Episode 8 of Oh My Venus has finally arrived! Thank the heaves and every deity up there. Now we can recap it together. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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No, it doesn’t start exactly where we left off, but with Young Ho getting on his car. As the lid of the garage opens, Chief Min and more men are waiting for him. He is already the director so he isn’t expected to drive, right? It’s not safe, so he’s at he back seat. Chief Min explains to him that he’s taken care of the lawyers so it’s completely secret and the word doesn’t get out. We know that front he previous episode, though. At this moment he checks his phone, reading again the message Joo Eun sent him the night before and then he texts her. We can see it from his point of view and we finally find out what that other text message was about: he wanted to tell her something and he expected to do it after his business was settled. My drama senses are telling me he wanted to tell her about his position as the director now. Oh ill timing!

Then we are back to Joo Eun when she walks in without reading that message.

It’s hyung and his army of men in suit! We see his entrance from his perspective, when he walks in and sees her. It’s the shock, the disbelief and the hurt in one eye contact. He doesn’t know what to do, looking everywhere as she excuses herself, leaving the room without looking at him. From here it’s the same as the previous episode, the flashbacks, her difficulty at breathing and then hyung coming to stop her. Yup, we saw this much.

Yup, he was someone beyond the limits of her world.

At this moment nasty Soo Jin comes and watches, realising there’s something going on, until Chief Min takes her away. When the lift door opens, he pushes her inside. That's right, they need privacy. He presses the 20’h floor and calls Chief Min to say he needs 10 minutes. She’s saying what she feels, how he’s betrayed not only once, but also by not telling her such a thing, keeping it hidden from her. It wasn’t like she would get scared of him for his position, right? Of course, it’s not just that, we know that but she doesn’t, she’s very emotional right now. I feel like she needs a hug.

The doors open but Young Ho asks the people to please take the other lift, and the doors close again.

Before they reach the 20th floor, she states how much she hates deceiving people, and he does apologises for not telling her, but then he’s practical and reminds her he never asked her out, or gave her a ring or asked her to marry him. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? He was just her coach.

She presses the second floor now and down they go again, continuing the conversation. She isn’t saying he did that, but she’s acting like it, right? That’s what he feels. He asks why she’s so angry and running away, but she doesn’t understand herself. He says he didn’t intend to lie and that whether it’s dating or dieting, they should continue as they were, because he’s had the sweet taste that life can offer and doesn’t want to give it up, but she argues that withholding information is another type of lying, because it deceives people. Dating? She will not do that with someone that acts like that. She throws at him his words, that he didn’t give her a ring hence she shouldn’t even act like that. She overreacted.

They go back, her looking a lot calmer but I know my ma'am, I can feel her heart broken.

At the meeting room, they are working, going over their business with lawyer jargon and she’s very focused, not looking up or anything and hyung is just watching her, his worried expression evident. When Chief Min says they’ve prepared a simple lunch, she wants to use that chance to go home, and asks Deputy President to carry the message, but she tells her to do it herself, after all they seem to know each other. Young Ho asks her to talk for a bit, but Chief Min interrupts, saying they’ll escort him. She uses that chance to excuse herself and avoid the lunch.

Why do I feel so sad while watching this? Is it their expressions or am I being melodramatic?

In her car she thinks back on the things he told her, and although it’s true, he never went serious with her, it hurts her. It’s clear in her eyes. And then she finally sees the last text hyung-nim sent her, but she can’t make herself open it.

Her mother calls her, asking if she’s arrived but of course not, she’s just leaving and informs that.

Then we go back to hyung-nim, saying goodbye to the lawyers and stopping his army of men in suit from following him because this is a personal matter and it doesn’t involve them.

He’s at home, looking around with such puppy face. He takes his phone and tries calling someone, I bet Joo Eun, but the phone is off. He goes to her room, but she isn’t there and his heartbroken expression kills me. She isn’t at the workout area either and he seriously needs to stop looking miserable unless he wants me to tackle him in a bear hug.

Then he’s calling me. Joon Sung is getting his makeup done, so that means photoshoot time! Young Ho asks me about ma’am but I don’t remember exactly so I ask our champion and he remembers she’d go to her hometown for the weekend. I inform that and receive a good luck for us.

It’s back to hyung, looking sad and lonely, remembering even the first time he was pissed at him for deceiving her. It’s the feeling of people making a fool of her that she hates. Ouch, his knee is hurting again, and we know that’s psychological so it is a form of punishment for what he did.

I honestly don’t believe it’s that terrible, he didn’t intend it and such, but still, in that moment, with those raw feelings, it’s how it feels. He hurt her and he’s sorry about that, even if he didn’t mean it. Most of the time the biggest scars that are left on us are unintentional.

In her hometown, she arrives to the store she helped her brother open and decides to get all the chicken she can, after all she’s the VIP, right? But she’s helping around, serving and smiling. The business is doing well!

Back in Seoul, Joon Sung and Yi Jin are doing the photoshop. They look awesome, and she always gets so close to him, holding his hand and such. His face's hilarious.

Before we can leave, a big van stops us and of course it’s Yi Jin, who makes me switch with her for five minutes for an autograph. She asks Joon Sung for dinner, even threatening—or trying— our champion before her manager comes to pick her up, even telling her how she said it wrong, until I come back. I was trying to call ma’am but she doesn’t reply. A chuckle escapes Joon Sung, and who could blame him? Yi Jin acting desperate is actually really funny and kinda cute.

Back with Joo Eun, people ask her about her husband, but she isn’t married yet. Ah yeah, people know Woo Sik. It gets awkward for Joo Eun, because even her mother contributes to the mess, but it’s her the one that makes an excuse for her to go home. She says goodbye to her sister-in-law, that has a present for her and then she’s home, taking a look around, especially to her father’s picture, the meal cover and what’s there. It’s her father’s birthday and she forgot about it. She checks her phone then to see her mother instructing she has to eat and me sending her many texts asking if she’ll come back home. Then she sees the notification of hyung’s message and finally opens it. She sees there’s only one missing call, which is disappointing for her.

Alone, in her PJs, she receives a text, and although she is super excited, it isn’t from the person she really wanted to hear from. She looks frustrated, and she’s calling him bastard. She’s about to cry, wondering if she’s going through menopause or adolescence again. As she wipes the tears away, she finally receives the text message from Young Ho! “As you’re Daegu’s Venus you must be in Daegu.” And then he asks her to come out—OH MY GOD HE IS REALLY OUT THERE?! Someone give me my inhaler! Not that I have asthma but you get the point. She can’t believe it, her face and heart are the same with me. He then reminds her he hates being cold the most and she starts panicking!

Joo Eun finally goes out, but she forgot her keys. Luckily, a taxi is passing by and she grabs it when the previous occupant gets off. Ayang Bridge, she instructs, still looking bouncy. On her way, she looks anxious and fidgety. Once in the bridge, she finally sees him. Her expression is a mix of relief and happiness as she heads to him, running. She stops a few metres from him, breathing hard, just looking at each other. He mentions how he came all the way from Seoul to see from very close. Yup, he’s complaining she’s too far away, and that makes her smile a bit before he opens his arms for her.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is running to him, tackling him, and getting in his coat. He teases her, of course he does, mentioning how the belly fat comes in handy sometimes. And he JUST HUGS HER TIGHT! mentioning how she is warm and how he hates being cold the most. He wraps the scarf around him because he was wearing two. He brought one for her! Let me cry alone in my singleness okay?

They walk together and he comments on how she isn’t wearing her glasses, teases a bit, asking if she is wearing makeup and whether she was expecting him to do something. It’s her time to confess her sight isn’t that bad, she just wanted to look wise when she was younger and then just became a habit. He seems happy that she can see well then.

He grabs her hands and puts it inside the pocket of his coat! Can someone else hear those inhuman noises? It sounds like a chorus of fangirls screaming.

He says he hates beating around the bushes so he’ll go to the point and it’s story time. He tells her about his past, how he was very ill when he was a kid and during that time his mother die. He mentions how he couldn’t even bow for her memorial. All the things we’ve seen so far, and she understands now why he has a weak spot for weak people and moreover for those in danger.

It’s not that he didn’t want to tell her, it’s that he couldn’t so he asks her to let him go for once. Her answer is a question, if he’s in pain now, if he’s all better and he says he is, but she doesn’t seem to believe him so he makes her feel his abs, asking if that’s proof enough. What does our Joo Eun does? She hits him! Ah, she is so lovable.

He drives her home and it’s a bit awkward in the car before they say their goodbyes, he says it’d be weird and something might come up if he dates again. They finally say their goodbyes, he just waits there as she goes in, not daring to walk her in because he might scare her mother. As she claims the steps, she turns around to tell him something important not out of greed but out of worry. “Want to go to sleep just holding hands?” He is a bit taken aback and we can’t see his answer!

We are, however, rewarded with my face. I run to Joon Sung telling him how Young Ho is not coming home tonight, but champion doesn’t really get it and wants to go back to workout. I agree with Yi Jin, he has no common sense! I have to remind him we haven’t eaten ramen for a whole year and that this is our chance. I’m so making ramen!

THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS! and it’s really awkward. He even apologises to her father, but she gives excuses that sleepy driving is more dangerous than drunk driving, however he thinks what they are doing is far more dangerous. When asking if she is really worried about him she avoids the question, telling him to go to sleep. He asks if being alone is the reason she sent her mother to sleep at his brother's, but she doesn’t confess there, she mentions instead how she didn’t do any exercise. Oh, but leave it to hyung, he wouldn’t leave that behind even when making up. So she would do some exercise is that he asked her to meet him in that bridge. He reminds her her body is his, and takes her hand again when she lets go of it.

She asks him if he really needs to take the director position, turning to face him. Instead of answering, he teases her, asking if she’s scared of the princess tales that would come, but she brushes that off. Her concern is that she knows he doesn’t want to do it, because he seems to prefer using his body rather than his brain, but he corrects her, saying he’s more confident using his body. To emphasise his words, he snuggles closer, asking if he should demonstrate it to her. Embarrassed, she turns around and he takes that as an invitation for a back hug that no matter what she says, he gives her!


Their conversation brings back memories of the plane, and everything that he saw, including the stomach belt. I’m sorry, corset!

With his eyes closed, getting comfortable, he tells her not to get sick because for him being healthy is the prettiest and sexiest. Aw! He then says he can get used to her back, because it’s as wide as his. And then tells her not to turn off the lights because it might become an erotic night.

Jinjja, hyung. You can’t stop teasing her, can you?

But she loves that, her smile says it all. She falls asleep like that, cuddling, holding hands and looking so adorable I can’t even take it. He chuckles at her snoring, marvelling at the fact she can actually fall asleep in a moment like that. Then moves her to stop her snoring, patting her head lovingly.

It’s back to nasty Soo Jin. Ew. Let’s skip it? She’s just going back over what happened at the meeting, joining the dots and such. However, when she asks why nothing has changed my automatic answer is: BECAUSE YOU ARE NASTY!

The reason why cheating Woo Sik doesn’t answer her calls is because he’s at a bar, taking to nagging friend's ex husband and uh-oh, cheating Woo Sik is getting close to find out that Kim Young Ho and John Kim are the same person! NOOOO!

Back in Daegu, Young Ho is leaving, putting her medication on her pillow and making sure she’s warm. Outside, Chief Min is waiting for him to take him back to Seoul.

Back to Woo Sik, he’s met with Director Choi again, who is pissed, and tells him about John Kim, wondering what would happen if Kim Young Ho and John Kim were the same person. What would happen? The shareholders wouldn’t like that and it makes Director Choi too happy. Cheating Woo Sik is after the truth, discretely and I just want to push him to the Han River.

At home, the three of us are corpse-ing. Hyung asks Joon Sung for his weight, and he’s almost there, but it’s still worrisome so hyung tells him to take a day off this weekend. On the other hand, I’m just wanting ma’am to get home because I’m so bored! And my pleas are heard, the bell rings and then it’s her lovely voice, announcing she’s home! 

The three of us are so happy to see her again, Joon Sung and I smiling like crazy and helping her with what she brought. Hyung stands up and stretches, leaving his arms open for her. She goes to him but instead of the hug he wanted, she just tells him to keep it quiet because it’s embarrassing. It seems hyung really wants the hug because he calls me to tell me my ma’am has something to say. He is so mean! Nevertheless, I’m all ears for her. She asks about the shoot and I fulfil my duty to tell her how Jang Yi Jin is totally into Joon Sung. And it’s my time to shine and show my acting skills, repeating all what she said.

You thought I wouldn’t bring back the whole “Have dinner with me?” Ha ha ha! I don’t even care that champion might kill me, when there’s a chance to tease, I’ll grab it like my life depends on it.

While I’m running from Joon Sung, Joo Eun awkwardly leaves hyung, saying she’ll wash up and he just has that foolish grin of man in love. It reminds me of the way Jang Yi Jin looks at our champion. Ouch!

In her room, she takes a deep sigh before lying down on her bed, hugging Bastard and thinking back of the events the night before, and in the morning when she found out the medicine.

Next, it’s sunset and she fell asleep until Young Ho comes for her, saying it’s PT time. In the workout area she asks if they are going out but he’s amazing, he keeps things separated, and because he wants to enjoy the sweetness of life as much as possible, he’ll do his best to make her healthy. So her excuses don’t work with him, no matter what she says, it’s under his control and even if she’s lost a lot of weight, she needs to strengthen her muscles in order to be healthy. So it’s actually workout time and he is teaching her a stretching of the pelvis but when she doesn’t do anything, he goes behind her and pushes her knees towards the floor, which makes her groan in protest.

Okay, just as someone who is watching let me tell you something: that looks awfully suggestive! Her screaming and he leaning on her from behind. Once again, is this K-drama truly +15? So much skinship, though.

The next day, she’s with nasty Soo Jin and leaving all the health talk behind, she just asks if Joo Eun actually knows director Kim Young Ho, because she remembers at the hotel when he said “she said, stay away.” Her impression is rather good, though. Joo Eun doesn’t want to tell her about her privacy, but Soo Jin doesn’t believe she could have a private life with Young Ho. My beautiful ma’am here tells her off, saying that she doesn’t have time for delusions and she wishes Soo Jin a happy life, she on the other hand plans on having a healthy and long life, just like Young Ho wants her to! the smile leaves her nasty face and changes topics, but even then Joo Eun fights her and I just want to cheer for her. That’s my ma’am!

On the next scene we see Young Ho getting ready for work, in his impeccable suit and then arriving to Gohang headquarters, his army of men in suit following him. More men in suits, among them the uncle, cheating Woo Sik and father are waiting for him. His official introduction is made, but it’s clear no one wants him there. Outside, uncle Director Choi tries to act glad and polite, but it looks so fake. I’m sure hyung doesn’t buy it. Im Woo Sik also introduces himself and they pretend not to know each other.

It’s back to Joo Eun, and when her phone rings, it’s Joon Sung! He asks if she’ll have time after work and they meet later. Joon Sung looks a bit nervous in front of her, and she tries to make things easy for him, but drinks can’t be a thing. She can guess he wants her to help him find his mother, but he’s already done that, the problem is that she doesn’t want to see him. He knows she’s struggling and he wants her to help him find a way, because she’s the only want he trusts in Korea. He doesn’t want to tell hyung because he thinks Young Ho will be disappointed in him. Joon Sung hands her some papers, related to the case, and she promises to do what she can. When he asks her fee she doesn’t even accept it, it’s her way to repay him.

In the car, it’s the three of us and she tells us she’s moving out in a week because she’s found a place. You can’t tell neither Joon Sung or I are pleased to hear that. I ask where but she doesn’t reply, she just says she can’t keep living off someone. When she hides again, I notice it’s snowing! It’s the first snow so I ask her if she lost the five kilos because it’d be great to go camping now, but she hasn’t. However, if Young Ho hasn’t seen this first snow, then we still have time! Joon Sung laughs at us, but I just insist it’s not snowing.

We drop her off and head back to the gym. At home, she calls for Young Ho but there’s no reply and she wonders where he might be before going to her room and see the beautiful first snow from her window. She gives up on camping and decides to just enjoy that sight with Young Ho, so she goes to find him. Embarrassed, she is calling for him, going around, but he’s not in his room either. She keeps watching from his window, wondering where he is, she even calls him and hears the phone going off in the house. On the floor, she finds his clothes. She calls again, following the sound and finds a secret room, where she founds him on the floor, sweating, clearing in pain and struggling but he doesn’t want her near. When she takes a step he yells at her not to get any closer!

AND THAT IS WERE WE ARE LEFT OFF! With that pain in hour hearts, without knowing what’s going to happen and in agony! A week, how do we wait a week for the next episode?

I need a hug. Let’s have a group hug, shall we?

I’m emotionally unstable right now… I can’t… I hope I can make it for next week and see you all then.

Peace out!
Ji Woong

This is a work of fiction. I do not own Henry's character or anything from the K-drama. That totally belongs to the writers. This is just a spin-off made into a recap to give something different. All right belongs to the creators of Oh My Venus.