Hello there! Here we are again, after another exciting episode of Oh My Venus. If I screamed for the previous episode, that’s nothing compared to this one. I don’t think I’m ready to live all these emotions again, but we have no other option. Hold my hand and let’s go!

Watch episode 6:

Episode 6 doesn't exactly begin where we left of; we get a bit more of Joo Eun doing her work out, before Young Ho arrives. Without properly seeing her face, we can notice she’s been looking at Anna Sue’s pictures and complaining about that, even comparing herself and how she has big eyes and high nose for an Asian. Don't worry, ma’am, you’re prettier! You have nice face. She is clearly angry because hyung hasn’t come back yet, actually believing he’s with Anna Sue in the US.

Jealous Kang Joo Eun is so cute!

Then it’s where episode 5 ended, with Young Ho coming in, making her lose her balance and falling together. Yes, he spots the dimple and this time we can hear what she says, although he isn’t, he’s just smiling and pocking her dimple, totally mesmerised. He asks where she got it with that silly smile on his face, clearly loving it, right? They look cute on the floor, with her resting on his arm.

She is like a turtle on its back, can’t stand on her own, so he has to help her, going all over her and just lifting her. He notices she’s wearing makeup and in a teasing tone asks about it, her excuse is just sun cream to protect her from the lights in there. Yeah right, ma’am. You need to learn to lie better.

To change topics, she starts complaining out loud of her sore muscles and of course she mentions how her face’s shrunk. Instead of congratulating her as she expected, he just mentions how it’s natural to lose weight from head to toe, and it’s clear it’s just her face. She gets self-conscious and changes topics again, to ask about his time in the US. Instead of actually saying the truth, he is vague so she can still think he was with Anna Sue, even if the meaningful thing he was talking about was going to the doctor and the thing he had been waiting so long for was his positive diagnosis. Mean hyung. She’s angry and screams “you bastard!” Hyung is shocked, thinking she meant that to him—which she was, of course she was—but she covers it by saying it’s her heavy bag.

In his room, hyung unpacks with a smile on his lips, He finds the envelope and reads his diagnoses, remembering the doctor saying he is 99.9% healed. A miracle, but it happened, and he keeps the results in the book: The Powers of Time Spent Alone.

In the training room, Joo Eun is on the floor with “You Bastard,” the name of her heavy bag, laughing sarcastically and jealousy for the things he said, totally thinking he meant Anna Sue.

Hyung finds a home-cooked meal she made to welcome him that ma’am made especially for him, but he complains he doesn’t eat carbs, yet she insists, saying that’s how it’s supposed to be. She says it doesn’t matter if he exudes sexiness when his life is bland. Hyung is confused by the thing covering the food, not knowing what it is as that is the first time he’s seen the food cover. Joo Eun mentions how’s that what mothers use when they don’t want to settle the table twice. Of course he hasn’t seen it, his life hasn’t been nice, he lost his mother. Hyung, don’t worry! You have us now.

Leaving that behind she mentions she’ll need a massage and as Young Ho is struggling with the food cover, he absentmindedly says massages are better when given by men. His shocked expression when he realises what he’s said. AND HE IS JEALOUS, TOO! He imagines her with an extremely muscly guy and he can’t stand it, so he will give her the massage but she teases him this, saying it’s all her body that aches, even her feet and she might not have washed it. It seems true by the face hyungs make.

Next scene: a massaging chair, which is better than him, apparently. Hyun covers her because the scene is “a bit suggestive” and I’m like “hyung, NOW you notice how suggestive the things you do are?” Seriously?

When she is asking him to turn off the chair, he seems bothered—although not for real—because she doesn’t seem to be respectful enough to her “heavenly coach”. She mentions their relationship should be more friendly, but he just teases her, reminding her of the kiss they had. She is almost being swallowed by the chair as he leans so close.

Then it’s pale grandmother and stepmother, having a boring scene. The point: grandmother knows her grandchild is Young Ho and that her daughter-in-law should stop dreaming of bringing Young Joon to the director’s chair because that isn't happening, no matter what or how great she raised him.

Then it’s Ji Woong time! I promised hugs and after throwing my shoes off, that’s what I do. I even kiss him! I just missed him a lot. And I’m so glad he is cured so I even thank God for helping. I mention ma’am and her face, imitating her but hyung states how big of a shame that is because her chubby cheeks were cute too, so I also imitate that and he smiles so pleased. When he asks me about Joon Sung I tell he went ahead, I don’t know what for but I respect and acknowledge his need of privacy.

Truth be told: he’s in his car, watching a woman that I think is his biological mother. It seems they didn’t want to meet him. He gets called and leaves right before a man comes out, pissed drunk and drags her inside by the hair.

Joon Sung is in the house, and although hyung doesn’t even open his eyes, he talks to him. Champion thanks him for recovering. We are all happy about that.

The next morning is weigh-in, because it’s ma’am’s day. Both Joon Sung and I are with her, cheering her on. Nervously, she walks in and the results are clear: she lost her 15 kilos goal! CELEBRATION TIME! We cheer and jump around, Joon Sung included.

But oh, we didn’t mention something important to hyung before. And it’s my duty to tell him. We promised that if she lost those 15 kilos we would grant her a wish… the three of us. Uh-oh, hyung seems pissed. But he gives in, and as she starts to explain her wish of Kang Joo Eun day, we run! It’s just them two in the room, she sits on his bed and explains to him what it means to act like her for a day, not just being crazy, but living happily. He thinks it’s just an excuse to eat fat and sugar and not working out. When he seems reluctant to agree, she shows him her blood tests and that she’s improved. And still! It’s not good enough for him, she is not in red but she isn’t in green either, so she mentions the in-between zone. She knows how to convince him and he’s weak to her, no one can deny that. He finally agrees.

So we go for coffee! Ma’am is just so happy while hyung looks broody. He orders a simple Americano, which doesn’t please her, so she scolds him for that. It can’t be like that, he has to let go.

I think he’ll kill me, but Joon Sung and I try to convince him to let her have that day, after all she’s worked so hard and it’s showing results. He still doesn’t seem pleased, his grimace tells it all.

Then, we see ex husband PD going over footage with a young girl. They are working on the program about John Kim and what he got from Hollywood regarding where he lives. It seems they are getting close, hyung be careful!

At the office, Joo Eun greets everyone happily but then she runs into nasty Soo Jin and President Ew. It seems they really hate her, they can’t be nice to her. The president looks so displeased with Joo Eun, he even bumps shoulders like a kid. What’s his problem? He nags her a lot.

Nasty Soo Jin calls her to her office to give her a very, very boring and difficult case, but also for bickering and trying to make Joo Eun feel inferior. She is despicable, just go away soon, you face bothers me.

At home, I’m practising the national anthem and hyung is exercising, hearing in his head Joo Eun’s words. These seem to haunt him like he does when she’s not on Kang Joo Eun’s day. He decides to help me then, because although I sign amazingly, I can’t remember the intro for the fourth verse of the National Anthem. He grabs the cap, puts it on and pretends to be my interviewer. I rock this, let’s admit it. My spirt and enthusiasm can’t be compared as I describe my heritage. My grandfather, a badass Korean, my mother, a beautiful Korean and my Chinese father. As I’m explaining that, Ma’am texts me, I’ve saved her as “My Venus” because she was right, we can see it now. She is sending a mission.

The first mission is corpse-ing, acting like a corpse, just being comfortable and doing nothing. As we are understanding this, Joon sung arrives… with a different hairstyle! I have a friend, a hardcore fangirl who totally loves him. When she saw him she screamed so loud I lost hearing in my left ear for three hours. Hyung says our champion looks like an athlete now.

I have to introduce him to corpse-ing and I practice it a bit before I go to the camera, I’m also in charge of taking pictures. We nail this!

Mission two is watching a romantic film and getting emotional. Joon Sung even cries and when Young Ho wants to leave, he sees Joo Eun just like she sees him! Also in a suit, but she normally dresses like that, it’s not that funny. And it’s clear only he can see her, which is freaking him out, because when he is exercising, Joon Sung can’t hear Joo Eun shouting at him, it’s just hyung-nim. Now you understand how she feels, hyung!

Mission three is napping and although it seems difficult at first, he falls asleep and I even take a cute picture!

At the company, cheating boyfriend hands the picture of Young Ho’s driving licence to the uncle. Ew. I don’t like him. Not as much as cheating boyfriend and nasty Soo Jin. Let’s skip this part. After that comes a scene with nasty Soo Jin but it’s nothing relevant, just her being a lawyer and having issues but as there’s no sympathy for her, let’s not waste time.

Joo Eun receives my pictures and she seems really happy that we did it and that we are so cute. We are the cutest, right? When secretary friend is saying goodbye, she advises her to stop losing weight because she might die, but Joo Eun has to, due to her thyroid.

Our Venus gets excited for dinner because it’s been so long since she had something real, but her friend’s restaurant is under renovation so there’s no food. Her friend asks where she is staying. She can’t say it’s Young Ho, though, and she can’t say it’s a friend but kind of. Nagging friend asks if something is going on between her and the sexy guy (hyung, that’s how she refers to him) but ma’am denies it, with his personality and rudeness, it’s impossible.

Ha! Let me laugh at that.

Nagging friend tells him about the findings her ex husband did, what alarms Joo Eun, and as she takes the cab she can see how globally popular he is, but doesn’t concern much about it. Then she calls me and asks me to put her on speaker and she’s amazing! Daebak! Really. As soon as she’s on speaker she makes us stop and to put down the organic greens and unseasoned meat! She knows exactly what we are doing even if she is not watching. I’m so proud of her.

Our next mission is going to eat. I believe she wants to be a princess so I urge everyone to wear their suits. We look dashing, accept it! So much handsomeness. Even if we are a bit overdressed, we can’t run away so we force hyung-nim inside. Don’t we look cute with our aprons. She seems to be enjoying it so much and when I taste it I feel in heaven: it’s so good! The only one that looks unhappy is hyung and when she tries to feed him and he doesn’t want to cooperate, Joon Sun and I grab him so he can’t escape. He finally opens his mouth and eats! Joo eun is so happy about it. She even takes a picture. I insist hyung has to smile and he seems reluctant, but he smiles at the end nonetheless. So cute!

I wouldn’t mention this next scene but the following one is important. Cheating Woo Sik gets called by the police because, of course, Stalker has filled a law suit for assault. He doesn’t tell nasty Soo Jin about it, but she was waiting for him so she follows him to the police station. When he is being cornered by the stalker’s lawyer, with the recording of his threat, she steps in so save his bum. She looks positively pissed, but detached at the same time.

At home, Joo Eun is happily brushing her teeth, so proud of how her face has gotten thiner when she receives a call from nasty Soo Jin. Although she declines at first, she picks up the next and it’s to make her go to the police station.

In said police station, they have to expose the relationship to justify Woo Sik's actions, but even if it seems kind of plausible and understandable, they need another witness to prove stalker is the stalker, so they call Young Ho, before they even tell her. If they had asked for her permission, she would’ve refused, but it’s too late. With hyung’s presence, the issue is solved quickly.

When they are heading out, nasty Soo Jin leaves them alone to talk and tries to act understanding and smiling, but it’s so fake. He compliments her, saying she looks good in a very awkward way. He apologises for overreacting, because he thought she didn’t have anyone, he insists he was acting on sympathy. After the small argument, he asks if she knows Young Ho, warning her about him because he might be playing a game with her as he has no reason to fall for her. He can’t stop insulting her, can he? When she reacts and acts like she’ll hit him, he scolds her for her language and treats her like a girl. She tells him off here, because she is not a girl anymore, she just grew up and gaining weight isn’t destroying herself, she is still the same Kang Joo Eun.

She leaves and soon Young Ho comes out, after signing the papers in the station. He has such serious expression, because it happens he came in when nasty Soo Jin was mentioning how Woo Sik and Eun Joo were each other’s first loves and such. Is he jealous again? He calls Chief Min to take care of something personal, we don’t know what yet.

Woo Sik was waiting for hyung, to introduce himself, exposing the company he works for. Young Ho knows immediately he doesn’t have to pretend or anything, and tells him he hasn’t made a decision yet regarding accepting the position of director. Although there is politeness, the tension is thick and hyung rubs in Woo Sik’s face how Joo Eun is waiting for him and how she hates being cold so he has to leave.

Joo Eun is really waiting for him and he runs to her when he notices her, so he opens the car for her, which a expression I think means he’s pleased she’s there.

Let’s not mention nasty Soo Jin’s flashback of that blind date that went horribly wrong and how Woo Sik saved her and stood up for her, which means she started falling back then.

Back to Young Ho and Joo Eun, she makes him stop the car because it’s still Kang Joo Eun day and she wants coffee. She order two very sweet chocolate and mint coffees, one for Young Ho, of course.

The personal matter Young Ho asked Chief Min? To take care of what happened at the police station so things wouldn’t leak. Just so you know. Chief Min is on the phone with Young Ho, telling him that when someone knocks at hyung’s window. From inside the coffee shop she sees him talking to a man from a auto shop, wondering what happened to the car. At that time it starts raining, at the same time she comes out. Music starts playing as he watches her running under the rain with that cute smile. Is his heart racing? Fluttering? Oh, come on, hyung!

She gives him the coffee. He asks if she’s had fun in her Kang Joo Day day doing what she wanted, but she explains to him that the Kang Joo Eun day was actually a gift, because she wanted to give him a sweet taste to her life. It’s a human right to pursue happiness, and although it might not be healthy, the things she does are her conception of pursuing happiness, and she is trying to give him things that symbolise that. She’s noticed how he seems to be carrying a lot on his shoulders, so she tried to lessen that.

It gets a bit tense inside so she goes out, thinking the car is being fixed so there’s no point to wait inside, but the cafe is closed so she has to wait under the big umbrella, just standing there. Hyung is watching her, carefully, with such a lovable expression, remembering his talk with his father when he said he didn’t grow up all pampered. Her words have touched him, they were something he needed to hear. I know that because he follows her outside, with his umbrella, and takes a sip of her coffee. I’m not saying that was an indirect kiss but I’m totally saying it was an indirect kiss.

He keeps staring at her, so fascinated and she tries to hide her dimple, in her mind she remembers Woo Sik’s warning so she tells hyung to stop messing with her. She also wonders when the car will be fixed and tells him it wasn’t the car what was broken. When asked why he’s there he says “because it’s nice” and he wanted that sweet taste of pursuing happiness.

He touches her face, softly, mesmerised and she tells him again to stop messing with her.

Am I the only one with my heart racing?!

Hyung opens the umbrella then, like to shield them from other eyes, and tells her that when a man is messing with a girl is because he want something else, and because her body belongs to him, she can’t say no. We’ve heard this before, right? Of course, back then he meant working out. Now… he takes off her glasses, grabs her head and— OH MY DEAR JESUS HE KISSES HER! The umbrella hiding them and making it more private and JUST OH MY GOD!


That’s where the episode ends, in my screams. I can’t believe we had the first kiss on EPISODE 6! Are you surprised? What are your thoughts? Do you think our ship has sailed? I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODES!

Let’s support each other until then, shall we?

Peace out!
Ji Woong.

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.