Greetings, everyone! So here we are again after a very fun and exciting episode four of our K-drama Oh My Venus. Are you ready to recap it with me? Then, let’s go!

Watch episode 4:

We begin the same way we ended the previous episode, with Young Ho driving Joo Eun home, parking his car, awkward goodbye, then he following her out and stopping her to say he is John Kim. Chan chan chaaaaan! But there’s something new this time in the car, before she gets out he asks her if she was surprised about her hypothyroidism. Her expression is enough to know she has no clue and hyung is impressed that she didn’t know. I mean, I’d be surprised that she doesn’t too, in her company she needs to get physical checkups and such. Even if he says he’s sorry because he’s made her work in a way she shouldn’t and wouldn’t help it, which means it’s his fault that she collapsed, although he didn’t know; she just thanks him instead, accepting it’s her mistake and her body, hence her problem.

Now we get the scene of him getting off the car, too, more dramatically, and doing what we saw in the previous episode. After he explains to her that she hasn’t lost anything and all the training she did was meant for UFC athletes, she gets angry. Omo! She grabs him by the collar and looks positively murderous, but because she is wearing flew little clothes he has to grab her lapels and push them close because he doesn’t want her to have an “indecent” scene. She is shocked that after so much hard work she hasn’t had any results. I feel bad about her, too.

Joo Eun is hurt and angry because she realises she was deceived. She wanted to believe us, to trust us and that’s why she did it, because she was desperate to believe in us. Hyung looks like he feels like crap after that, I know I do. I feel like we seriously betrayed her.

We get a deeper glimpse of what happened at the hospital now, when Young Ho finds out she has hypothyroidism, which we should’ve known before, and he remembers how hard she worked, which wasn’t the kind of exercise she should’ve done. He stays with her at the hospital, looking after her when cheating boyfriend arrives. I can’t believe he is there! He has no shame. And he says he has right to know, and to ask what’s hyung’s relationship with Joo Eun. Hyung says “she keeps fainting and I keep saving her. I haven’t decided if it’s coincidence or destiny.” Let me tell you, hyung, it’s destiny. Just like me meeting her was destiny. Accept it, embrace it.

Then we’re back to the normal track of time, hyung is driving home but he keeps thinking of her, all the things she’s said, all that trust she put in us. Yup, I keep feeling like trash as he recalls all that.

The next scene is with Oh Soo Jin. Ew, I know. Turns out, she also went to the hospital and saw Woo Sik going to see Joo Eun. She is trying to get drunk and just looking miserable, which suits her. I don’t like her. After all, she pushed Joo Eun to that show, in which she humiliated herself and became the laughing stock, she even ended up in the sixth place of the engine searches. Cheating boyfriend arrives and both feel like trash, the biggest bitch and the biggest bastard. He admits he went to see Joo Eun and that he feels so bad about her, still. And that he feels bad to Oh Soo Jin, too, for feeling like that. Aish, I don’t even want to make a comment about these two. I hope they continue feeling miserable.

Next scene is nagging friend and Joo Eun, while ma’am is crying her eyes out, the friend tries to make her feel better, although she uses weird ways to do it. At least she is trying, I can give her points for that. And she is also helping Joo Eun. Even if I don’t particularly like her friend, she is looking after our Joo Eun and that’s enough for me. She needs someone, even if Joo Eun falls asleep in the middle of the talk. By the way, Joo Eun asks if her friend brought the red flowers, but she wasn’t. They still give me a bad hunch.

Next day! At hyung’s house we can see my Master Chef’s skills in display as I make chicken salad. I’m great, let’s admit it. I even keep dancing to SISTAR’s Shake It. Simultaneously, Joon Sung and Young Ho are training, or well, hyung-nim is torturing our champion, and he still notices how Joon Sung pulls off his shoulder and orders him to get a checkup, he can’t afford to be injured. Despite that, Champion asks why hyung is acting that way, because talking would be less painful than dying at his hands, right?. Hyung is still conflicted about Joo Eun, he feels it’s his fault. Hyung, don’t worry, it’s ours fault, not only yours.

Then, we can finally see my master’s piece as we have breakfast, but hyung doesn’t look like he’s hungry or anything, and although I try to make it less tense, it doesn’t work. Then he drops the bomb that he told the truth to Joo Eun! And that she has hypothyroidism. We know that’s why she hasn’t shown any results now.

Then it’s back to her, pondering if she should take a sick leave because after crying so much even her eyes are puffy. We see next a lift scene, with her colleagues watching the video of her fainting and laughing, but none of them has noticed ma’am is also there until secretary talks. She just tells them off, with her unimpressed expression. She also tells secretary she has hypothyroidism, so of course she isn’t okay.

It’s back to Oh Soo Jin and her remembering the night before, how she and cheating boyfriend went home together. I’m not lying when I say every time she shows up I go “EWW!”

At the same parking lot, it’s Joon Sung and I. We’ve come to apologise to Joo Eun and our champion is so sorry he can’t even make his feet move, but I’ve got this. I know she loves me so she’ll forgive me because she’s really nice. We just have to apologise and with the Air Freshener I’ve brought, I’m sure she will.

In her office, Joo Eun finds the results of her physical and, of course, there it is said she has hypothyroidism. If she had opened that envelope before she would’ve known. She makes a comment that the doctors should’ve told her, gave her a call and such, but I honestly believe it’s her own fault and irresponsibility there. Ma’am, you need to take care of your body properly.

The queen bitch comes in, not to check on her really, even if she asks that, she just comes to reinforce the hierarchies, insisting how Joo Eun should call her Deputy President and use formal speech. Seriously, her inferiority complex makes her do such absurd things. She has also come to tell her she has to work from home for a week, because what happened affects negatively the company. Aish! It was her fault. Besides, she comes to rub in Joo Eun’s face that she is wearing the same clothes as the day before. Implications: she spent the night at Woo Sik’s. Bleh!

At the same time she is leaving, I walk in, leaving the air freshener by the door, and then I run to give her a hug, but Joo Eun doesn’t pay me attention. I’m clever, after all I’m a Harvard student, so I notice immediately the wench is the problem and tell Joo Eun to sue her and get rid of her, but she’s the Deputy President, so she can’t. Then I, like a gentleman, offer to give her a lesson myself. However, Joo Eun instead tells me I’m the one who should be given a lesson. I get on my knees immediately, because that’s what I have to do. I’m sincerely apologising, and so is Joon Sung when he walks in after knocking, saying we did this to protect Young Ho’s secret and that we’re really sorry. I mean, we’re crazy and all, and I make sure to tell her how sorry we are and how she could kills us and all with there super lawyer powers. She smiles! Faintly, but she does so that means we are good! And she’s happy with the present we brought. She smiles again when I tell her it’s a air freshener. She can’t resist me.

Then it’s back with Oh Soo Jin… in her flashback, she is getting shot down by cheating boyfriend! Ahahaha! She invites him in but he refuses. Golf is more important. Serves you right! I don’t feel sympathy for you and if the boyfriend you stole doesn’t want to spend the night with you, I couldn’t care less.

Next scene is at a cafe, and it’s Joo Eun. We give her her coffee and then we leave, thanking her for forgiving us, but now it’s Young Ho’s turn. I wish her luck before leaving, of course I do. Once they are talking, she asks if he has proof that he is the real Jonh Kim. I agree with hyung, she should’ve doubted us from the beginning, but she is really trusting. She asks why it’s a secret that he is John Kim, and although he tells her the truth, that he is a chaebol and his family doesn’t approve of what he does, she doesn’t believe it. He leaves it at that. Then she takes out a contract, but she also, accidentally, hands him the results of her physical. When she tries to take it back, he just… HUGS HER! Like that he stops her as he reads the results, confirming all what he knows already. He teases her when she pushes him off her, saying he’s seen everything there’s to be seen so she shouldn’t be embarrassed with all the touching. Hyung, don’t provoke her, she’ll kill you! If you keep teasing her she will really throw at you the burning coffee.

Hyung breaks the contract because it doesn’t work like that. He then states her body belongs to him. Omo! Hyung, as he leans too close to her, keeps telling her how even if she asks for mercy there won’t be anything, he won’t stop even if she can’t take it anymore. The innuendo in his words surprises me. I should have a talk to him, telling him he can’t talk like that to a girl. He should pick his words more carefully if he doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand. I know, I get constantly misunderstood. In my case, because my Korean and English get mixed.

Next scene is the pale grandmother and the woman… I think she’s her daughter, and she is very excited because someone is coming back, apparently. A relative maybe? Who is Young Joon?

Then it’s Woo Sik at the office. Blah blah work talk, but then he gets asked if he’s found out more about Kim Young Ho, which he hasn’t as to report. In his own office it’s shown how he got a hold of hyung’s driver’s licence, hence, getting a picture. He realises he’s the man who’s with Joo Eun, so he means to ask her—via text—how’s that she knows him, yet at the end he doesn’t send it. He calls Soo Jin but she doesn’t pick up.

Then it’s us again! Joon Sung is getting his physical, and he’s being asked to do all sort of exercises, which are killing him, but I keep supporting him. Aren’t I a great manager? At some point, when he is left alone, being monitored, a girl suddenly comes in! He is surprised and tries to cover himself because he is shirtless (you’re welcome, fans). It turns out she is Hee Jin, the Commercials Queen, and she’s come because champion rejected her, I mean, not her but to shoot the commercial with her. He says he really said he’d think about it, which isn’t good to her. Then she spots a scar on Joon Sung’s left side, thinking it was appendicitis. Of course, she’s just completely lost about it, but she says that the Korean Snake might be sick, which sounds really ominous, even coming from her. At the end, she leaves.

Then we jump to the car with Young Ho and Joo Eun, she went for her medicine and is bummed that she’ll have to take it forever, although she’s happy they got her age wrong. He tries to help her cope with the idea of all the things he can’t eat and the fact that she has to be on medication forever, he tells that once her body is working properly again the pills won’t be needed. Then, she asks where they are going: “Too see what you’re hiding under there.”

He is taking her to get measured, basically. She’ll get stripped and scanned, which of course makes her embarrassed but it’s either that or hyung measures her himself. He reminds her her body is his, so because he has the right not to look like a pervert, she has no choice. He literally drags her in and the scan begins, showing the zones that are more affected and that need more attention. She is dying of embarrassment, but hyung needs to know this if he intends to help her.

In the car back home, Joo Eun is sleeping and hyung receives a call, telling him that he has to come for dinner because Young Joon is coming back… is he hyung’s dongsaeng? But hyung can’t make it and tells Chief Min so. Yes, he totally can’t make it, he’s taking ma’am home.

Next we’re at Young Ho’s family house, with Young Joon, hyung’s father, grandmother, the lady I think should be his aunt, and the other man that works with Woo Sik, who can’t stop praising Young Joon and his accomplishments and how he takes after brother-in-law. Seriously, that man is embarrassing, because he is clearly trying to suck up to Young Ho’s father, who by the way, doesn’t seem happy too see Young Joon there. It’s such an awkward dinner, and before Young Ho’s father leaves, pale grandmother states her wish to leave Young Ho in charge of the company, asking for their support to grant her wish. Hm, Young Joon looks absolutely pissed with that. It seems he wants that place for himself.

Back in the car with Joo Eun and Young Ho, he wake her up and tells her he’ll see her again the next day. Before she leaves, she turns around to ask if he’s the real John Kim, he tells her that the more time they spend together the more certain she’ll be. He also tells her he doesn’t give up, and she replies that because of that she won’t give up either and she’ll work really hard. He leaves, after she insists he drives before she goes in.

She wakes up with the doorbell the next day and my voice calling her “ma’am, ma’am!” It’s us! We’ve come to visit her, the three of us. I brought coffee, by the way. And even if she is not letting us in, Young Ho makes his way in. I think it’s because she has her boyfriend there, but Young Ho says she got dumped. I walk in happily, Joon Sung excuses him in and Young Ho just holds her while we walk in.

What’s our mission? To clean her place and take everything that is dying, which is a lot. There’s so much food she can’t eat, food that is lost forever! Victims of her forgetfulness! It smells, and nothing can be saved. “They are all dead,” I say, referring to all the food that’s decomposed in her kitchen.

Hyung explains to her that even if some things are okay to her, because of her hypothyroidism she can’t eat them. He points what she can eat and what she can’t, and even if it hurts, she must look after herself. Then, as he explains, I go to her room and when I come back, I’m in a hat, coat and looking like Michael Jackson! I’m great, aren’t I?

Hyung keeps working on her, and by just looking at her posture he can tell all the points that are giving her trouble, like her joins and back, that are connected to her illness. He also figures out how her sleeping pattern and lifestyle have lead her to get sick. He does all this medical talk and Joo Eun is surprised, she even asks him if he’s Young Pal, but hyung has no clue what she is talking about. As he explains to her that she is going to start anew, from walking to sleeping, eating and more, he notices the two band aids he’s put when she’s been taken to the hospital each time. She has them, both, on a corner. He doesn’t mention it, but there’s a faint smile.

He really can’t stop thinking of her, even when he’s working out, she’s in her mind, talking about trusting him and not giving up.

The next day, he goes to pick her up, with the results of her checkup, and tells her what the these are; basically, she’s obese, the fat mostly on her belly and bum. She’s scared that he’s taking her to a place where she has to strip again, it’s been enough humiliation, but he says it’s more like a lock up. And indeed it is, he’s taking her to his home and she has to hide because of the rumours, especially after she’s been on TV. He asks her to call him Coach-nim, and when she asks why she has to be brought like a luggage, he explains what I already said. She is clever, she understands, after all he is secret trainer John Kim. As they compare what they are doing to taking the bar exam again, and leaving it to good luck this time because she used the miracle already when she passed it, she mentions getting back her beauty, but he doesn’t believe she was pretty once, even if she tells her the story of how everyone loved her back in the day.

After she’s been stretching, he calls her to start the workout. She is a bit startled as he sets up the machine, and when she trips, he catches her, she’s a bit embarrassed that his hand is on her belly, but he doesn’t even seem fazed. Then he is telling her how to do proper squads because she sucks at them.

OH THE AMOUNT OF SKINSHIP! His hands on her hips, as he stands behind her, helping her go down, and up, down and up again.

As she wakes up the next morning, in her head she hears hyung telling her what she has to do, from sleeping on her bed, stretching twenty minutes, taking her medicine with warm water and sit well. Sometimes he shows up in the home, oddly, dressed in a suit. But he is just her imagination, and even there he is strict, which is amusing. By the time she is having dinner, she is tired of him and shouts at him to get lost! She should’ve waived her hand in front of her face as saying get lost, right?

Then we see a man in a suit trying to open her door, but she is back in the car, this time being driven by Joon Sung. She apologises for getting us caught up, but we don’t mind, right, champion? Besides, it’s our way to apologise for deceiving her. He tells her to get ready because we’re almost there and then I jump in! I was in the car, too, hiding like her. I scare her a bit. Kekeke.

Hyung is also working out and when he is leaving he sees her still running and training before he drives her home. After waking her up when they make it home, she tells him how she’s lost one kilo every day, for which she is happy, but he tells her not to get her hopes up, after all it’s complicate with her condition and it might be just because she’s taking her medication.

On his way, hyung abruptly stops the car. Did he see something? That was dramatic.

Then, at home, she’s about to take her medicine when the doorbell rings. She calls to know who it is but no one answers, so she opens the door to reveal a young man in a suit, holding a pot with the same red flowers. She tries to close the door, but he blocks her and walks in. SHE DID HAVE A STALKER! He is the one that brought the flowers, and that was watching her and tried to open her door before! And she’s scared, she is terrified he’s there. We don’t even know who he is! But he is crazy, I can tell that. She grabs the umbrella and tries to threaten him, but he just takes it and throws it away, which causes the door not to look. By the time she is asking for someone to save her, Young Ho storms in!

Perfect timing, hyung! Now save her!

And that’s where the episode ends, leaving us in such a cliffhanger! Aish, aren’t you biting your fingernails? Hyung, are you going to save her? You must! We’re just at episode four and this isn’t a melodrama, she can’t die, right?

A week sound like too long! But we can do it, right? Fighting, everyone!

Peace out!
Ji Woong

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.