Hello, everyone! And here we are again, with episode 2 of our beloved K-drama: Oh My Venus. Did you enjoy my recap for episode 1? Did I do a good job? You should tell me if I’m lacking on something. I’m all about self improvement.

Okay, are we ready for the recap of episode 2? Then, you know how it goes…let’s go!

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Cool, we start with a bit from the previous episode, with Joo Eun nona trying to escape the creepy guy that follows her until Young Ho hyung appears, with his umbrella and cool lines. Both crouching down, with a cute song at the background. Then he makes a comment about pulling the hair out of someone, and a flash back shows us he saw what happened with the cheating bastard. He tells her the reason he came back is to give her back that piece of cotton she left in the car. Young Ho hyung tells her what I already told you all: he is a nice guy deep inside. He can’t help himself and has to help people in disadvantageous positions or in danger. I mean, it’s dark and raining and she was asking to be saved. He is worried.

Here, tough! I love this part because Joo Eun noona shows she’s very capable. He treats her like a damsel in distress but she takes the umbrella and shows him her murderous expression, which by the way I love. He accepts her explanation of how she can protect herself with a very dangerous weapon: the umbrella.

I think he is not very pleased that she shot him down, and he is a child inside, though, because when he passes next to her in the car, he makes sure to splash her.

By the way, do Young Ho’s mannerism remind you of some other character? Hmm…

We go with Young Ho in his car, to the hotel where he is asked if he made a wrong turn, which he apparently did, and then he leaves. He drives around in Seoul, we have no idea where he is going, but the song is quite melancholic. He ends up by the Han River, with his hoodie on, on the bonnet of the car, looking sad.

Flashback time! To a child version of Young Ho with a cast at the airport, saying goodbye to his grandmother. She is sending him to the States, to get a surgery. It’s a ver touching scene, it seems this is a hint to understand better his family situation.

Then he’s at the hotel, checking under another name… always protecting his identity. But even with that fake name, he is caught. When he wakes up the next morning, a man in suit that clearly works for the family company is there, being overly polite and coming for him. Young Ho hyung doesn’t look pleased.

Oh, is that a weird ringtone? That doesn’t sound like the one hyung would pick. And it is not, it belongs to a woman. He has the suitcase and purse of said lady… who could that be? We all know, it’s our Kang Joo Eun!

The one calling is her nagging friend, who is as usual, nagging a home. Although in this occasion she is being an overprotective omma. She keeps calling Joo Eun but she doesn’t pick up. Of course, she left her phone in her purse, at the hospital. I told you, noona, you should’ve have escaped from the hospital. Or was it in the ambulance? The point being, Young Ho has them.

Next, after arriving late, Joo Eun tries to sneak in the meeting but she’s caught. She is not very subtle and her boss is ew. I really don’t like him. At the time she’s made it to her seat and apologises, the secretary announces someone is ready. President Ew introduces to Oh Soo Jin, a very renown layer that worked for an important law firm.

Oh, isn’t that sexy lady from the bathroom in episode 1? The one I didn’t like? Aigo! She knows our Kang Joo Eun.

We get flash backs from the past. Wow! The incredible sexy Oh Soo Jin was really overweighted before, and they were friends. It seems the tables have turned and I believe their relationship didn’t end well. I can feel the tension.

In the flashback Joo Eun is helping Oh Soo Jin with her crush, or trying to help. I suspect it didn’t end well.

Bak in the present, we have a very tense situation. Seriously, it’s so thick you can cut it with a butter knife. They act pleasant but it looks so fake, exchanging pleasantries out of politeness only.

I keep disliking Oh Soo Jin, she acts like a snob. Only organic coffee? Couldn’t you be nicer? The secretary lady was trying to be kind and you shoot her down, reinforcing hierarchies.

They are saying their goodbyes and the phone rings, Joo Eun drops the frame picture of her and cheating boyfriend as she picks up, Oh Soo Jin takes it in her hands, slowly, taking a look at it and then smiles. Why don’t I believe that smile of hers?

Next scene, Young Ho being picked by many people in suit and taken to a place to change. No more jeans and trainers, it’s time for a suit and tie, hyung! Don’t worry, you look pretty! He tries to make an excuse, saying he needs proper shoes and a gift if he’s visiting home, but the men in suit are fast and have it ready, including the shoes.

There’s no other option but to go.

He was supposed to see Grandmother, but there are really high heels at the door steps. Uh-oh, it wasn’t Grandmother but a blind date, and he is going in. Good luck, hyung!

Then, at the company, Joo Eun meets Oh Soo Jin in the elevator. Tense, tense, oh so tense! Our poor Kang Joo Eun looks so uncomfortable, and she’s feeling bad so this isn’t helping her. I should go and save her, right? Oh Soo Jin jokes and keeps making Joo Eun uncomfortable, to then rub in her face that she is now her superior. I truly don’t like this girl.

We go back to hyung’s blind date. He’s acting nice and pleasant, and sees to be having fun with the girl. She’s pretty. His phone buzzes with text messages he ignores, pictures from Anna Sue. Then he is saying goodbye to lovely girl.

And here! This is the from-a-Hollywood-action-movie scene. With Joon Sung we come to rescue hyung. Don’t I look bad-ass sticking my tongue to the men in suit? This was so cool, I love when we act like this.

And then Young Ho takes us for shopping, and it’s Joo Sung and I trying different jackets. I was born for this, you can’t deny it. Everything looks good on me and I’m super cute. Young Ho tries not to show it, I know it, that’s why he acts like we are hurting him.

Joo Eun phone rings again and this time he picks up, and it’s her, Kang Joo Eun! She recognises him immediately and explains he didn’t pick up before because he thought it was her cheating boyfriend calling.

Seriously, these two only bicker. He even brings the topic of the stomach belt up again. She insists, it’s a corset. I find that funny.

Young Ho decides to buy twenty of the jackets Joon Sung is wearing. I feel discriminated, why not the one I tried on?

Our Joo Eun is again with her nagging friend, talking about Young Ho and more. Joo Eun accepts he is sexy, we all know that, and although her friend teases her, she isn’t really in the mood. It’s Oh Soo Jin, she doesn’t feel well about her and how she’s changed, but overall, how she wasn’t honestly happy to see her again.

Oh no! The men in suit have caught us now! but Young Ho says he will take care of it and goes to talk to Chief Min, the one that was at the hotel when he woke up. He informs hyung that the problem with Anna Sue was solved, of course, with money, but he won’t be going back to the States. Young Ho is even trying to act considerate and cute, but Chief Min isn’t fazed. Wow, you’re tough.

Young Ho tells us how it seems he’ll be staying longer than planned in Korea.

We are introduced to a board meeting, and Grandmother is there! She is really pale, isn’t she? Like a ghost. Anyhow, she is saying she’ll call Kim Young Ho in. Oh! So she wants him to come to the company. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Young Ho hyung wants.

Oh, look! It’s cheating boyfriend. It seems he works for that company and is in the same side as the director who opposed to bring Young Ho to the company. If he’s friends with cheating boyfriend, I don’t like him. Besides, he’s creepy and has his eye on Young Ho. He asks to find information about him, pictures, if he came to Korea or not, and more. Totally evil!

Young Ho drops us off and here I show my love for Korea. I really have fun here. But Young Ho can’t stay to play, he will meet Joo Eun to give her back her suitcase and phone. The purse, too, of course. But he is a bit late and Joo Eun is waiting at the hotel.

I knew it! I knew it! She smelled fishy to me. Oh Soo Jin? She is the one cheating boyfriend is cheating with! And she knew it! She kew he was Joo Eun’s boyfriend. That’s so low! And our Kang Joo Eun is so shocked, her heart breaking, but she tries to escape from that scene, the humiliation. However, it doesn’t work. As she keeps telling him “stay away,” she runs into the glass. Literally. Hard. Ouch! That must’ve hurt. She ends up on the floor, so humiliated she can’t even stand. I feel her, when everyone is staring at you and making noises of surprise, you only want the earth to swallow you whole. The best is to run, but even that seems like a herculean task, and she even lost her shoe, like Cinderella.

Dress shoes are shown, then a hand picking the shoe. When cheating boyfriend is about to go to Joo Eun, Young Ho appears, stopping him from coming closer. He kneels to help her as he wonders if saying “save me” is a common thing. She really wants his help. It’s less humiliating if someone is with you, shielding you from the judging eyes.

Young Ho, with his soft spot for people in difficult positions, helps her, assisting her to stand up, grabbing her close and taking her “out of this world,” per her request. They walk together, his hand around her waist, tightly wrapped. Wow, they look cool. And he takes her to his suit, leaving cheating boyfriend watching them with a confused expression.

Young Ho affirms that her in that suit with him would be something out of this world for her, and let’s admit it, it is really nice. But she is awkward inside, trying not to show it but failing. She goes for her suitcase, and just stands there, staring. Young Ho comes to her, placing his hand on his shoulder. “Does it hurt?” “Does it hurt a lot?” Of course it does, she saw her cheating boyfriend with her old friend! Oh, but he didn’t mean that, her shoulder is out of her socket! When offering his help, he just made it sound like he was proposing something else. Her shocked expression is priceless.

Next scene, the doors of the suit are shown and let me tell you, no one would believe he was fixing her shoulder. Those screams and sentences were more like from a porn movie. And I say this, feeling really awkward but laughing so hard as well.

The cheating couple is shown now, and I hate this girl. She doesn’t even feel remorse, she even likes the feeling of being “the bitch.” Seriously? I hate them.

We are back at the suit with Young Ho and Joo Eun together. She is referring to cheating boyfriend as ex-boyfriend and Young Ho is impressed that she hasn’t actually made a scene and pulled his hair out. But Joo Eun is cool, she wouldn’t do that. He wraps a blanket around her and checks her pulse. It’s low, like her body temperature, so he insists she should see a doctor. I really, really hope she isn’t sick.

She leaves and refuses Young Ho to take her home, because she knows cheating ex-boyfriend is waiting for her. He also expects her to make a scene, and he is ready for it, but she will take it easy, for her shoulder sake.

In a restaurant, she’s acting cold and distant, even when he offers her water, juice and coffee for her to throw at him. Joo Eun noona, throw the three at the same time!

But she doesn’t follow my advice, she clarifies the situation, saying what really happened in the suit, but he wasn’t even worried about that. It shows he doesn’t see her like that, like it could be a possibility. She is trying to hold on to her dignity and breaking up with him without causing a scene, but he is shameless and ask her not to blame it on Oh Soo Jin. I would, she seems like a b*tch to me.

He tells her that in her journey to accomplish her dream of being the Cinderella of the legal world, she lost too much, apparently meaning him and her beauty. But she is intelligent, she knows it, and she is proud of it. She is fine as long as she has that and he is an ass and she is leaving. That’s right, noona. You don’t need him.

She takes a cab that leads the to the airport. No, she is not leaving the country, she is picking her car. Remember she left in an ambulance when she arrived? Yeah, she has to go for it. On her way she remembers her interactions with Oh Soo Jin. I hate her. She clearly knew she was stealing Joo Eun’s boyfriend. Aish!

In her car, she starts getting rid of everything that reminds her of her ex-boyfriend, as she hears again Young Ho’s advices. Although he might have been talking about her physical wounds, they also work for her emotional ones. Every wound is different and although they might look okay on the surface, it’s not always the case. They need time to heal.

She has a flashback as she drives back home. She wanted to be the Cinderella of the legal world, because she liked that happily ever after she read. That is what she explains at young ex-boyfriend. Nowadays, though, she knows Cinderella isn’t a possibility, it’s just “bullcrap”.

At the office, the next day, we get a glimpse of how she threw all pictures with cheating boyfriend and is looking intently at the clock. Oh Soo Jin hasn’t shown up, and she should’ve. She stole the boyfriend! How shameless of her, it has to be Kang Joo Eun the one facing her and demanding for answers. I’m not sure, but I don’t believe her when she says she didn’t recognise Joo Eun at the bathroom in episode 1.

They go to have lunch together and here she drives nagging friend mad. I don’t mind her nagging this time, as long as it is addressed to Oh Soo Jin, who only asks for a green salad, without dressing. Seriously? “I don’t eat for the taste.” Well, that’s pitiful. And she barely eats, and so dramatically. How annoying.

Is it too obvious how much I don’t like her?

Kang Joo Eun is pissed and wants her to apologise, but she doesn’t even feel sorry about it. Saying one doesn’t pick whom we fall for. What a load!. Her cynical attitude is pissing me off, and not only me but Joo Eun, who seems about to grab that fork and kill her.

Oh Soo Jin gives a low blow, when Joo Eun trying to tell her off, she tells her how it is Joo Eun who should come to her senses because we’re not in the past anymore and she’s not the one she was. She doesn’t have that power anymore.

Aish, so frustrating!

Joo Eun asks if it’s because of Oh Soo Jin’s older crush, but she disregards it. Then in the car she laughs hysterically until she admits how much she liked him. And we get a flash back. This guy had a radio show and Joo Eun took her there. She shares a touching story of how her friend was there for her, because she was lonely and troubled and those are the reason for gaining weight. They seemed to have such a precious friendship. When the guy compliments her, she faints. But the time she comes back, she sees him writing something on Joo Eun’s palm and her laughing. I knew it hadn’t ended well, their friendship clearly broke there.

Back in the present, Joo Eun is remembering the words Oh Soo Jin said, about travelling to the past and coming to her senses, but then I come into the picture! Yes, I come to make her life brighter! I even give her a hug. I bet she needed one.

I had been trying to contact her, but she didn’t reply, so I went to her office because I need her legal advice on a sponsorship contract for Joon Sung. I insist it was destiny what brought us together, and even if I came here, it was destiny.

I notice the candies she’s eating and I worry because I’m scared she might get sick again, and I don’t want her to lose her nice face. She’s so cute. So I tell her about Jennifer Anderson and how she found her new life. I mention to her she could do the same. She needs to take care of herself, I don’t want her to get sick again. But it seems she likes eating too much, unhealthily. Ma’am, please look after yourself.

We are taken next to Young Ho who receives his father at the suite. He’s come to tell him about what Grandmother did, and to ask if Young Ho wants him to step down for him, but Young Ho doesn’t give a definite answer.

Then, it’s back to Joo Eun who’s receiving more things from the plane, among them, the jacket I gave her that looked so cute on her, a J. Kim’s wallet and then his medical licence! Oh, she’s putting the dots together, realising they belong to the famous John Kim, who’s helped old queens to find themselves again.

And then she’s at the hotel, at my door. Hug time! But wait, there’s been a confusion, she thinks I am John Kim… and Young Ho is confirming it. Hyung, what are you doing?

And that’s where the episode ends, with mine and Joon Sung’s very confused expressions, and a very excited Joo Eun.

What did you think of this episode? I know, there wasn’t enough of me, but don’t worry, we still have more ahead. It’s until next week, then.

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