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It begins with a distant image from the hospital in February 2015, then to Young Ho lying on his hospital bed, remembering Eun Joo, her voice calling him, stolen kisses, cuddling. Their happy memories until her last texts to him, asking if he’s in pain because she’ll go to him.

He finally wakes up, wondering how many times he’s opened his eyes to the same ceiling, days in which his heart has hurt more than his body and let me tell you, I’m sobbing already because he’s missed her so much. But he sticks to his decision for seeing her cry because of him is far worse.

He’s knitting, just like he did when he was a kid, making a gift to his mother while being in the wheelchair. His memories go back to the time he overheard chief Min telling Father his mother passed away. And then it’s back to him knitting on his bed, his younger version doing the same next to him.

Outside the army of men in suit and chief Min receive daughter-in-law and Young Joon as she’s been discharged, but comes to ask about Young Ho. She’s there to express her apologies even if it’s from afar, and asks of chief Min to tell pale grandmother that she’s sorry to leave without a proper farewell. Young Joon follows her, fighting his own tears as chief Min watches them leave.

Back to hyung and his knitting, I’m pretty sure that’s the scarf he puts on her at the end of episode 13. But he puts his work aside to find the book she left for him before leaving his house, the Dating Cafeteria, bringing back memories of that time, even when he went to see her and she gave him that farewell kiss. He finally opens the book and starts reading it. The quote that reads “After breaking up with you the overflowing of time became a matter of endurance” catches his attention. This makes him react, taking a sharp breath, then he keeps reading. As he hears her voice when he looks away from the book he can see her there in his rooms, his eyes get teary and he tries to hide his legs, turning away from her just to get her to hug him and tell him it’ll get better soon. 

His painful expression becomes even more heartbroken as he fights the tears, taking deep breaths. She pulls away and he looks way, but when he looks back at her again she’s not there and that, that makes him groan, that hurts him more and he tries to move his leg. He breaks down, crying, trying not to look at his leg. The camera moves to the book where the same words that she told him are written.

Then it’s May 2015 and he is leaving the room, but before they go he asks chief Min to stop to take a look back inside the room, but one of the men in suit closes the door then. He stares at it, finding a band aid stuck to it. Of course she left it there when she came, when she told him he had to come back handsome and sexy. He remembers all that as he places his hand over it, deep breaths, eyes closed. Chief Min tells him he thought it was a lucky charm he’d need, so hyung takes it off and places it on the back of his hand, asking chief Min if he now can read minds. Like that, they finally leave, hyung’s face contorted in pain but not crying yet.

In the next scene the doctors then are telling Father about the damage he’s suffered and how rehabilitation is extremely hard, but Father seems not to accept that. His son has recovered miraculously before and he seems to believe Young Ho will do it again.

As Young Ho is escorted out, he sees all the ill people around, remembering how he told her that time that he has a soft spot for weak people and those in danger, when he told her that she just had to carry on because everyone lived with their own struggles. When they stop he remembers that time when he was a kid, in a wheelchair just like now, at the airport saying his goodbyes before leaving for treatment. Chief Min and him exchange a glance and then they leave.

We see a plane taking off and then hyung getting rehabilitation in USA. High technology machines, a man helping him. Two men talk about how he’s made significant progress in every category. And then it’s a personal trainer helping hyung back to his feet to start working and strengthening his muscles. It’s hard, he has to be dragged and put back on his feet after he falls and falls, but he’s working hard, struggling to move, even to get on his bed.

Once he’s finally settled in bed, he grabs his phone and launches the Kakao app to see he has 90 unread messages from his Oh My Venus. He still doesn’t read them, and then he focuses his attention on the book that has the band aid she left for him. He thinks that if he sees her, he wants to run to her and he still can’t do that. But he’s working hard! I’m so proud of him.

It’s back to more exercising, struggle, everything part of the rehabilitation process. But it also shows a bit of progress, him getting a bit farther before he falls to the floor.

Then we are finally visiting him! We came to show him the champion’s belt I put oh him, giving him a back hug and just enjoying the fact we are there. Hyung calls for Joon Sung and congratulates him, in that soft and tender voice of a father for his good job.

Back to his rehabilitation exercises that are going better and then results, lines in a graphic that seem to show he’s improved. We see him next sitting, watching out of the window. The next time he can stand as he watches out!

The scene changes and it’s December 24th of 2015, a carryout bag and what looks like the airport in the background. And yes, it’s the airpot and our Young Ho, being received by a very emotional chief Min. Hyung is carrying the pink scarf with him, which gets chief Min’s attention. Hyung clicks his tongue, saying he indeed overdid it. And then chief Min is telling him it’s an honour to serve him again, to which hyung reacts per usual, saying that “good job” or “you’ve worked hard” would’ve sufficed, words he then says. Hyung calls him ahjussi, just like he did when he was a kid.

In the car, he checks his phone, noticing he has a video alone with other 191 notifications. He finally checks all the messages, the threats, the videos of her exercising and cheering for him, telling him not worry about her because she’s fine, except she’s missing him so much.

THEN HE IS WAITING FOR HER! His expression anxious as he sees her coming, but she doesn’t react, she keeps walking because she thinks he’s a hallucination until she bumps into him! YES! We saw this but I’m still cheering for them okay? Don’t judge me.

He is putting the scarf he knitted around her, that overly done pink scarf. My heart is melting. It’s the same, him showing her his leg is fine before he can finally hug her. It’s just a heartfelt moment, their reunion after a year, they way they hold on to one another.

When they pull apart the first thing she mentions is how she should’ve saved more money because she’s so grateful she wants to buy everyone on the planet rice cakes or something. He teases her because the first thing she mentions when she sees him is food. Her phone rings then, from work because there are papers she needs to hand in. He says he’ll stay right there while she goes, and she seems very reluctant but she goes. But then she comes back for him, telling him to go together because he has to stay in her sight. They keep holding hands, looking at each other even when the lift doors open. She holds her hand properly and guides him inside, just when Soo Jin is passing by, seeing them together again. Secretary friend is surprised to see him, but he greets her happily, asking how Attorney Kang has been doing. Because she’s an honest person, she just blurts out how ma’am has been just crying the whole year and how worried she’s been before Eun Joo hushes her.

They go to her office and she asks how much time she has, so in her anxious state she make Young Ho sit as she goes picking all the papers she needs to send them from home. She drops something and has to kneel, disappearing from his sight. He focuses on her name on her desk, touching it. She focuses on his legs, smiling that’s he’s there before she stands up and holds his hand again, taking him home with her. She keeps turning around to make sure he’s still there, almost tripping just for hyung to catch her, but she doesn’t get distracted much because she doesn’t have time, she has to send in the papers.

They get inside and as he lies there against You Bastard she is working diligently, typing fast, stealing glances at him from time to time. He says she should stop staring at him because he might wear off, but he’s the one who doesn’t stop staring. Just saying. Then he tells her to hurry so he can finally kiss her for seeing her again, she just smiles at that and goes back to work.

His thought are about how people say it’s a miracle that he came back to her like that, in the amount of time and with what had happened to him, but to Young Ho the real miracle is that she is able to see him like this way.

Her typing stops at some point, just to wipe away the tears that are falling. She covers her face, trying to calm down and he sits next to her, a bit awkwardly, wrapping his arm around him, brining her into him as he thinks how sorry he is for making her wait so long, but knowing she was waiting and crying for him was the best remedy and miracle because it gave him the will to fight. He wonders if she knows that.

She thanks him, still crying, and thanks God that he’s there, saying how she can finally breathe. He doesn’t get to say anything, the bell rings so they break the embrace. She says how it must be Chief Min again. Hyung chuckles lightly as he mentions how chief Min always stops them from having their erotic night. She is telling him how he should go see his family first. They stand up and he wonders what’s with the woman in front of him, so she tells him to come back safe the next day. “Tomorrow? I’ll see you every day,” he replies.

When he’s out, no one is waiting and he leans against the door, breaking down for a bit, his eyes filling with tears he wipes away when he walks out, just as Eun Joo comes out to see him leaving, taking deep breaths. Inside, she walks slowly, still struggling with all her emotions. Then she is calling Hyun Woo, asking what to do and crying again. Although Hyun Woo thinks it’s just the same as the whole year, but Eun Joo tells her he’s back, to which our friend expresses how happy she is and instructing ma’am to stop acting pitiful, this is her present for crying all year long.

In Hyun Woo’s house, Min Joon and his father come together, he’s come to drop the kid off. He stays a bit longer there. Producer Go is giving her the child support she refuses at first but then accepts because that’s his way to help Min Joon.

Then it’s Woo Sik preparing dinner for Soo Jin and him when she comes in, having a dizzy spell. She is still under medication, it seems. Then it’s dinner with candles, wine and just sappy times. He proposes to her, right there, with a big ring she accepts. Yup, things are definitely well between them. He promises to stay on track for her and they cheer again.

At home with the elders, Young Ho arrives, walking on his own, surprising pale Grandmother and his father. They seem happy to see him and the first thing he does is bowing to them on his knees and greets him. She just, crying, goes to hug him tight, so happy to have him back. He smiles content at that, when Father calls them to have dinner. She’s basically the same as Eun Joo, staring at him. The three of them keep smiling. Yes, Father included! And then a maid comes but the food isn’t the same, which means daughter-in-law is missing. Knowing looks are exchanged.

Alone with his father, he asks how Young Ho is doing, including the neurosis, which he is aware of because he’s Young Ho’s father after all, he knows it all. And it seems everything is well, for what Father congratulates him. Father also tells him he’d want Young Ho to come back as director as soon as possible.

Before going to bed Young Ho goes to check on his grandmother, who is sleeping, but he tucks her in better.

The next day we see our ma’am getting ready in a pretty pink dress, applying her makeup when she receives some texts. It’s Young Ho, asking how he can repay for the 192 messages she left. He then just starts spamming her, calling her name, in many ways, saying she’s the one he’s dating and such. And she cries! She pulls herself together before telling him she’ll see him later and to not be late.

At home guess who’s decorating the Christmas tree. Yes, it’s me! Opening the door for my ma’am, hugging her because I’ve missed her so much, even if we’ve texted and called, it’s not the same as face-to-face. She asks me for Joon Sung so I tell her he went to give a gift to his mother and she notices how I’ve learnt to speak formally. Of course, I went to Harvard, I’m smart, even if I was rejected six times form the marines. I tell her how I never give up and I’ll apply again.

With Joon Sung, his mother is still wearing the one he gave her before so he’s brought a new one. He keeps calling her omma, omma, and it’s just so cute. He’s asking her to go see a movie together later, also mentioning he’ll be a bit late because hyung came back. She’s honestly happy for him and then Yi Jin appears, calling for Joon Sung’s mother, clinging to her side! Her face has dirt on it, which gets Joon Sung attention. Apparently, she’s been doing charity. Calling her mother-in-law, Yi Jin just takes her away! Joon Sung just chuckles, accepting things as they are.

Then it’s hyung getting home, but it’s all dark and no one is there. He looks around but nothing. Out of the blue, Joon Sung and I come out, saying happy birthday to him! And so does Chief Min, WEARING A SPARKLY JACKET! And then Hyun Woo with Min Joon, and finally Eun Joo, carrying the cake and singing happy birthday to him. We all get to say happy birthday in the way we call him, chief Min being the only one to call him by his name. Ma’am tells him to make a wish before he blows the candle. When he does it’s claps and Min Joon telling him how he can come down the toilet on his own now. Adorable, isn’t it?

Everyone is greeting him and then he notices chief Min and his jacket. It turns out ma’am forced him a bit, but totally legally.

Then we are celebrating! Singing the shoulder song but Min Joon’s version. The only one who doesn’t sing or dances is chief Min, although he still looks sparkly. What comes next? You never saw it coming! Chief Min singing in English! Going a bit out of tune but putting his best, letting his diva come out! It’s an emotional moment, and we all cheer for him to keep singing. We can barely hold our laughter, though.

The next number it’s Joon Sung, Hyun Woon and I dancing and singing! I nail the rap, let’s all admit it. Even Joon Sung has a solo. Chief Min looks slightly traumatised.

When I’m playing the violin for everyone, ma’am is watching from upstairs, like she did a year ago, with a smile on her lips. Hyung is there, with Min Joon sleeping on his lap again as I start playing My Beautiful Lady, theme of this K-drama, you know?

When I finish she is calling her mother, apologising for not going home, but she’s busy this year, with her grandson and her son and daughter-in-law. She goes over the differences from a year, how a year ago someone pretended to be okay although alone, and now she’s with family. Joon Sung is with his mother, and Yi Jin, going to the movies. Woo Sik and Soo Jin are okay, too. As she thinks of all that, she thinks of Christmas miracles as, perhaps, something normal and ordinary, like “you who must be by my side,” meaning Young Ho.

When she looks again, he’s not downstairs but behind her, giving her a back hug when she says she won’t be going home that night. Then it’s the two of them in bed, looking at each other, with those foolishly in love smiles.

He shows her the band aid she left. He tells her it was thanks to that he made it back when she asks surprised how he still has it. In his mind, he apologises for keeping her waiting. In her mind, she thanks him for coming back before she expected.

She asks about his wish, wondering if it wasn’t for her not to get sick, but he admits he didn’t ask for something for him this time, instead he wished to not get sick again. She goes to him, cuddling in his arms as he mentions he hopes they can spend a relaxed and warm night together. She just smiles, her eyes closed, calling her “okay” with that smile before he kisses her forehead.

She goes for more and finally kisses him on he lips, so he kisses her forehead again. And because it’s Eun Joo, she goes to kiss his forehead again. He reminds her he said, “A warm night” but her smile is wicked as she leans in to kiss him again.

And that’s where the episode ends! Let me heave a big and deep sigh. At least I wasn’t left dying again. It’s such a relief. I want to thank every existing deity for this.

Next week our beloved K-drama ends and I’m not ready for it, but it’s been a wonderful journey. I’ll see you all there to recap the last episodes together.

Peace out!
Ji Woong.

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.