I have survived! After a long wait, I made it to the next episode of Oh My Venus. Did it feel like agony for anyone else? Just me? Oh boy... this is awkward. Why don't we start recapping then? Are we ready? Let's go!

For my eternal frustration and desperation, we don't start exactly where we left off, which means I am still dying. Instead, we go back to that moment Young Ho hyung is with his cold father, AKA Director Kim, in his office. As it's typical of him, he doesn't even look up as he talks, his eyes too needed on the papers he's working on. He mentions knowing about hyung's total recovery. Although he congratulates hyung, he doesn't sound happy, and then he mentions how his position will be Young Ho's now, like it was his mother as such. Something he knows and I know and everyone else. He tries to give advice, it is still so detached, and then he mentions how now that it's done he can face hyung's mother in the afterlife.

What do we see next? Young Ho being driven back home and he doesn't look good, everything that happened that day has affected him enormously, but he doesn't say a word, making excuses that it is a headache. Once inside, he stumbles. It's worse than he admits! Hyung! And it only seems to get worse, he has trouble breathing and walking, he even falls and his hand flies to his knee. It's killing him and he barely makes it to his secret medical room. The last we see is him kind of fainting and then we're back with Eun Joo, calling him. This is from the previous episode, her following the ringing until she finds him. Young Ho is bad, he is clearly suffering, his knee is pulsing and no matter how much our ma'am cries, he doesn't want her there. He says no one can cure him, which is true, it's just psychological, but still.

He gives her two pats and even in that state, she remembers that sign from where they were practicing Jui-jitsu, knowing she has to let go, although that pains her, too. He wants her outside, he pleads with his eyes, in that heartbreaking state. Ultimately, still crying, she obeys. She walks out and just waits outside, in shock, going back over the story he told her when he went to Daegu. Tears keep falling down as we see at the other side hyung taking his pills and struggling to get a syringe to help lessen the pain. His words are still echoing around, the story that makes even more sense for Joo Eun now. At the other side, she can hear him groaning and in unbearable pain, but she can't do anything, which has to be worse.

The scenery changes completely, it's Joon Sung helping his biological mother, whose eye is bruised, after a beating, of course. He helps her carry a bag and she doesn't even know he's her son and I just stay here, crying for my friends in pain.

We're back at the house, Young ho can walk now and looks fairly better, but Eun Joo isn't around so he walks, looking for her until he finds her. The first thing she asks is if he's okay, for real, and he assures her he is. Because Young Ho is Young Ho, he tries to make the situation less awkward and mentions how he's being caught and how unsexy that is, which makes her cry harder. Not the reaction he was looking for, so he just gives her a hug. Even if he's in pain, she's the one crying and he mentions that, but it's because she was so shocked she even hits him a bit, but he doesn't let go of her.

We now see pale grandmother talking to daughter in law. I'll make this short: as Young Ho is stepping in as director now, there's no reason for daughter-in-law to stay in the house, so Pale grandmother tells her to get out. Grandmother is doing it for hyung, so he can go back to his home.

At home, hyung has changed and although his leg is still pulsing, he looks better. He still tries to cover it and all his scars. She asks how much it hurt but he says he doesn't remember, so she brings up his results which indicates he is healthy and that his "trip to see Anna Sue" was a lie, he was at the doctor. She puts the pieces together and realises just how painfully lonely he's been all this time. She demands for an explanation and he tells her the kind of illness he had: cancer, and how he needed many procedures. He has to explain his pain is psychological. She asks if he's being in pain, even when she's been there and although it hasn't been that severe, he accepts it and she feels bad for not noticing. He keeps mentioning how she's crying even if he's the one in pain and she says it is because she cherishes him. He doesn't deny it, just confirms it and says how much it is. He brings her closer and tells her how people are in pain, and we can see Nasty Soo Jin, Joon Sung, his mother, who is with nagging friend's son, and daughter-in-law, his father in the hospital, even Eun Joo's mother, each one in their own kinds of pain.

When it's back to our couple, they are in bed and he explains to her that he didn't lie, he said he was better not that he wasn't in pain. Of course she isn't angry and she asks her if he still thinks she's pretty and his answer is that she is still short, because she can be healthier and that would be prettier and sexier. she offers to stay with him and he agrees, right before he snuggles close and lets her wrap her arms around him, patting his back and giving him the comfort he needed.

The next day! I come with hula hoops because these are great for losing weight. Joon Sung takes it really seriously. Ma'am is really good, too, and she notices Young Ho first as he cheers for her. I go to him and try to make him join us and he tries it once, just to show he sucks big time.

At breakfast, it's just the two of them because we left for the gym first, he asks when she left his bed and he teases her how no matter what they slept together. It's cute how they act, especially when she starts telling him about dating and the things he doesn't know, even when she calls him oppa. Because he only knows comfortable and erotic nights, she says she should train him in the art of dating, but she's too cute even when she's trying to act tough like a coach.

She finally tells him that she is leaving in a week, well six days now, and his face isn't pleased. I FEEL YOU, HYUNG! We should convince her to stay with us forever, shouldn't we? Maybe one of us can marry her! I suggest hyung. Young Ho asks where, if it's safe. One of the reasons for her leaving is also that as the new director, he needs to be extra careful, having her living there isn't wise. He worries she might be uncomfortable because she's part of his legal team, but she can differentiate personal from business, so he compliments her on her intelligence, just for her to brag she's both beauty and brains. When he teases her for only losing fat in her face, she threatens him to eat and gain weight again.

Why are they so cute? Can someone explain this to me?

Then she's telling him how it'd be good if they tell Joon Sung and I they are dating, although he doesn't really get it so he makes it clear, he's the overweighted person and he's the coach. She just gives up on that. It's clearly just him being a tease, though. We know that, right?

Morning and she's in her daily routine of pills when he walks in, calling for her and... okay, if someone tells me I'm the only one squealing at this point I'll sue you all for liars. I have a lawyer friend!

Young Ho makes this like popping sound and a hand gesture, just for her to throw at him a dimple kiss that he catches and makes him act like he's been hit by cupid, which is ultimately cute and it makes me bite my pillow. We arrive at that moment and as we cheer for her, he's at the back, keeping making faces for her and in my soul I am crying.

Then, it's working out session! Planks! But oh wait, Young Ho is lying on his back, face-to-face with Eun Joo as she holds her weight. I can see the plan behind! Once she falls, it's a kiss! But then my hopes and dreams are broken when she just falls to the side. Even hyung is disappointed his plan didn't work, complaining how she has no sense and just turns to give her many kisses, like she should've done. It's then just goofying around, one chasing the other before other kind of sit-ups, where he takes advantage and pulls her before I come calling for her. Hyung just drops her! and fake like they've been working the whole time. They think they can fool me. Okay they can but shhh!

I'm the kind of perfect timing because I announce myself before I walk in and see Young Ho holding a stick of celery and leaning towards her to play a game. See? I'm nice, I warn them before finding them in an almost kiss. They keep pretending that is normal and nothing is going on, and then the doorbell rings and I'm ordered to go there. It's Jang Yi Jin! And Joon Sung almost chokes to death. In her van, she continues her threats and techniques of seduction, although Joon Sung only looks awkward and very, very uncomfortable. But she is a tough cookie and won't give up, so she insists on the having a meal with her. The scene ends before he answers but I'm pretty sure he agreed.

We can skip the next one, it's Nasty Soo Jin and cheating Woo Sik, being ew together, him apologising and such. SKIP! We don't care about their nasty romance. As my friend says, there's no forgiveness in hell.

Once Nasty Soo Jin is gone, he finds in his car the last present Eun Joo gave him, which is a tie long ago she said she would give to him to propose. Well, you found it too late, douchebag. She's happy with Young Ho now.

The next day, Eun Joo is telling us about going camping tonight! Whop whop! But she hasn't lost the five kilos, however she insists, especially when she insists she's leaving the next day. We've given up on this, but then Young Ho agrees. We can't even believe it but we don't argue! We're going camping!

Next scene, our Eun Joo is ordering an Americano, looking miserable, but then she turns back and calls for her oppa. I'm about to think the Young Ho in suit she always sees in her mind will show up, but nope, it's the real deal and he pokes her dimple before ordering two americanos, another for him, and paying. He teases her to put her lips together because just outside is when they had their first real kiss.

They can't stop being cute, can they?

He asks for her new place, if it's safe and all that, and mentions how she could pay to stay with them and pay the going fee, but she denies. Another reason she's leaving is because just for being with John Kim as her coach she was carried as a bag, she doesn't even want to imagine what it would be for dating Director Kim of Gohang. He has to agree on that. Then she opens her coat and calls him close, just to give him another dimple kiss that hits him hard, too. Seriously, so cute! That dimple, it'll be his downfall, that's his expression.

As he goes for the orders, she receives a call from an unknown number that turns to be Woo Sik walking in and wanting to talk to her. Yung Ho asks if he should beat Woo Sik and she'd be his lawyer, but she refuses. Then, before leaving, he tells her to only think of him.

What does he want to talk about? Many things. He wants to know why she's losing weight because she looks good, and although it started because of him and Nasty Soo Jin, she feels better, looks better and hasn't had the time to think of them so she's happy. Working out has helped her in many ways. Accepting that, he moves on to the next thing: giving her back the present (proposal tie, you know?), saying it should be her the one throwing it away, which she has no problem in doing so. His face falls. Not what you expected? There's no forgiveness in hell, douchebag. He even dares to bring her family, how their relationship also involves them and it's not such an easy thing. Blah, blah, blah. The point is: he's unhappy she's happy with another man, even if he doesn't want her back, he's just a selfish douche.

As he explains all his crap, and she admits breaking up takes time and it isn't just ending things, Nasty Soo Jin walks in, seeing them and the present... oh, misunderstandings~ I think their relationship won't be pretty.

In her office, she's working when her imaginary Young Ho appears, sitting on her lap before moving to her desk to rectify her posture. And she immediately does, so he asks for a kiss as reward, but he's imaginary and when there's a door knock, he vanishes. It's Nasty Soo Jin, being nasty and asking for the copyright case, saying it needs to be now, and also nagging her about small, unimportant things. Seriously, how petty.

Woo Sik tries calling her, but she doesn't pick up, and then he gets a call, from Producer Go to tell him he has confirmation that John Kim's property belongs to the Kim Family. uh-oh.

Then we see Director Choi and sister-in-law, getting scolded because of what the pale grandmother did. Ew people.

Chief Min is calling Young Ho, telling him how his inauguration day is coming so he reminds him to keep his private matters in control because even the people close to him will be affected, especially because he has many enemies, Chief Min is even watching over Director Choi, the very ew uncle-in-law.

Back at Eun Joo's office, she's done with work so she calls Hyun Woo, AKA nagging friend, demanding of her help, right now! to set the tent for their camping night. How does she convince her? By telling her Sexy guy, (Young Ho), Muscles guys (Joon Sung) and cutie pie, (ME!) are coming. She immediately agrees and helps, before we arrive and are introduced. She has no filter, saying exactly how she knows us. Both Young Ho and Joon Sung look uncomfortable but I'm just waiting for my turn to hug second ma'am! Her friends are my friends!

Young Ho wants to talk to Eun Joo alone, and he isn't very pleased her friend is there, but she explains she is giving everyone the sweet taste of life, so he can create memories with everyone. She demands his full participation.

Around the fire and before Eun Joo gives him more blankets because he hates being cold the most, she hands us sheets of paper for a song. I get my violin and we fail on the first try! but after we are taught how to dance along with our shoulders, we give it a second go! Everyone doing it properly this time. So much smiling and music. We end up dancing by the fire and everything. It's so fun. BEST camping ever!

Then it's... chan chan chan! Confession time. Hyun Woo starts, telling us how she asked for child support twice in a month when her husband was too busy chasing celebrity gossips. Then it's Young Ho's turn and his confession is that he and Eun Joo are dating! She has to accept that she is dating sexy guy.

In the car, going back home, she is telling Young Ho about her friend and how they are very alike, saying what they think and such. He then mentions how she's green now and how she was yellow before but she'll go red. Mentioning that is her last night at home he asks if they should turn on the red light, meaning erotic night, and just teases her for it. But when they get home, Chief Min and the army of men in suit are there, so he hast to step out to have a talk. He needs to inform him that director Choi has information that he is John Kim so he doesn't have time to think of his personal live.

Sensing it's time to leave, she also steps out and says she's leaving, just for him to stop her, bring her back and informing Chief Min, his right-hand, how she is his official private life, as she is the woman he is dating.


It's not such a bad cliffhanger, but I'm glad it's only a little more before the next episode. I'll see you all then.

Peace out!
Ji Woong

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