There comes a moment in every K-drama where it gets real and it gets real, real fast. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've reached that point in Oh My Venus! In fact, it gets real so quick it took our breath away. Between messing up and making up, drug over doses and car crashes, we definitely went into this holiday season with plenty to talk about so please join Firnlambe, Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we discuss everything that happened!

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Aunnie: So many things happened and we’ve so little time to talk about them, so let’s cover the big stuff:

Taleena: Before we cover the big stuff, I just have to interject with the small stuff. OK? OK. 1) So Ji Sub needs to spend more time in that bathrobe. Don’t tell me he doesn’t know what he is doing. That whole innocent, “I just happened to step out of the shower right as you came home” thing does not fly. 2) Doorbell rings just as they get to the good part? This is how my nightly dreams end. Stop stealing my dreams writers. 3) Poor VP B’Pants! She needs a pumpkin coach to help her sparkly white self get home and all she gets is Dumbhat in a tux made out of couch upholstery! 4) Seriously, dude, that tux. You lost a bet right? 5) How old is that kid that he still needs help getting down off a toilet? How tall is Joo Eun’s toilet?! 6) Whose car was SJS driving in the accident? It’s not his: Sung Joon is driving it. It’s not Kang Joo Eun’s: her’s is a white sedan, not SUV. It’s not Chief Min’s: he has his at the hospital. Henry’s? Henry hasn’t gotten behind the wheel the whole show, does he even own a car?

Aunnie: Breath, Taleena, breathe . . . 

Firnlambe: Ok well, while Taleena’s brain goes into overdrive . . . and possibly explodes . . . I vote we cover the typical K-fashion we were graced with. Who want’s to pick which outfit we discuss first?

Wendilynn: SJS in a bathrobe is dangerous for any woman’s composure. Oh baby. I happen to agree that Woo Sik has been a right idiot. I had issues with not only his tux, but that black lace/green dress they put Joo Eun in. She was so elegant and gorgeous in that black dress she tried on at home, why didn’t they put her in that?

Taleena: Eh. I liked the black and green one. Better than the awful, and I do mean Awful! slacks they have been putting on her ‘fat’ body.

Firnlambe: I liked the black and green dress as well. I thought it was quite fitting on her. Plus a simple ‘little black dress’ isn’t the type of outfit you wear to an event like this.

Aunnie: I also agree about the green dress. It was perfect on her and honestly, she wears waaaay too much black as it is...and this is coming from someone who's closet is 75% black. But, moving on . . . 

Firnlambe: //catches sight of B’Pants and proceeds to snarl quietly in her general direction//

Aunnie: But . . .

Taleena: B’Pants deserves someone better than Woo Sik the Dumbhat. Her manner is kind of prickly, but really she is a good egg doing all the right things. Woo Sik’s manner is sweet but he is doing all the wrong things. Gahhh! Drives me bonkers. She needs break the cycle of self condemnation and I think she will never find it with Woo Sik. He was the dream of the lonely, fat girl and I don’t think they are right for each other. Boo! Hiss!

Aunnie: But . . .

Wendilynn: We need VP B’Pants to finally have her wakeup call moment. I’m glad that she and Woo Sik had it out. I think the reason she was able to steal Woo Sik is because he’s always had a soft spot for her, even when they were in college. I also agree that she needs to stop trying to live in the past and take ownership of who she is now. She could really be an awesome person if she would put the revenge on the shelf. She is trying to replace the image of Daegu’s Venus that she has in her head instead of owning up to her own awesomeness. I think that’s why Joo Eun doesn’t ever really hate her, because she’s more pathetic and petty than evil.

Taleena: If we are being honest: we all have our times of pathetic pettiness. Let’s not point out the sliver in someone else’s eye before dealing with plank in our own, hmm?

Firnlambe: So we’re just going to skim over the fact that this woman is dead set on popping pills left and right in order to attain her figure? . . . You all know how I feel about this character so I’ll just let it slide I guess.

Aunnie: I'm going to have to agree to disagree with all three of you Ya'll are cray-cray. //watches Firnlambe hiss at her computer//. I think Woo Shik is an amazing guy, yes he's made some mistakes but I certainly don't think he's made any mistakes with Hard Candy--sorry I can't bring myself to call her B'Pants any longer. I think they're both having to overcome some pretty difficult obstacles and they're--unfortunately--having to do it at the same time and with each other. I think they're perfect for each other. The scene where they talk it out was all kinds of wonderful and definitely gave my heart the good feelz 

Taleena: You’d think that discovering Young Joon OD’d would illustrate why Granny Cold Heart wants Young Ho to lead the company, but to me it just doesn’t work. I read it more like this: Granny would never accept /anyone/ other than Young Ho even if they were perfect, burped rainbows, and called bluebirds from the sky to sing a duet with them. Laboring in the strangling noose of not-being-Young-Ho, with an emotionally distant father, a scheming uncle, a desperate mother, and no material needs is it any wonder that Young Joon is attention seeking this way? It might impact Young Ho (if he’s aware of it), and his mom and (step?)dad, but it will have zero impact on Granny.

Wendilynn: I have to agree with your reading on why he overdosed. At least Young Ho respects the role that Young Joon’s mother played in the family. Her care of the family the last twenty years hasn’t gone unnoticed by him. I would really like to see the brothers come together. The ghost of the dead daughter is destroying everyone’s lives as people try to live up to some fantastic notion of providing for Young Ho to make his deceased mom proud.

Firnlambe: What is with these characters and taking an abundance of pills? I mean really . . . Does no one teach people in S. Korea the dangers of handing out medication left and right?

Aunnie: Again, agree to disagree because I don't think he OD'd for attention. Being someone who acts on impulse especially when emotions are running high, I can totally see how hearing what he heard his uncle say and coming to the conclusion that "Well, my being alive is making things hard for everyone so I'll just not be around any more" and then realizing how stupid you were being after it's all over. I don't think it had anything to do with wanting attention but a accumulation of his life as a whole with all the hateful and neglectful people in it. I will never understand how someone can just write a person, or rather an entirely family off simply because their DNA doesn't match. That, to me, is simply insane. In fact, I'm kind of hoping Granny dies in this series. She looks like a frog--but now I'm just being petty.

Firnlambe: I swear the writers who work with SJS are determined to give me a heart attack. It’s like they are determined to place him in mortal peril during each full length drama he stars in.

Aunnie: *spoiler* Well they did kill him in “What Happened In Bali”---come to think of it, they killed Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung too . . .

Taleena: So waaayyy back at the beginning of this show, I was cheering for this drama to encapsulate every drama cliche ever. I had my fingers crossed and a chant of “amnesia! amnesia! amnesia!” on my lips. Besides the plot holes that facilitate this particular car wreck (see: Whose car? above, [F: He was driving Korean Snake’s car] the amazing clairvoyance of Young Ho reading Uncle Oblivious’ mind across town, their eagle-eyed - but not too eagle eyed; he didn’t see it was Sung Joon - ability to discern which car was exactly the one they were looking for.)

Aunnie: That was my only issue with this plot line, like...I'm sorry, if you told me to look for my mother's Maxima in the small suburb I live in, I couldn't even find it, much less find her WHILST driving in Minneapolis--tell me again how he knew exactly what street Young Ho's car would be on in the gigantic city of Seoul?!?!? 

Wendilynn: Not total clairvoyance. Butler Awesome overheard his threat in the hospital. It was an obvious deduction to make. I also wondered whose car he was in. That didn’t make sense. But, that car accident was an obvious result of trying to stop them from taking Sung Joon down. I hate that Brother Oblivious is trying to blame everyone else for the nephew’s overdose. Grandma is a monster, no question, but all of them hold responsibility here.

Aunnie: Once again, I say . . . it's amazing the kind of actions someone will take when emotions are running high. Especially when someone's life was on the line . . . add in the fact that he clearly loves his nephew. I'm not saying what he did was right or in any way defending him t all, just saying . . . I can see how he would blame everyone else in that exact moment. 

Taleena: Oh please. I knew someone would bring up the phone call, but really, let’s dissect this. Uncle doesn’t know where Young Ho is. He doesn’t. It makes sense for him to go over to Young Ho’s house and lurk to mow him down. He doesn’t do that. He drives straight out into a dark night, finds Young Ho’s car unerringly (does he have lojack? Do we see any technological or human help? No.), just as Young Ho gets the “Uncle’s gone cray” call from Min. Young Ho gets (hotwires?) a car (from his neighbors?! [F: Seriously ladies, it’s Sung Joon’s car] [A: But if it's Sung Joon's, why didn't he just take his own car to meet his mother? Even if Young Ho offered him his car, why would he take it if he had his own?]), and unerringly finds Uncle in the dark of night. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it awesomely, but BS!

Wendilynn: Korea seems to have tracking on everything, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the cars have gps tracking that can be accessed by whatever goons Uncle Oblivious had working for him. Young Ho would know immediately that Sung Joon was driving to his mom’s house, and he’s been there before so he would know what direction to head in, at least. But as for the rest, yes, it takes some leaps of logic there. lol Willing suspension of disbelief is required in many kdramas. lol

Taleena: I totally believe that there is technology available, but they threw me no bones of calls to flunkys or button pushing. Give me a glowy map! A glowy map!

In perfect, Kdrama style, they ended this week with a huge cliffhanger and I, for one, cannot wait to find out how they'll "save" Young Ho. What did you think of this week's episodes? Do you agree Woo Shik and Soo Jin deserve each other? OR is Woo Shik not worth Soo Jin's time? What are you thoughts on Grumpy Granny? Is she evil or is she only doing what she needs to to protect her family? How do you think Lonely Wife will handle the situation with her son? Let us know in the comments and we hope everyone has a safe, warm and happy holiday! See you again next week!

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