Another week, another episode in our beloved K-drama Oh My Venus. The wait was unbearable, but we have been rewarded with a great and exciting episode. Are you ready to recap it with me? I need to warn you now, I might scream like a little fangirl in a K-pop concert and I’m not ashamed. You’ll understand why.

Let’s go!

Watch episode 5:

We begin with the same scene we were, painfully and ruthlessly, left on for a week! The stalker coming in, the flower pot breaking, and our Joo Eun freaking out. I can’t blame her for getting so startled and freezing and calling for help. Thankfully, Young Ho arrives. The first thing he asks is if she’s hurt. The stalker attempts to throw a punch at hyung but come on, he’s John Kim. So it’s useless, hyung takes care of him, reducing him and pinning him against the floor, his knee on his back as he keeps a seemingly casual conversation with Joo Eun, asking if she’s all right and why she didn’t pick up the phone. He hands her his to call the police. The next scene is the police arriving and taking the stalker to the station. Young Ho drives Joo Eun, and we see Woo Sik in his car, watching them. Another stalker? Aish, seriously.

In the station, the police are being giant douchebags, not believing what Joo Eun is saying because the stalker happens to live on the flat below. They even insult her, saying there’s no reason for anyone to stalk her. I should walk in right there and give them a lesson. Neck slice! How dare they insult her like that?

Young Ho arrives then, clearly fed up with these policemen, making them realise they are not protecting Joo Eun. It also happens that Young Ho remembers the stalker. You know from the first episode? That person that was following Joo Eun? THAT’S RIGHT! It was the stalker back then. The police start to say that Young Ho could be charged with assault, excusing that the system works like that, yada yada. Joo Eun gets fed up as well, telling them off for not even showing support despite everyone knows the system is a joke. She storms off, Young Ho follows her. He’s frustrated, he doesn’t understand how a lawyer can’t defend herself. He even offers to beat the crap out of the stalker so she can defend him, but she tells him not to. Here she explains why she doesn’t even try, because she knows the system is a joke, she knows the reality of it, so she has no hope for it. She’s realistic so she doesn’t bother. By the time she ends explaining, she thanks him for saving her, yet again, saying that in his previous life he must’ve really owned him as to save her every time in this life.

Joo Eun plans on staying with her nagging friend, and she aims to leave alone, but Young Ho just drives her where she’s going. And it happens that at the station, in his car, is cheating boyfriend again! He followed them. Seriously, he has no shame.

Oh Soo Jin was stood up, though, so that’s cool.

When Joo Eun calls his nagging friend she learns that there’s been a situation and she clearly can’t stay with them. Yet, she lies to Young Ho, not mentioning that she doesn’t have where to stay. She asks him to drop her and when he leaves, she goes to a motel, with a very tormented and embarrassed expression. She can’t stay there, though, there’s no rooms available and the person at the information desk doesn’t seem very willing to help, either. At that time, Young Ho arrives. Of course he wouldn’t get deceived by her and takes her away, saying a woman shouldn’t go to a place like that alone, without a man. He takes her away from there and, knowing that she has nowhere to stay and is scared to go to her home, he takes her to a place out of her world. She remembers when he took her to his hotel suit and almost thinks he’ll do the same. Her expression is hilarious, as if she were really thinking he’s offering her something else, but he just states she’ll sleep under the same roof as him. He is also scandalised when she says that, and of course makes fun of her for even thinking about it. “I think safety is preferable over eroticism in this situation.” Hyung, you’re so mean to her.

At home, he gives her an empty room and throws some sheets for her. She asks what about him, he says he didn’t give her his, of course, why would he? But he goes to his room next and we can see he really gave her his sheets. Hyung, you’re so soft inside.

At this point, Young Ho focuses on his knee and with the memory of the stalker assault, we can see he hurt himself, or something similar. There’s pain, and he actually is hurting, although he didn’t mention it when she asked about it. Hyung, are you okay? Be more careful.

Although he tells her not to ask to be saved again, the next morning that’s exactly how she wakes up, screaming to be saved because she got cramps on her legs again. The three of us rush into her room, scared, just to find her like that. Joon Sung and I are about to go help her when hyung stops us, he tortures her by making her say he’s the best and such. She’s in so much pain she complies immediately and we’re allowed to catch the mouse, meaning, help her with her cramps. I make cat noises again, because why wouldn’t I?

By the way, do you like my morning hairstyle?

At breakfast, hyung explains us what happened and why ma’am is here with us, I’m just glad she’s there but if I had been there I would’ve gone just bang bang pow pow, NECK SLICE! But hying is the one that saved her. She complains a bit about the food, but there’s no other way for her. Hyung gives her the pills, because of course she forgot them. As they are arguing about soup and such, I take a look at her phone. The girl on the background is amazing and Joo Eun says it’s her, but hyung doesn’t believe her, he asks even for proof. She states that we’ll all see and fall for her, but Young Ho looks positively traumatised at the idea. She insists that once she loses some weight, we’ll have hearts shooting out of our eyes.

Funny, because the next scene starts with hearts, that she’s wearing on her blouse, the same her secretary is wearing. They look so adorable! But the colleagues laugh at her and she’s embarrassed.

Somewhere else, Young Ho is driving and thinking of her, the things she’s said and laughing to himself. His knee is still hurting so he calls Chief Min to help him to take him to Daegu, he needs to go to the hospital and check his knee. Yes, do that, it’s being responsible.

Back at the office, nagging friend and Joo Eun’s brother are there, there she tells them about the stalker and explains she’ll be selling her flat because she can’t of there anymore. Nagging friend says she can stay with her, but Joo Eun knows it’s not possible, they only have two rooms and they have the kid’s grandmother staying with them, too.

I’m liking nagging friend a bit more by now, especially when she nags at the baby brother.

Joo Eun gives her brother a bank book to help him to start with the store. She can’t give him much, but she’ll help and warns him to be thrift. He promises to pay her back. When he mentions cheating boyfriend she just disses the topic, repeating how they broke up.

At the mention, we see Woo Sik driving and remembering what happened the night before, when he went to the police station, asking about Joo Eun. When asked what’s his relationship with the victim, he just says he’s known her for a long time. Then, we see him in the present time, punching stalker when he is AGAIN! taking flowers to Joo Eun. He has no right, really, but he believes he does. I hate him! Good thing, he stood up Soo Jin again, though.

The wench has a flashback of her time with Joo Eun as friends, when she passed the bar exam and meeting with Joo Eun. They really knew each other back then. How disgusting they are together now. It happens that back then, Joo Eun set her up with a guy she really thought nice and intelligent, but the guy was a real ass. He liked Joo Eun and when he was left with Soo Jin, he just made her feel bad for being overweight, and making it look like Joo Eun was just pitying her. He was despicable. But this scene shows us more of why Soo Jin hates Joo Eun so much. There’s so much resentment there, envy and frustration. Still, I can’t really pity her because she’s a bitch in the present time.

Talking about present time, Soo Jin is forcing Joo Eun to take a sexual harassment case, despite she agreed with the president to never take those and rape cases. Even if Joo Eun refuses, Soo Jin steps on that and uses her power to force ma’am to take the case, even against her will.

I HATE HER! I really do.

I’m gonna take all the chocolates she has on her drawer, she doesn’t deserve them. I’ll put something else there, like I don’t know. Something ugly and nasty.

Joo Eun is also very stressed and she’s putting a lot of sugar in her coffee again, but she can hear Young Ho telling her how terrible idea that is. To relieve some stress, she uses the fresh air my present can give her. See? I knew it was the best idea!

Then, it’s Joon Sung fighting and we watching him. It’s clear the championship is his, but Young Ho explains how our champion doesn’t have any intention to take it easy, so he’s going for another category.

Back to Joo Eun, she’s struggling. Our poor girl is so hungry and craving meat, but she can’t. You Ho appears again, in a suit. I don’t know why I find that amusing. Anyhow, he shows up in her imagination to stop her from giving in to temptation. It’s funny, she can smell what her clients had for lunch, creeping them out a bit.

She questions herself, whether she has to go that far, but when she remembers he asked for proof to believe she was once Daengu’s Venus, she has her answer: of course she has.

After the fight, it’s Joon Sung and I, but then a girl walks in. Big glasses, trying to hide her face, but I recognise her immediately. Nothing can escape these sharp eyes! I know it’s Jang Yi Jin with one look. She came to see Korean Snake, and I have to leave because she wants to talk in private. Although he agreed to do the commercial, he’s donating all profits to charity and she’s pissed that he didn’t tell her. It’s mostly her talking, trying to get him to say it’s the two of them donating and working together. She asks many things, at some point if he’s interested in her, and when he says not, she asks if he’s gay. His expression is priceless, I wish I could’ve taken a picture.

In a fancy restaurant we see Young Joon and the lady, who now I understand is his mother, meaning Young Ho’s stepmother and the director’s second wife. The nasty man that works with Woo Sik is her brother, hence Young Joon’s uncle.

Once that’s cleared, let’s forget about them. They are just nasty people. What matters is that next to them Young Ho was waiting for his blind date, but she doesn’t make it, so he leaves Chief Min alone and takes the flowers with him.

In a café, Joo Eun arrives with her suitcase and flower pots, and she’s deciding what to order, going for very sweet and fattening drinks, but Young Ho arrives saying she’ll just have a peppermint. She thinks it’s an hallucination again, but this time it’s the real deal. A bit of talk and it happens I told her she could stay with us! So Young Ho is driving her home. Yay! See? I have power, too.

In the car, she asks why she’s the one holding the flowers and he says someone special gave them to him so he doesn’t want them ruined. He asks why she has brought the flower pot and she says that she can’t hate the flowers just because she hates the stalker. Seriously, she’s too good. When talking about the sheets he bought, he teases her about how he might bring girls home and her shocked expression is so cute. Also, she congratulates him because the scandal with Anna Sue is slowly being forgotten. Then, she asks where they are going and he says to meet his ideal woman.

Seriously, here comes my favourite part of the episode.

He’s brought her to see Jiu-jitsu, and she watches horrified the sight of violence. He tells her the girl there is his ideal woman and the man his ideal woman’s husband. Then, it’s them practising… just them. She keeps distance but he calls her close and she seems very uncomfortable. He explains, then, that he brought her so she would learn how to defend herself.

This pose… so inviting! He on his back, legs open and calling her to go over him. Hyung, you need to control the innuendo in your words and actions!

Nevertheless, she attacks him and when he traps her with his legs, she falls on top of him. TOO CLOSE, TOO CLOSE! HEART IS RACING! Omo! That’s so close, with his legs around her waist, pulling her closer, their faces almost touching and the beating of a heart as the background music for this scene.

I am dying. I think I ship these two too hard.

He acts nonchalant, of course, as if nothing happened and tells her to attack again, but she’s too shaken up and she doesn’t even really try, but he traps her again and when he pulls her, it happens. You know it happens! ACCIDENTAL KISS OH MY DEAR GOD IN THE SKY ABOVE! Am I the only one fanning myself?After the kiss her eyes are so wide and his expression so serious, but something changes, he seems a bit flustered and rolls over, leaving her on her back in that occasion, warning her about “too much physical contact.” Ah, hyung, admit it, you liked it.

With her on her back, he grabs her legs and really, I’m wondering if this K-drama is really 15+ because that looks totally like a 19+ scene for me. Young Ho wraps her legs around his waist as he explains some technicality we are not really paying attention to, we are as shocked as Joo Eun is, right? She has to tighten her legs. Then she increases the pressure a bit more, making him kind of gasp as his hips go a bit forward, propelled by her actions; then when she pulls again, he’s on top of her. SO CLOSE! I’m going to have a heart attack, I swear. He teases her because he doesn’t let go of him despite he’s said tap-tap. Then, he mocks her saying she should breathe.

It’s awkward on the ride back home, at least for her. She asks about his ideal woman, thinking that was someone like Anna Sue, and he teases her about that curiosity, bringing up the kiss they shared, making her feel so embarrassed. When she mentions she feels thinner to change the topic he reminds her her body belongs to him and he isn’t so sure about that.

In bed, she of course relives the kiss in her head and with her racing heart, she can’t fall asleep. It’s kind of similar for hyung, he can’t fall asleep again, although his memory of the kiss if very different, considering the angle and such. It’s funny the face she made when falling on him before the accidental kiss.

The next morning it’s her making breakfast and she’s whispering, thinking Young Ho might go crazy if she gives us too much food, but Joon Sung tells her he’s not home and he didn’t mention anything. She looks a bit hurt because of that.

Truth is, Young Ho is going to see the doctor, being taken by Chief Min. I like their relationship, he’s a kind man and I like how hyung teases him.

At her office, Joo Eun learns that nagging friend’s ex husband, who is a TV producer, went to the States to look for Jonh Kim and that makes her think Young Ho actually went there. I mean, if he didn’t say anything, it could be, right?

Later on the same day he calls her while she’s working out and she tries to act like he doesn’t even have his number registered and lies about having wine. He hangs up, just to call her again for FaceTime. He is hiding he’s at the hospital, with a blanket of palm trees behind and such. He asks her to record herself doing exercise and when she questions it, he teases her “I don’t mean porn files.” He really enjoys laughing at her thoughts.

When she asks if he went to the States, he’s only vague, and when she asks if he went to see Anna Sue, he gives the same vague “If so?” She is pissed, it’s evident in her voice when she tells him about her friend ex-husband going after him.

There’s a knock at the door, he mocks Joo Eun saying it might be Anna Sue before hanging up, but it’s Chief Min bringing him some forms he has to fill. Then, the testing begins to know in what condition his knee is.

Back in Seoul, Joo Eun is worrying for John Kim being caught, he even calls the PD to know if he found John Kim.

She does indeed send him videos of her working out that he watches between one test and the other, smiling to himself as he does.

Joo Eun is shown but not her face, which is suspicious, right? But she is still working out, taking her medication.

Next, it’s back to Young Ho and the doctor, telling him it’s 99.9% certain that he’s cured, for which he is congratulated. He really did well with his rehabilitation. But Young Ho is still having unbearable pain at time and they think it must be connected with some emotional trauma, after all, he went under the surgeries and such as such young age.

Then it’s back to the past, when Young Ho was a kid, crying and begging his father to save him, to let him postpone the surgery until he was a bit older because he was too scared. It is a heartbreaking scene and I have to look away, but I still hear his screams and it breaks my heart. I want to hug baby Young Ho.

No wonder he is traumatised and has psychoneurosis, besides, it does not have cure… it only disappears when he does. It’s sad, I feel too miserable for Young Ho. Hyung, hurry and come home. I have hugs for you! And I’ll cook delicious and healthy, too.

Young Ho seems really tired and emotionally drained, so he just wants to rest. Chief Min takes him tot he closest hotel, where hyung sleeps for what seems more than a day. He was really, really exhausted. Before going to sleep, he instructs Joo Eun on what to do and lies saying Anna Sue wants to spend more time with him, when he’s only sleeping. In the middle of that sleep, Chief Min comes in to bring him food and a rose. When he comes again, the food is good and the rose is in a vessel, Young Ho takes the new rose and gives it to Chief Min, who keeps it! See? Adorable.

Hyung is going home, at the time Joo Eun is exercising, but we can’t still see her face! But when he walks in, he startles her and she loses her balance, making them both fall when he tries to catch her. No, it’s not another accidental kiss, but we can finally see her face really got thinner. SHE HAS HER DIMPLES BACK! And he smiles so smitten when he sees those, poking one and all, saying how’s he hadn’t seen that before.

HE IS SEEING HOW CUTE SHE IS! Oh the intense screaming in my soul!

That’s where our episode ends. Did you love it as much as I did? My heart is still screaming. I can’t wait for the next one. Good thing it’s just tonight.

Leave your comments on what you thought are about the episode. I’ll see you next time.

Peace out!
Ji Woong.

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.