Hello everyone! It’s a new week, a new episode of our K-drama Oh My Venus. Are your ready to go over it with me? Let’s go!

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Our episode begins with our Joo Eun rushing to the hotel and having a flashback of that humiliating moment when she caught the cheating boyfriend. This time, she has a different attitude. This time she is determined. And that’s how she arrives to where I am, confusing me with John Kim. This part you saw it, when the actual John Kim confirms her mistake, no matter how much I try to tell him no, he doesn’t get it. Young Ho drags Joo Eun inside, covering her mouth so no one else hears the famous John Kim is around. Because she was talking when he did that, her tongue touches his palm.

That is very awkward.

Once inside hyung faces her, he immediately knows she’s come to request his help, well… my help? It’s confusing. They bicker a bit about that. She then goes for me and explains, happily, how she connected the dots. Okay, it’s partly my fault for telling her some things I shouldn’t have, and keeping hyung’s badge. Uh-oh, this is going to get me in so much trouble. Yet, it’s cute she thinks she got it all right and even thinks our bewildered expressions are validation to her conclusions, but no, we’re just dumbfounded.

In the bathroom, where he are having our secret meeting and my punishment, with my arms in the air and on my knees—I knew I would get in trouble but I didn’t expect things to turn out this way— both hyung and Joon Sung are trying to think what we do, and it seems Young Ho hyung is about to have a mental break down.

At the other side, Joo Eun is too happy, cheering for this chance. When her mother calls her, she even starts fantasising about what will happen once she loses weight, like in the show with Jessica Anderson. The fun part is everyone’s reactions and her dimple kisses. She is so cute.

Hyung has decided that because she is a lawyer, we can’t really escape this easily so we are going through this, meaning I have to pretend to be him. Because hyung needs to be here, he is Team Doctor. We make the excuse that they need to stay because my Korean sucks, which isn’t that farfetched, besides my English really comes out every time I get really nervous.

She is so happy that I can’t help smile with her. I think this is good, we are doing a good thing and I really like Joo Eun.

Next scene is her going home, still deliriously happy, and having her last meal. At least that’s her excuse. Even her nagging friend, once she calls her, laughs at that statement. But this time is different, Joo Eun knows it, because this time she has us. Of course, she can’t share this information with her friend.

Here. This scene. There’s something suspicious, there are red flowers on her balcony and by the way she reacts, I can tell they weren’t there before. Someone brought them. She doesn’t get suspicious, but it is weird. She even greets the flowers.

Then, we see poor Joon Sung having his ass handed in punishment. It’s all my fault, I apologise and everything, but hyung needs to channel his frustration.

Aren’t I cute when I dance to SISTAR’s Shake It for my hyungs? It’s my way to repay them for the situation we are in.

Hyung receives a call from Chief secretary Min who tells him his new house is getting ready, he doesn’t need to stay in the hotel anymore and he doesn’t need anything. We can a glimpse of this.

Then it’s back to Joo Eun in her office and having just one spoon of sugar with her coffee, showing her determination. Even her secretary is surprised. She then talks about John Kim, making me nervous she is going to blurt out, but she doesn’t, she just acts weird. The secretary complains about Oh Soo Jin and her stupid organic coffee. Aish.

Then it’s said witch, getting a massage, with the two girls with her complimenting her nice skin, saying it’s natural but even she reckons it’s not. I am curious to know how much she went through to become like that. On her way out, she encounters cheating boyfriend and he escorts her, being cheesy. I don’t like them.

In the building cheating boyfriend is taking the lift at the same time Young Ho takes another, it almost looks like they’ll meet, but they are going to different floors, so I guess they won’t encounter each other.

We get a flashback of hyung’s infancy, when his father receives the news his wife passed away in an accident. Baby hyung, of course, is listening to all that from afar, even when his father says they can’t tell the world about him until he can properly bow to his mother’s foto, which he can’t because he is in a wheel chair. He calls for his omma, but she will not come.

It breaks my heart.

In the present, hyung is at his father’s office and it’s so cold it looks like December arrived earlier. He asks for his job back in the States, saying it benefits his father as well, but the old man doesn’t help. He even treats him as if hyung has had it easy and sweet, when it hasn’t been like that. That’s frustrating. When he is leaving the office he says that if they had another meeting with the blind date, he’ll agree to the arranged marriage. No, hyung! The girl is nice, but really?

Outside, Chief Min asks what Young Ho is doing there, and he tells him to rely the message to his grandmother that he got fired and needs help, so he needs Chief Min. That would make her happy, right? And also to tell her to pick up the phone because he misses her.

Hyung, after a short scene with the grandmother and woman that I’m not sure why was there, is depressed by the river, just being there, not telling us what he is thinking. Until Joon Sung calls him to tell him how amazing the house is. Seriously, it’s humongous and I love and I look like a king. I even got a sweater with the JK letters to show I’m John Kim. This is total proof, right? Like my Harvard tees.

Next scene, Joo Eun sees her car being blocked by another amazing red sport car, which of course, belong to Oh Soo Jin, the wench. And this is funny, she really sucks! She can’t get the car out, no matter how much she tries. I want to laugh out loud… okay, I admit it, I’m doing it. At the end, Joo Eun takes the car and masterly takes it out. Of course, she’s our Joo Eun, she’s the best. They exchange some snarky remarks. Seriously, they are like elementary kids, fighting to be the one with the last word.

Next scene it’s us, both Young Ho and Joon Sung making sure I do my best to make Joo Eun give up. That’s our plan, she’ll be the one to quit, so it’ll be training of hell. At that time, Joo Eun arrives, and even her tone is extremely happy. She looks adorable and I run to her. She makes me happy. She runs to me, too, and we hug. I can’t emphasis enough how cute she is, and she looks cute with me, ruing hand in hand as I take her where she can change.

While she changes, I’m entrusted again to be as hard as I can to make her quit as soon as possible. When she is ready, she is being shy, hiding because Young Ho and Joon Sung are still here, but they have to stay because my Korean doesn’t work, hence why I call her in in English. She gives us all business cards before we start. We begin with stretching and I’m doing it great, but Young Ho thinks it’s not enough and brings Joon Sung to show the circuit she has to do. She is horrified when she realises that’s what she has to do, over and over again.

Let’s be honest, she’s not good, really slow and looking more like a fish. The scene changes to her nagging friend watching the same exercises Joo Eun is doing and stating “they must be out of their minds,” which is probably what Joo Eun is thinking.

It’s back to ma’am and she is just lying on the floor, completely exhausted and evaluating all her life choices. Her mind goes back to Young Ho, acting like me acting like him, telling her to just leave when she is ready because the door locks automatically. She starts thinking if she is doing the right thing by starting this, it’s too hard and killing, but she begun and that’s half the battle.

Then it’s a pool scene and it’s, of course, the ex national swimmer, AKA cheating boyfriend, with his witch of new girlfriend, Oh Soo Jin, in a swimming suit even when she can’t swim. They are having a moment, talking about teaching her to swim. He brings up Joo Eun. Even if she says acceptance is part of dealing with the past, it’ll be hard. He spent fifteen years with Joo Eun. I hope he always brings her up so Oh Soo Jin is always reminded she is just the one that came after.

Back to our girl, she is having trouble going up the stairs, but her daydream of being healthy and fit again pushes her forward.

HERE! We have another creepy thing. There’s a man watching her. Could he be a stalker? The one who left the flowers?

The next day she is running, Joon Sung next to her and I’m on his back, to help him with the exercise. We are trying to help her the best we can, but she looks like she is dying. Young Ho just pushes her. Even in her misery, she looks cute.

We introduce her to her heavy bag, that weights exactly the same as her body fat. We made it a cute teddy and she starts attacking it, it’s actually scary. She even trows it away when I’m helping Joon Sung, the teddy flying towards him and knocking him. Poor ma’am, but even in her death bed she still kicks her heavy bag. She’s remarkable.

Next scene, the cheating and despicable characters are having a cheesy moment. Yada yada, nobody cares.

Ma’am is still training, until she gets a cramp so the three of us rush to help her. I try to distract her, making cat sounds although I aimed for mouse. I tried, though.

Then it’s the three of us over the table, talking how she hasn’t lost any weight, which is really regretful. We also realise she doesn’t seem to be quitting anytime soon. Then, completely getting distracted, I show them the news about Anna Sue and hyung, as usual, just shoots me down. But then I receive a text from Joo Eun. She’s so kind to me, so I reply with the same kindness and love. There’s nothing weird with saying I Love You, right? Yet Hyung glares daggers at me. Well, he kind of always does. Joon Sung then remembers we have an interview the next day, which means, the real John Kim will be alone with Joo Eun.

When this happens, he has to act like me acting like him, telling her what happened. He even says “I love you, ma’am.” He is doing a good job, though. He could be an actor. You’re the best, hyung!

They begin with the circuit but hyung receives a call, which is to remind him of his date with the girl. Joo Eun convinces him to just go, she can stay and train on her own. She knows what to do and that the door locks automatically. She immediately begins and hyung can leave to change and then meet his date.

It’s a fancy restaurant and he apologises for being late, but she is really nice and doesn’t mind. On another place of Seoul, a cinema, the cheating boyfriend and wench are having a movie date, but she doesn’t even eat popcorn, which makes me kind of pity her. She must’ve gone through a lot and struggle daily to stay fit. In the middle of their disgusting flirting, cheating boyfriend receives a call from his mother-in-law. Uh-oh, he hasn’t changed the contact and neither has Joo Eun, because when he calls her, it still has a heart and such.

It happens Joo Eun’s mother is in town and she asked to visit cheating boyfriend, that is why he calls Joo Eun who comes in her state, not caring at all, trying to take her away from the restaurant, that happens to be the same Young Ho is at. But her omma refuses to leave, because she doesn’t know anything. Reluctantly, Joo Eun has to sit, and right then her brother comes with a girl. Oh, he’s engaged and that is the real reason why omma is there and having that dinner. Joo Eun tells cheating boyfriend to just leave, but it’s getting awkward, wedding talk and such. Ma’am manages to make her brother leave so she can finally tell her they broke up.

I hate this part. Because her mother immediately thinks it’s Joo Eun’s fault and apologises in her behalf, begging him to take her back. She has no clue! It was him the one cheating, God knows for how long! But Joo Eun can’t tell her that, instead she allows her mother to humiliate her like that. Why can’t she think it was him the one doing the wrong thing? Why does she blame it on her daughter? That’s just so despicable. I don’t like omma right now.

Cheating boyfriend leaves, with no shame because he wasn’t embarrassed there like she was, he isn’t being hit and getting his mother causing a scene. And Young Ho is hearing everything, feeling worried and upset for her. He really has a kind heart, he can’t help it. He even gets distracted from his date, mentions to the nice girl how he’s worried because she—meaning Joo Eun—keeps showing up, making him worry.

In the car, Joo Eun is driving her mother to the bus terminal in a very awkward silence. Even then she can’t tell her the truth of why they broke up, and I get a bit angry at her because I want to stand up for ma’am, she is the victim, she should be comforted, not scolded.

Ma’am, don’t worry, I’ll give you hugs when we see each other again!

The date is over, and Young Ho is really worried about Joo Eun. I’m also back home, and thankfully, hyung decides to take over and help Champion train, but he doesn’t find Joon Sung there but Joo Eun, training to I Will Survive. She can barely keep going, but she is still there, trying. He even gets a bit angry, because she is going too far. I think it’s also because he is worried. He doesn’t really understand why she is so desperate to lose weight. She doesn’t bother to explain it to him, she will just keep trying until she can’t. He tells her that moments arrived but she believes she can do it, and because she’s Joo Eun, and she can do anything she sets her mind to. If she believes she can do it, then she can because she believes it. However, he has to stop her because she’ll injure herself if she continues.

He calls for a driver for her and companies until she is safe in the car, giving her one last piece of advice to take a hot shower before bed to feel better the next day. He also says it because he knows what happened at the restaurant, and he is worried. He keeps staring at her, even when Joon Sung arrives. He knows by now how great she is, sincere, determined and hard working.

I think his head and heart are a mess, because he even tells Joon Sung to skip training and go home.

In her own home, Joo Eun is in pain, but she makes it to the sofa and finally deletes cheating boyfriend’s contact before texting John Kim, meaning me, asking me if I believe she can change. I’m not reading the messages because I’m sleeping, but the real John Kim is, and when she says she’ll believe it because it’s him helping her, it seems to hit a nerve. He goes to train, hard, with a troubled look.

The next day, in her office, Joo Eun receives the wench, telling her she has to go on a broadcast to make publicity for the law firm, and because it can’t be anyone else, it has to be Joo Eun. It’s just a load of bull, she is really taking revenge, even if she feigns ignorance.

At the end, Joo Eun has to go because there’s no way out. She is nervous, but she keeps telling herself she can do it. In the broadcasting station she keeps practising and texts me telling me that she can’t go running because of her broadcast schedule, and she asks for cheers. Young Ho gives her a fighting I hope she receives. He informs me she can’t make it and then we get to see the wench watching the show. Ha, she said she had a meeting. What a—

Young Ho is also watching Joo Eun, explaining everything in the show, using her legal jargon and such. But she is really pale and doesn’t look well, and we know that because as soon as she finishes, she faints, in live broadcasting! Scaring us all!

Ma’am, are you okay?

Once again, she is taken to the hospital in a ambulance, for a second time in the drama. In her head she thinks of how that first time even her corset was torn apart and wonders how terrible it will be this time. Of course, she is unconscious and can’t see, but her sub-conscience worries.

I think the wench might feel a bit worried, because she frantically calls her boyfriend who seems to be in a rush and can’t attend her call. He looks frantic, too. Could he possible be worried about Joo Eun? He wouldn’t dare, right?

In the hospital, it’s Young Ho next to her, taking the IV and putting a band aid on the back of her hand. He remembers she doesn’t like that sight of that thing plugged to her or blood. Then her phone goes off and he hands it to her, which means he hasn’t left and is making her company. Joo Eun doesn’t pick up and checks her state to realise, once again, she is in few clothes. “I didn’t tear them this time,” he says, with his dry humour. I still laughed at that, though, and her eyeball.

He drives her home, asking her once again why she wants to lose weight. I think he really wants to understand this time, but she doesn’t reply because she doesn’t really think he wants to know or is truly interested.

They are saying goodbyes again, she thanks him and leaves after a very awkward moment. It’s like before again, with that tension and weird mood. She gets out and walks towards home, but then someone grabs her wrist and makes her turn around.

It’s Kim Young Ho!

And he confesses to her that if they are doing this for real, then she must know he is the real John Kim.

OMO! That is how our episode end. Did you enjoy it? What are your thoughts on it? Let’s have a discussion on the comments!

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This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.