And here we are again! Are we ready? I am bouncing, so let’s make this short. Let's go!

Watch episode 7:

We begin with hyung opening the umbrella, saying the things we already saw, my ardent screaming in a far away background, and the kiss. Dear God, the feels are the same as before! Then the kiss is over, he lowers the umbrella, gives her glasses back and just smiles, looking at her with such lovable expression. The silence is broken when she asks him to take off his clothes.

Hold on, ma’am! isn’t that like a little too fast? You two are in a public place and well…

Hyung asks hers if she’s not going to act modest and she just yells at him to hurry, startling him, so he ends up taking his jacket off with a smile on his face, that doesn’t wipe out even in the car, where she is using his jacket to hide. Aw, isn’t that cute? Then hyung’s smile is enough to know he also thinks it’s cute, like when she barely opens the door to give his jacket back. Hyung, I didn’t know you could be cute, too, saying goodnight and such.

In her room, ma’am is reliving the kiss, with her heart pounding like mine. Poor Joo Eun, she’s all flustered and looking for the symptoms of her hypothyroidism. It’s supposed to have a decreased heart rate, but it’s not happening for her. And then she sees hyung next to her on the bed, looking at her with a small smile and leaning for another kiss. She’s totally going for it! But then her tummy grumbles and the illusion is over.

Oh wait! He’s at the other side, but instead of kissing her, he orders her to do 50 sit-ups. That’s how she wakes up, so it was all a dream. She hugs You Bastard until he can hear me calling for her. Hyung tells me she’s not awake but has that ever stopped me? Nope.

Before coming to us, she brushes her hair and cleans her face. Aw, she’s more conscious of her appearance. Isn’t that cute? She even applies a bit of powder and perfume. I have a feeling Hyung will notice that and tease her.

Outside, Young Ho was waiting and greets her. It’s awkward, oh so very awkward. And he has that mischievous grin. He thanks her for the gift of the day before and says he’ll give her something in return: What is that? Weighing in! In the middle of that he notices she’s put perfume. What did I tell you? He’s sharp. She’s trying to scape by saying she’ll take her medication first, but he drags her to weigh her in.

Next scene: she’s running. She gained 1.8 Kg in one day and he’s punishing her for that. She’s just generally complaining about how he has no mercy, and stops to say for a day it wouldn’t matter, but hyung is severe. Your body isn’t disposable and she has to take care of it constantly. Even if she doesn’t look sick or weak, she can’t just treat it like that. So she goes back to running, although she goes a bit too much into it and loses her balance, ending in Young Ho’s arms!

“Is this the ‘back hug’ they talk about?” OF COURSE IT IS AND YOU ARE NAILING IT, HYUNG-NIM!

Next scene, Joo Eun is walking in the office and secretary comes to tell her that the deputy president is in hot water. The mother of the victim of the case she was working on came, saying that money isn’t enough, for her daughter’s humiliation she wants an apology. Soo Jin doesn’t do anything, just keeping that neutral expression as the ahjumma makes a scene until Joo Eun walks in, grabbing the lady’s wrist to stop her because she’ll only make things worse. She takes the lady for a coffee and listens to her like a real lawyer should do. The story is sad and heartbreaking, the way her daughter was humiliated, and an apology is the least they should get after all that. Joo Eun knows about that too well, and tries to comfort her even if it’s unfair and shouldn’t be like that. She understands that mother and knows the system is rotten, so she gives her advice, a real advice that could help her: to drag the process and still receive the reparations, to get as much as possible just to make them apologise out of necessity. It’s not the ideal way, but it’ll help. She tells the lady that the least she can do is doing her best, believing everything is possible if she sets her mind to it.

Ma’am, you’re admirable. Even apologising to the lady. She can also see you’re quality people.

On her way back tot he office she remembers her own mother situation and how she lost her husband, also refusing to accept the reparations. The lawyer tells her it was mostly Joo Eun’s father’s fault. All that scene was being witnessed by Joo Eun and he baby brother and we can see the frustration and rage in her expression as tears roll down.

With that memory still fresh in her mind, she calls her mother to know how things are going. Although she nags and all, Joo Eun still acts warmly, saying she’ll go to the opening and such, laughing with her mother and more. It’s a cute scene and it makes it up for the way she acted on previous episodes. Besides, she wants Joo Eun to come to the grand opening of the shop so makes baby brother push it to the weekend, when she can make it.

In the office, she’s with nasty Soo Jin, who can’t left the whole polite speech behind. Inferiority complex to its best! They are not bickering per se, but it’s a calm argument. Joo Eun is impressed her former friend has changed so much, not just outside but inside, her personality is totally twisted. She makes Joo Eun take care of the reparations of the case. She’s impressed nasty Soo Jin won’t even apologise, not only about stealing cheating boyfriend but the case itself. Nasty Soo Jin just shows her view of live, and it’s clear she sees it in terms or being loved or not, whether Joo Eun sees it in terms of to love or to not love. That’s such a stunning difference between them.

I think we can totally say ma’am has won this time!

Then we jump to pale grandmother bowing to her late daughter, along with Young Ho. When they are leaving he helps her, giving her a hug and just being so cute. I really thought she would be a nasty, cold, calculating chairwoman, but she loves Young Ho so much, and she understands why he doesn’t want to take the position she’s giving him. He has a trauma with hospitals and she’s aware of it, but she doesn’t have much time left and that is her last wish. Ouch, he can’t really ignore that, can he? Even if he says what he’d do, like cancer centres and rehabilitation ones, she still wants him there, even if he might ruin it. She apologises to him and thanks him. It’s a very touching scene and he hugs her, knowing she is struggling like him.

He doesn’t leave in car, he walks, with Chief Min following him like a mini parade with the cars. When his shoes are shown, we see someone else’s, someone that limps… it’s a younger version of hyung, he can see himself walking just like he is now. Things have changed, but that broken heart is still in much pain.

Then, dramatic change! Our champion is training hard until he’s told to take a break, but even then he makes me train with him until Yi Jin comes, shouting his name and such. She doesn’t care about schedule and such, she’s mad because he’s ditched her twice. He throws at her his jacket, thinking she’s cold but she doesn’t want that. She just demands to know why he keeps rejecting her. H says he just couldn’t make it and she worries that something might have happened to him, but he shoots her down, saying they are not in that close terms. She’s about to cry and he knows that. He tries to apologise for offending her and at that point, she just has a breakdown and confesses to him, leaning on his chest and asking what she can do to be on close terms with him. He’s just so awkward and flustered! It’s brilliant. Especially because at the changing room there are posters of her commercials and he hides from them to change.

I come here, and start mocking him! Of course I was watching the scene. Ha! I imitate Yi Jin because I can and I don’t let it go, not even when we go home. I totally forget it, though, when Joo Eun comes running with a face mask and a purse that smells like there’s a zombie inside. It’s putrid, it makes you cry! And even after she washed it, it still smells like the bag took a poop. It’s hell! And it’s because a tangerine got squished a year ago! I can’t take it. I run away.

Only hyung stays with her and she explains that’s the purse she always takes with her to win her cases. Briefly, their eyes go back to the massage chair, and their close time there. It’s distracting! He also runs, after saying the purse itself is a weapon.

She is still trying to clean the purse but has flashbacks of the kiss, getting confused because he’s acted like nothing happened.

Then I call her out to come dance with me. It’s really good to lose belly fat. She mentions something about the “Macarena”, God knows what that is, hyung says only old people know about it. He leaves and it’s just the two of us dancing! Having the time of our lives. Maybe we could start our own idol group.

Hyung is driving his car and when he is at a red light he finds the cup she gave him, remembering her words about how to live life with the metaphor of green and red light. His smile is cute. He goes to the Han River again and is thinking back to his grandmother’s words and such. Chief Min calls him then, asking if he’ll take the position and he’s resigned by then, knowing there’s no other option so he might as well just take it. Chief Min will take care of all the preparations.

At home Joo Eun is working out, showing the struggle of it, the whole body trembling just as her mind struggles with memories of the work out with coach-nim, pushing her against the wall, not for a follow-up move, but to keep making her work out. He is so close and teases her about thinking of something erotic, while he is just telling her how to keep a straight posture because that helps her neck and is easy to do. He’s just making her work, not caring about what happened the night before.

He’s back home and carrying a bag, and he heads to her room at the same time she opens the door so he’s caught. The bag is a present for her, a new purse! Because he doesn’t like having “smelly bags in the house”. Yeah right. She’s just telling him how she doesn’t need that when he just goes forward to close the door, startling her, her words stuck in her throat. He gives her the purse and finally addresses the kiss. It’s not like he forgot about it, he has that smirk as he talks about what they did the night before, scandalising her. She thinks it’s a way to say hello in the States, and he’s “that deep? No way!” she brings up Anna Sue as well, and for the first time he says they are just friends. She doesn’t believe that, bringing back the whole “close friends enough to kiss” He corners her against the door then! Omo! He tells her that he thought he had cleared that up enough for him the night before and asks if he should do it again.

Yes! Do it. KISS HER!

But he doesn’t listen to me, just smirks and asks her what she was doing. She’s going for he Bastard because she doesn’t want to be cold. His face falls, and she notices he’s struggling with something ,so without being invasive, she just tells him to take it easy for tonight. He caresses her cheek and tells her goodnight, leaving before she can thank him.

Aish these two. So cute and so frustrating.

The next day she walks in scaring us with the bag! We are ready to smell hell again! But it’s a new purse so we can relax. It actually doesn’t smell, so it must be true. She notices then how Joon Sung has lost a lot of weight and she's worried, but that’s his job. She cheers for him and then asks about Young Ho, if he’s okay because he isn’t having breakfast. Nope, he’s in his room, reading as he looks after he knee. He can hear her leaving and cheering, and he can’t help smile like a fool. I don’t blame him, she’s so charming.

She’s won the case! She’s so happy, and her nagging friend calls her because her mother-in-law is in the hospital so she needs someone to look after her kid, it’s a demonstration day at the kindergarten and someone has to go, so she thinks of Joo Eun. It’s not like being a lawyer is interesting so instead she calls Joon Sung to help! He’s a good human and agrees to. That’s how we end up in front of a group of kindergartener. Hyung has also come, he’s next to Joo Eun and their flirting is so cute, just like them!

When the teacher asks what’s out relationship with Min Joon, Joo Eun says we are his uncles. Hyung says how she could lie like that and she says that it’s true to her, her friends are like uncles for Min Joon. When he’s about to say more, she covers his mouth with her hand and just like she did, he licks her. These two are so alike!

Then Joon Sung starts explaining what he does and when I notice it starts to get too boring for the kids, I suggest a demonstration. So we do it together! It’s us wrestling, and I make sure to show my best face so the kids are amused. We get just a tiny bit carried away before we stop. Complete silence until the kids burst out clapping and cheering. Min Joon is so happy!

YES! We nailed it.

In the car it’s just hyung, Joo Eun and Min Joon. Baby asks who is the guy driving and she assures him he’s a nice guy even if he sounds mean. They are going somewhere Min Joon has always wanted to go and although he asks why he is also going, Joo Eun says he’ll enjoy it. It’s a superhero museum! Iron Man, Batman, Superman! So many cool things! Why wasn’t I invited?!

Aish, hyung-nim! You know you are enjoying it, posing next to Batman and such. This whole scene with the three of them having fun is adorable, hyung constantly has such a loving expression while watching her with Min Joon, especially when they go back and both have fallen asleep in the car.

She wakes up when her friend calls her to tell her she’ll have to stay at the hospital, so Joo Eun accepts and will stay with Min Joon that night. Before she gets out, she gets another cramp and hyung hurries to help her. He tries to help her carrying the kid inside, as well, but she refuses because he’s a sensitive kid and wouldn’t be comfortable with him. She thanks him for everything and he assures her it’s been enough exercise for the day. Min Joon wakes up at that time because he needs to pee, so they leave running and hyung watches them with fond eyes.

On his way back, I think he already misses her, realising she's actually spending the night out.

Then it’s nasty Soo Jin and I don’t care about her struggles so let’s skip this scene with her eating chocolate and going with Woo Sik. SKIP!

At home, hyung is taking off his clothes and Joo Eun texts him good night, getting annoyed because he doesn’t immediately reply. When she is getting ready to sleep he does and it’s just cute texting! He doesn’t forget to mention he was taking off his clothes so she tells him off for teasing her. He offers FaceTime but she changes topic, mentioning the next promise she made with me if she lost another five kilos we’d go camping. Hyung doesn’t oppose to this, though, so we are great!

After a while, when he’s taking a bath she texts him again, saying how she’s been thankful to him all this time, to him and all his other way to address him.

Then we change to nasty people again, Director Choi, cheating Woo Sik and CEO Choi. Ew people, I insist. Talking business and how they are trying to catch Kim Young Ho. Meh, I don’t like them, they are just bad news and they’ll make things harder for hyung-nim.

The next scene is between Young Ho’s father and stepmother in a car, just having an awkward trip. He really doesn’t pay attention to her and seems so cold and uninterested, even when he talks to his other kid, he’s just so icy. I can see communication trouble in that couple.

Then it’s back to Joo Eun, jumping around before having her Herbalife. Although before she gets a sip nasty Soo Jin texts her to come to an auditorium. They have a special case, apparently, and she has to be there on the same side as her. Ew, poor ma’am. Before she walks in, Young Ho texts her that he’ll be late so she can do her work out alone. There’s another text she doesn’t get to read when she walks in. It never stops being awkward between those two. Nasty Soo Jin explains to her that it’s not because she is recognised of her work but because they need absolute secrecy for this case she was called.

Important people walk in and oh no! It’s Chief Min. Uh-oh, uh-oh, he’s introducing the director of the medical branch of Gahong. Uh-oh! I’m biting my fingers! My stomach is in knots! I might throw up! Especially when I see hyung walking in!

She bows, he does the same and then their eyes meet.


The way her face falls as she realises there was so much she didn’t know. She’s struggling, she excuses herself and leaves the room, not even taking a look at Young Ho. She just walks away, her mind spinning, remembering the times he told her he was a superior person, that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. She never believed him but he was always saying the truth. That realisation leaves her breathless, understanding he’s not just world-famous John Kim, but also the heir of Gahong. As if it wasn’t enough!

Then hyung appears, stopping her before she gets in the lift. He apologises and she’s just having trouble breathing, so her urges her to calm down and take big breathes, he even tries to take her pulse but she’s still having a hard time, so she slaps his hand away, looking at him with such heartbreak in he eyes.

“You were really out of my league, uh?” There was a big gap between that and now it’s even wider, overwhelming wider and impossible.

OUCH! My heart is breaking, and the look he gives her before the episode ends feels like my heart is just being torn in a million pieces!

So the episode ends with me, lying on the floor, sobbing because I have to wait twenty-four hours for the next episode. Did you guys get your heart broken at that point? Everything was going so smoothly and now this! I don’t like when the people I love suffer.

Let’s hope things get better in the next episode, okay?

Peace out!
Ji Woong

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.