that he is real this time. 

She looks down at his leg and he’s standing, his leg is strong and he finally steps closer, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her closer so she can cry on his shoulder while I CRY MY EYES OUT AND MAKES SOUNDS LIKE A DYING WHALE!

Give me the next episode now!

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.