Okay, so we enter the last week of Oh My Venus, and I’m not emotionally ready but it’s inevitable, so let’s recap it together and hold each other.

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Oh, by the way, I apologise for the mistakes in the names on previous recaps. In my excitement and not familiarity with using names but other ways to refer to the people I’m close to, I switched some. My deepest apologies *full bow*

Now, let’s go!

We begin with scenes of the first episodes, when they met, every time Young Ho saved our Joo Eun. It’s a brief summery of all the things that happened between them until the accident and his comeback. Then the real episode begins, from the moment Young Ho walks up to her from behind, hugging her when she says she’s staying. Yes, we saw this bit and when they are in bed, sharing kisses, all cute the two of them. We were left when we thought they would have their erotic night, but she’s just teasing him, like he did to her many times, pushing him until he gives up and takes back the whole warm night and changes to erotic, to which she agrees and he just rolls over with her, kissing her.


They end up having the erotic night and wake up the next morning, cuddling in bed, their clothes on the floor, reluctant to get up. At some point she pokes him, to make sure he is real and he teases her about the kind of dreams she’s been having. They continue talking, but their eyes are closed and they keep cuddling together as they promise to keep seeing each other every day.

The scene jumps and it’s only ma’am on the screen, when she opens her eyes he's there, in his robe, watching her. He blames her, saying it was her the one who turned away. When she mentions being hungry he tells her she has to get dressed unless she wants a comfortable and erotic day, and like that he leaves her. She stays a bit more in bed.

Then they are having breakfast. She brings seaweed soup that she knew wouldn’t be able to make him eat the night before. He starts worrying about her thyroid. However, ma’am tells him she stopped taking her medics the month before, because the doctor allowed it as her cholesterol and thyroid levels are normal. Whop whop! “You’ve gotten prettier and sexier. Good job,” he says, his way to congratulate her for becoming healthy.

They keep exchanging flirty comments, in a fun and relaxed way. When he asks her what they should do that day, she just tells him to stick together, and despite he teases her, he agrees with a big smile.

For the day, they just stick together, watching TV and having fun. At some point she drops a bit of what she’s eating on his face, and because her “hands are busy” she just kiss that drop away. Then he rises, his eyes on her, mentioning how he needs to check something, leaning closer, hovering over her and no, it’s not an erotic day. He wanted to make sure if she could do one minute planks. So there he is, training her again. And because she said to stick close, so she has to go with him. So they train together, and he makes sure to tell her he’s all better.

When it’s over he’s just drinking, but even that distracts her. She can’t stop staring at him with lustful eyes until she pokes him, awaking the beast in him! He is about to kiss her when her mother calls and he apologises, feeling awkward. It happens that she’s in Seoul, so ma’am has to leave and she also mentions she’ll have to spend the night with her, at what he comments how lucky her mother is for that. Ma’am just kisses his cheek adorably and then leaves to change, and although he stays there for a while, he ends up following her with a cheeky grin.

Our next scene is him dropping her off, asking her to do all the dating they missed for the year he was away. She also assures him there’s no need to rush and meet her mother, and before she leaves he asks her if she’s forgetting something. Of course she is, the dimple kiss that always strikes him. He watches her go with that fond smile and eyes full of love.

Then ma’am is home, seeing all the things her mother brought. Ma’am’s mum thinks she went to a wedding and nags her for that, saying she’s too old and such. She doesn’t explain things and goes to change, and when she’s at that the mother comes in, nagging her for not having children. She wants Joo Eun to get married and have babies, ultimately to at least introduce her to the guys she’s dating, but ma’am only says later, later, making Mother suspicious the he might be a player.

Ma’am’s mom, I swear he’s not. You have my word!

Arriving at her office, Joo Eun is still amused at her mother’s words. As she steps in she calls Soo Jin for the case they are dealing with, with is a sexual assault it seems. It seems like it’s a bad case for the victim, and Soo Jin makes the bad guy and his lawyer think that it seems they’ll get out of it without going to court… however, what Kang Joo Eun got is a video from the victim in which shows the assault. Yup, those two are finally working together.

Then we jump to Pale Grandmother and a man that informs her of what daughter-in-law is doing, but not only that, he also came to inform her about Joo Eun and her background. Uh-oh.

We’re back to the scene with the sexual assault, with Soo Jin and Joo Eun teaming together, destroying the other two. One begins a sentence, the other ends it. It is actually amazing. Those two should’ve always worked like that.

After the clients leave, it’s just the two of them, and congratulates her for the ring, Soo Jin also congratulates her for getting back with Young Ho. Ma’am notices she seems a bit weak so asks her if she’s sick, but her excuse is a headache. Ma’am nags her a bit more about going to the doctor before she drags her herself. When Soo Jin is leaving, we see her with her hand over her stomach, in pain, and not answering Woo Sik’s call. She’s not even reading the messages he sends her, and we see her still struggling, drinking what could probably be some sort of medicine. But she keeps in pain. She makes a call to change her appointment, she already got checked up so she needs confirmation.

Back to ma’am, he’s receiving many texts from hyung so she calls him back, telling him to just get rest because he might be tired due to the jet lag, but he just insinuates it’s not the jet lag, making her gasp. When she asks about Joon Sung and I, he tells her that he sent us to her house with a fruit basket because he noticed how ma’am’s mom and I keep texting. Yes, she adores me. I have that effect on people. They say their goodbyes, all cutely.

Then at home, she finds us playing and just smiles happily.

Then we go to Soo Jin who finally picks up the phone and lies to Woo Sik, telling him she was in a meeting and has another, when in fact she’s at the hospital. He suspected something, and he smiles a bit who he notices she’s at the gynaecology wing. Could she be pregnant? Or something wrong?

Back at home, it’s the four of us playing Go-Stop and I keep winning, I’m amazing. We’re in the middle of our game when the bell rings and as food was ordered, we think it’s that. Joo Eun is the one that goes to open.

We see a pile of food and the one holding it all is hyung! Prettily dressed and with flowers, looking extremely nervous as he talks to her. She warns him that her mother is wearing his clothes so he shouldn’t laugh, hyung grabs her hand to put it on his chest, which surprises her. I bet his heart is racing like crazy! He’s too preoccupied to laugh. So they go inside with the order, Joon Sung even drops his card in surprise when we see them there. Joon Sung, in a hurry, decides we have to go, and takes me even if I’m about to win. He begs ma’am’s mommy to go nice on hyung, and I ask the same because he’s my hero. I also assure her next time we’ll play again because I’m a professional Go-Stopper.

We finally leave.

Her mum is a bit mean, asking for obvious answers and making him more nervous. He kneels and the two women exchange looks, Mother only ask one question, if he’ll continue dating her daughter, and upon his affirmative answer, she seems to accept him. That’s all it takes, that easy, that cute. He mentions he’s good at Go-Stop so she just calls him to play. When he’s leaving, they continue being cute and after making sure her mother is not around, kisses her forehead before leaving.

Then we go to Soo Jin in bed, looking miserable. If she’s pregnant, then she is really not taking it well, but I have a feeling it’s something bad. Woo Sik looks hopeful, happy at the idea as he comes in with porridge for her and presents. I hope it’s not baby shoes or something like that.

He finds her in the bed. She says she doesn’t have appetite but he insists. Then she notices the presents and when she opens one, to my horror, it is baby shoes. Oh God. Her expression is surprised but also wary as he explains he saw her at the hospital. She then says she’s not pregnant, that it won’t happen to her and she doesn’t want it. She continues speaking, how she’s rationalised it. She doesn’t want kids to interfere with her work and all that, she’s even taken off the ring, so he asks if something is wrong. She just asks him to leave, she starts getting angry when he doesn’t and end up snapping at him. He finally stands and leave her alone, and she ends up crying in the bed.

I knew it was something bad. I really feel sorry for her.

We get a flashback of her in the hospital. The doctor tells her she has polycystic ovary syndrome, and asks her for the anti depressive medication, and although she stopped two months ago, the doctor informs her that it’ll be hard for her to get pregnant. Doctor advises her to be hopeful and positive, but Soo Jin doesn’t take it well because what is natural for others needs hope for her, that breaks her heart.

In the car, Woo Sik thinks back of the things she said and I just hope he doesn’t get in an accident because of that.

At home, Joo Eun is sleeping on the floor and when she turns to check her phone, hyung texts her. He mentions how she and her mother are alike and she congratulates him for doing well today. He thinks a bit and mentions how it won’t be easy for her to deal with his family, but she’s strong and rather than not seeing him at all, anything is better. They promise to see each other every day, and also to go out of Seoul the next day. They keep being cute even in how they wish each other good night.

He picks her up the next day, and she comes with a suitcase he checks, realising she was planning on being cute, sexy and lovely to him. Wicked woman. Unfortunately, they are not staying overnight, but he keeps the suitcase nonetheless.

The place he’s taken her to is to his mother, and one of the thing she notices is the half knitted scarf he was making for his mother. Ma’am realises he knitted hers, and greets mother-in-law, mentioning how she’ll look after him, asking for her guidance and thanking her for giving birth to him. He seems touched and happy about it.

Outside she’s praying and then looks at her scarf with other eyes, smiling knowing it was him to made it. She receives a text then from Pale Grandmother asking her to meet. Her eyes are wide, but then she shoves her mobile in her pocket when hyung arrives. He asks what she was doing and she shows him the tower stone, that she has made very safe not to fall, with two stones representing them.

Then they go on a cute date, walking around, smiling, buying souvenirs, having ice cream and taking cute pictures together. They are so adorable they give me cavities! They walk with the scarf tied around their necks. Someone save me! He’s always teasing her, like when she slips that she’s crazy for him, asking her how crazy and such.

They walk through a tunnel with just hearts written by couples. She giggles and he seems so reluctant to do it, but she drags him. He’s having such a hard time, trying to be thoughtful and write something amazing, making her chuckle.

When she’s waiting alone, she remembers the times she’s seen Pale Grandmother as she thinks back of the invitation, seeming to struggle with it. Hyung finally comes out and they continue their date, being adorable. She complains about her fingers being cold and how he should buy a bottle cap for her or something. He stops, with a serious look that makes her uneasy, so she excuses herself saying how she’s not being greedy or anything. He says something about her playing innocent when she already got something from him. He grabs the ball of wool hanging from the scarf and unties it, walking away from her holding one end. She just watches with wide eyes until a rING IS REVEALED!

Her expression is so cute and she is about to grab it but he pulls the string down and the ring slides to his hands, where he takes it and tells her how he wants to put that ring on her, so asks her to go to him. He just opens his arms and she runs to him, giving him that hug he loves.

He holds her shoulders, telling her how he might make her sad, or things hard for her, but he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Yes, we heard correctly, HE PROPOSED TO MA’AM! and after putting the ring on her he just says how Kang Joo Eun is his.

We get a look of the hearts they wrote and we see their wishes are the same, to be with one another and I think I need tissues. I’m overly emotional.

It’s back to them, hugging, with smiles on their faces, those eyes that only sparkle with happiness. The episode ends with so much love and cuteness. I’m so happy for my hyung-nim and ma’am! I can’t wait to see how their story ends, but at the same time I don’t want it to happen yet. You feel me?

Aish, we’ll see that soon, don’t worry. For now, let’s comment on this episode below.

Peace out!
Ji Woong.

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